It is not uncommon for high school students to be multi-sport athletes.

What is uncommon is that they play multiple sports in the same season, but that's what South Western sophomore Hannah Glover did this spring.

She played for the Mustangs softball team and competed in throwing events for the track and field team.

On Friday at the District 3 track and field championships, Glover's throws with the discus earned her a trip to the PIAA competition.

"I had no idea this would happen," Glover said. "My boss asked me when I thought I would be able to start working, and I was like probably this upcoming week because I doubt I will make it to states, and then once softball ended I realized I was hitting these marks that would get me to states and I did it and I am so happy and I can't wait."

Glover threw 118 feet, 4 inches to best the state qualifying standard of 118-00, but it was how she did it that was even more impressive.

"I would have practice for softball until 5:30, 5:45, and then I would go over quickly and do one event a day and I would manage it," she said. "This past week since I was done softball, I had a lot more time to practice discus."

All week long, Glover and her throwing coach Tyler Sieg worked on her throws and were confident that she could do well at the district meet, but Glover never predicted she'd do well enough for states.

After her first throw sailed out of the sector, Sieg told her to adjust her stance and she would have it.

"My first through was way outside, but it looked like a 120 something," she said. "(Sieg) told me to step over a little more and I would have it and I did and I got a 118."

Her distance was a qualifying distance, but she still felt she needed to finish in the top five to punch her ticket to states.

"At the time, I was third and then (Holly) popped a 120 something and I was like oh my gosh this is nerve-racking and then someone else popped a 120 and I was scared. Then I found out I finished fifth and I was happy. I couldn't have asked for any better."

Unlike Glover, Sieg saw the success that she was having all week in practice and kept telling her that it wasn't out of the question for her to earn a trip to states.

"She has been coming along all year," he said. "She has been playing two sports, softball and track, so I really haven't had her the whole year, which is really amazing to think that she's doing that and she has done well with both (sports)."

Glover first tried track in middle school and fell in love with it right away.

"We didn't have softball, so I decided that I was going to try track and I just fell in love," she said. "My sister did it and my dad did it growing up and it would have been weird not doing track."

It appears she made a good choice.

Glover was not the only South Western discus thrower to qualify for the PIAA competition.

Junior Holley Arey also earned a trip, finishing in second place with a throw of 127-10.

The situation started looking bleak for Arey as her first two throws of her flight sailed out of bounds, forcing her to get her last throw in or be disqualified.

"I was extremely nervous on the third throw," she said. "I was just hoping to get it in so (my coaches) moved me over so hopefully I would get it inside the lines and not foul again."

Arey came in as the Class AAA top seed and could feel the pressure begin to mount.

"After the second foul, (Sieg) told me I was a little uneven and had to finish through more and I was like, 'I just don't understand.' I am not making it," she said.

Once her third throw was deemed good, Arey felt her confidence coming back.

"After getting that one in, I knew I could just go after it," she said. "It gave me relief. A lot of relief, so it felt great."

Sieg said he had confidence in Arey the whole time and just tried to keep her calm.

"The big thing with any high school athlete is confidence," Sieg said. "She has been doing it all year, she is a great kid. It was just trying to keep her head up and keep her going. I knew it would come."

The goal for next week, a throw of 130-0 for a new personal record.

"Discus is normally my best (event), so it is exciting to almost get 130 but I have next weekend too," she said.

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