2013 Fall All-Star, Girls’ Soccer, Hannah Logue, Fairfield, Division III player of the yearSubmitted
2013 Fall All-Star, Girls' Soccer, Hannah Logue, Fairfield, Division III player of the year Submitted

A training partner. A constructive critic. A cheerleader. A sounding board. A teammate.

In high school athletics, siblings can serve many roles for each other.

The hours of practice and play in the family backyard or driveway often create unique bonds between brothers and sisters, linking them across grade levels and across sports by a common competitive spirit.

These three sets of YAIAA siblings come from different scenarios. But in each case, the family bond proves different than any other.

Logues dominate fall

Even before Hannah Logue stepped onto the soccer field for the first time as a freshman, the Logue name was as well known as any in Fairfield.

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    Hannah's brother Isaiah had put the family name on the map the year before, winning a state golf championship as a junior. He was on his way to successfully defending the title his senior year — Hannah's first with the Green Knights.

    The soft-spoken freshman did not feel the pressure one might expect. Instead, she used Isaiah's high school experiences to help her transition to Fairfield High School go even smoother.

    "There definitely was a benefit to having Isaiah here," Hannah said. "I went to his fall stuff and saw what high school sports were all about. I know soccer is different, but you still get exposure in different sports."

    Hannah wasted no time in making a name for herself. She scored 45 goals and was named the Division III Player of the Year.


    Isaiah predicted his sister has a chance to add a few more state titles to the Logue name.

    "I can't tell you how many times I've gone to Gettysburg or Hanover, and there are so many people that recognize the Logue name because of what I've done in golf, and they have also picked up on what my sister is doing in track and soccer," he said. "People are starting to know what the Logues can do."

    Siblings Alexis and Collin Mailman of York Suburban grew up playing sports in the backyard together and bonded over their successes and failures despite
    Siblings Alexis and Collin Mailman of York Suburban grew up playing sports in the backyard together and bonded over their successes and failures despite being separated by two grades. (Submitted)
    Mailmans deliver

    York Suburban's Alexis Mailman knows how strong the bond between a brother and sister is, to have someone always by your side, there to pick you up when things go bad.

    As the senior reflects on her career as a Trojan, one of her greatest memories includes her brother Collin, a sophomore, who helped pick her up after a tough basketball game.

    "I was really upset 'cause I had a bad game," Mailman said. "He just talked me through it. We came home late that night and it was freezing cold. We turned on our basketball light and he stayed out with me so I could get some shots up."

    Alexis played basketball and added lacrosse her senior year. She'll play basketball at Elizabethtown College next year. Collin plays football, basketball and lacrosse.

    The two grew up playing sports in the backyard together. It started with one-on-one basketball, and they picked up lacrosse when Collin was in fifth grade and Alexis was in seventh.

    They're extremely competitive, but they agree that nothing is better than nights when they both play well and get to share the experience back at home.

    Squirette sisters

    When Delone Catholic sophomore Katie Laughman went down with a leg injury in a District 3 Class AA softball tournament semifinal game, her sister, senior Deanna Laughman, could not help from getting emotional.

    The bond between the two sisters has always been deep, but since playing basketball and softball together the past two seasons, the bond has grown exponentially.

    Delone Catholic’s Katie Laughman, left, and Deanna Laughman
    Delone Catholic's Katie Laughman, left, and Deanna Laughman (Submitted)

    "I don't know what I would do without her," Katie said. "She is always there for me. Playing together and sharing the same sports memories is the best. We can always talk about it and be there for each other."

    They are so close that sometimes words are not necessary.

    Never was that more evident than during basketball season when Katie got a steal, headed up court and found an open Deanna cutting toward the basket for an easy layup.

    "We know each other so well," Deanna said. "We know what the other is thinking and we can talk about it at home. It is great to have someone there for you who you are really close with and when you are having a bad day, they are there."

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