Casey Sheridan
Casey Sheridan
York, PA -There are times when the best ideas come out of nowhere, as Margaret and Owen Sheridan learned while chatting with friends of their late daughter, Casey Sheridan.

What began as random thoughts became a great way to honor the life of Casey, as well as her four friends, Chelsea McFalls, Diego Aguilar, Oscar Banda and Anthony Campos, all New Oxford soccer players who perished in a car accident in December of 2011.

"We were sitting in our living room with friends of Casey reminiscing about Casey and her soccer career," Margaret Sheridan said.

"(Casey) couldn't understand why (some) kids played in tennis shoes. Her dad always made sure she had the best cleats. We are from Ireland, my husband and I both played soccer, and shoes were the most important things in the soccer field."

Thus Casey's Cleats was born.

"We said wouldn't it be nice that every kid that wanted to play soccer had a pair of cleats ... some kids aren't playing because their parents can't afford the registration and the cleats," Margaret Sheridan said.

"We came up with this idea that we would start some kind of a program in Casey's name where we would collect cleats and give them to kids that needed them."

The very next day the younger brother of one of Casey's friends handed Margaret a brand new pair of cleats, still in the box.

"I thought, 'We are committed. We have to continue,'" Margaret said.

And continue they have. The program, established with the help of the Hanover Soccer Club, has a shed at Utz Field in which they collect new and gently used cleats and will give them away to any player in need of them.


Information is available at Casey's Cleats on Facebook, or the 5 Angels website. The shed is open varying hours to pick up or drop off footwear and will be open throughout the 5 Angels Soccer Tournament, which takes place August 10-11.
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