Senior night. Gorgeous weather. A classic rivalry.

There was plenty of motivation for peak performances at Littlestown on Thursday, but for Thunderbolts jumper Lucas Reynolds, one clearly stood out above the rest.

"Delone," Reynolds said, without hesitation.

Reynolds had a personal record in the triple jump and long jump, surpassing his best of the year in each event by more than a foot. His triple jump of 42 feet, 9 inches put him ahead of all YAIAA jumpers' totals as of Tuesday, and his leap of 21 feet put him behind only Northeastern's Jowan Lewis-Kearse as the Thunderbolts finished their last home match of the season with a 99-51 victory against Delone Catholic.

The Squirettes evened the score on the girls' side, picking up a 104-44 victory.

Though Reynolds didn't set a personal best in the high jump, a win in the event got his afternoon going. A 6-foot leap set the tone as Reynolds narrowly beat Delone's Justin Gobrecht, who finished with a 5-10.

"I had some competition there, so it got me excited for the other jumps," Reynolds said. "I guess I just went off."

The rivalry seemed to bring the most out of competitors from both sides. Delone's Tavian Dorsey hit personal bests in the 100 and 200 dashes, with times of 11.2 and 22.9, respectively. The 200 time matched school-record runs by 2013 Squire graduates Lance Reneker and Nick Braun. Delone Catholic coach Ryan Highlands said if Dorsey can achieve the same measure without a hand clock at a meet using fully automatic time, he would have his name in the record books.


Highlands said that Dorsey is his first athlete to achieve the time this early in the season. Dorsey said he can improve his times by getting out of the blocks quicker.

"I ran my hardest, and coach said I had a little wind speed," Dorsey said. "Every meet I feel like I'm going faster and faster. That record is unofficial, so I still have some work to do."

Littlestown's Faith Ashford also had a favorable day in the sprints, taking 0.3 seconds off her best 100 dash time with a 12.9 finish, the best of her career.

"I was so happy about that," she said. "I was speechless when I saw that time."

Ashford followed that performance with her best 300 hurdle time, a 50.3, that topped a few of Delone's best hurdlers and her previous best. In her senior year, she finally convinced her coaches to allow her to take a shot at the event.

"It's really fun," she said. "I'm surprised I'm doing so well. Other years, I'd sit watching and think, 'Woah, they are really fast. This year, I have a chance of getting in front and beating them."

Ashford was part of a Littlestown 1,600 relay team that came up empty, even after their best performance of the season. The Thunderbolts anchor, Haylee Wood, approached Ashford after the race, panting after finishing behind Delone Catholic's Kate Mowrey. The sophomore Squirette helped teammates Elise Knoblach, Carrie Kaufmann and Taylor Lesscalleet shave 10 seconds off their best time of the year, finishing with a 4:21.0.

"She was superhuman," Wood said of Mowrey between breaths.

Mowrey's finish was even more impressive coming less than an hour after her best mile of the year, finishing in 5:28. Last year at the District 3 Class AA meet, she finished with her career best, a 5:27.88, good enough for eighth place.

"It's a good time to hit a good time," she said. "It's really building my confidence and pushing me to train hard for the end of the season meets."

At the suggestion of Delone distance coach R.C. Zinn, Mowrey said she has worked on running the middle laps faster than she assumes she should. Zinn said many runners subconsciously save too much energy for the finish, leaving plenty to spare.

"All you have to worry about is the first three quarters and your body will take you the rest of the way," Zinn said.

Mowrey sprinted through the finish looking like she still had plenty of energy left, only to fall to the ground in near exhaustion a few seconds later.

"It's an amazing feeling to lay down after the finish line and think, 'I reached my goal,'" she said. "The pain is worth the feeling in the end."

