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Growing up what did you want to be?

Growing up I was around my brother a lot. I was around my brother and my dad, and they have their own business, and I was around construction a lot. I wanted to use my hands and be in construction and carpentry and stuff.

Who is your favorite teacher?

Mrs. Hibbs (former cross country coach). She kind of played a role model in my life. She was always there for me as a coach and as a teacher. If I ever needed help with an assignment or anything in life, I could always rely on her. I knew she would always be there for me to talk to.

2013 Fall All-Star, Cross Country, Brady Wilt, Biglerville, Division III Boys’ player of the yearSubmitted
2013 Fall All-Star, Cross Country, Brady Wilt, Biglerville, Division III Boys' player of the year Submitted

What is your favorite time of year?

Winter. Well, fall going into winter. It starts to cool down a little bit and gets cold. I like to run more in the cold than in the heat. It is tough to run with snow on the ground, but I like to run when it is cold or has cooled off.

What is your favorite thing to do on a cold or dreary day?

Probably build a snowman or go sledding

What made you interested in being a manager on the football team while running cross country?


I started doing that when I was 5 or 6. I started being a manager for the football team, being a ball boy. I carried that up all the way through this year. I love being with the team. Friday night football games, there is nothing better than being on the sidelines and interacting with the guys. It is a whole different experience being on the sidelines with the guys and stuff

Aside from cross country, what is your favorite sport?

I play basketball in the winter time so I have a little love for that. I played soccer early on. I had a kicking passion for the football team. I always wanted to kick for the football team and possibly kick in college with soccer. It is a pretty common at the college level to have former soccer players as the football teams kicker. So I kind of wanted to do that but then when I chose cross country, it kind of took a different turn.

What is your favorite football team?

New England Patriots

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

It would probably be either Miami or France. I want to go to Miami because I have always wanted to see a Miami Heat game and just experience that. I have taken French for three years. I think just the culture over there and the experiences I have heard about. I think that would be quite an adventure.

Do you have any pets?

I have two dogs, Reno (Australian Shepherd) and Colby (Border Collie mixed with English Setter).

Have you ever vomited after a cross country race?

Yeah. The second 5K I ever ran, I remember coming down the finish line, it was a hot day. At the time it was only my second 5K of my life so eating and dehydrating was not something that I practiced properly at the time so coming down to the finish line, the last 100 meters I was vomiting and throwing up. Luckily, I actually held on to take first place. I had my hands in the air and I was cramping up from vomiting, but luckily I was able to hold on.

Have you ever been vomited on by another cross country runner?

Yeah, last year at a meet at Big Spring. I was coming down the finish line, and a kid started throwing up, and I didn't see it at the time. He started throwing up, and it was hitting me in the legs and stuff.

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