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Boys' result

Littlestown 99, Delone Catholic 51 at Littlestown

3,200 relay — 1. Littlestown (Isaiah Sauvageau, Austin Towner, David Gebhart, Garrett Trout) 8:44.0; 110 hurdles — 1. Kyle Langrill, Lit, 16.2, 2. Byrnes, DC, 3. Snouffer, Lit; 100 — 1. Tavian Dorsey, DC, 11.2, 2. Hartlaub, DC, 3. McNeal, Lit; 1,600 — 1. Sauvageau, Lit, 4:57, 2. Bittinger, Lit, 3. Christensen, Lit; 400 relay — 1. Delone Catholic (Patrick Staub, Dorsey, Alec Maitland, Hartlaub) 46.1; 400 — 1. Gebhart, Lit, 53.4, 2. Staub, DC, 3. Hornbrook, Lit; 300 hurdles — 1. Langrill, Lit, 42.9, 2. Eldridge, DC, 3. Byrnes, DC; 800 — 1. Trout, Lit, 2:09, 2. Nace, DC, 3. Towner, L; 200 — 1. Dorsey, DC, 22.9, 2. Storey, Lit, 3. McNeal, L; 3,200 — 1. Bittinger, Lit, 10:40, 2. Sauvageau, Lit, 3. Green, DC; 1,600 relay — 1. Delone Catholic (Taylor Conrad, Eldridge, Logan Panzer, Staub) 3:41; Shot put — 1. Billy Kilkelly, DC, 39-0, 2. Brittain, Lit, 3. Ballard, Lit; Discus — 1. Ryan Dickensheets, Lit, 97-4. 2. Dickensheets, Lit, 3. Rodriguez, DC; Triple jump — 1. Lucas Reynolds, Lit, 42-9, 2. Chrismer, Lit, 3. Towner, Lit; Long jump — 1. Reynolds, Lit, 21-0, 2. Brittain, Lit, 3. Hockenberry, DC; High jump — 1. Reynolds, Lit, 6-0, 2. Gobrecht, DC, 3. Brittain, Lit; Pole vault — 1. Chrismer, L, 13-0, 2. Kadis, DC, 3. K. Washington, L; Javelin — 1 Kevin Billand, Lit, 126-8, 2. J. Bankert, 3. Mondorff, DC.

Girls's result

Delone Catholic 104, Littlestown 44 at Littlestown

3,200 relay — 1. Delone Catholic (Alyssa Alberghini, Lydia Dickmeyer, Mall, Kilkelly) 11:11.9; 100 hurdles — 1. Lily Singleton, DC, 17.4, 2. Lawrence, DC, 3. Wood, Lit; 100 — 1. Faith Ashford, Lit, 12.9, 2. Wierman, DC, 3. Pecher, DC; 1,600 — 1. Kate Mowrey, DC, 5:28, 2. McClay, Lit, 3. McMaster, Lit ; 400 relay — 1. Delone Catholic (Lawrence, Pecher, Amber Miliken, Wierman) 53.4; 400 — 1. Taylor Lesscalleet, DC, 1:04, 2. Robinson, Lit, 3. Kaufmann, DC; 300 hurdles — 1. Ashford, Lit, 50.3, 2. Singleton, DC, 3. Lawrence, DC; 800 — 1. Alberghini, DC, 2:45, 2. Dickmeyer, DC, 3. Kilkelly, DC; 200 — 1. Milliken, DC, 28.0, 2. Pecher, DC, 3. Small, DC; 3,200 — 1. Kaetlin Wienholt, Lit, 13:10, 2. Sweeney, DC; 1,600 relay — 1. Delone Catholic (Elise Knoblach, Kaufmann, Lesscalleet, Mowrey) 4:21; Shot put — 1. Paige Becker, DC, 31-8.25, 2. Smith, Lit, 3. Gingrow, DC; Discus — 1. Ashton Eyler, Lit, 85-7, 2. Smith, Lit, 3. Gingrow, DC; Triple jump — 1. Cheyanne Altland, DC, 31-5, 2. Borromeo, Lit, 3. Small, DC; Long jump — 1. Wierman, DC, 16-3, 2. Borromeo, Lit, 3. S. Dockins, DC ; High jump — 1. Wierman, DC, 4-6, 2. Borromeo, Lit, 3. Redding, DC; Pole vault — 1.. Grace Reidel, DC, 10-9, 2. Hernandez, DC; Javelin — 1. Gingrow, DC, 119-10, 2. Comly, DC, 3. Smith, Lit.