Northeastern's Rebecca Gross

Northeastern's Rebecca Gross took the lead with the second dive and led the rest of the way to win the 34th South Western Diving Invitational's girls' championship on Saturday at Emory H. Markle Intermediate School.

Meanwhile, Central York's Gabe Patil tallied 277.25 points in the boys' meet, but that was enough take that championship in the meet's afternoon session.

Gross scored three 7-point scores on her forward 1 1/2 pike for 37.55 points on her second dive. That put her ahead of Clearfield's Jessica Shomo, who led after the first of 11 rounds, and Gross kept the edge to the finish.

"I had a pretty good day and most of my dives were probably the best I've done them, but there were some I could fix" Gross said after scoring 422.55 points.

Gross scored 39.1 points on a reverse pike dive which she said was her best of the day.

Dover's Morgan Stambaugh, third after the first cut after five dives and after the eight-dive semifinals, scored 105.6 points over her final three dives to place second ahead of Dallastown's Lizzie Rothrock, who was second for much of the meet.

The other trophy winners from fourth through eighth were Shomo, who battled back from an 11-point score on her second dive; Carlisle's Nicole Lopez, Dover's Taylor Bahoric, Central York's Courtney Seitzinger and South Western's Gabrielle Heilman.

In the boys' meet, Patil led the entire way while maintaining a narrow lead over Dallastown's Ben Staub, who took second place with 271.25 points.

"As much as first place is nice, and it's really nice accomplishment, I still have a lot of work to do," Patil said. "I need to make a lot of dives. I wanted to make a lot of dives better this meet."

Big Spring's Jesse Valencia took third among the 10 male divers, while South Western's Andrew Feeser and Spring Grove's Tyler Beckman completed the top five. Spring Grove's Hunter Smith, Central York's Josh Meisenhelter and Northeastern's Joey Writer also received trophies.; 717-637-3736, extension 144. Twitter: @ChuckCurley.



Medalists - 1. Gabe Patil, CY, 277.25; 2. Ben Staub, Dt, 271.25; 3. Jesse Valencia, BiS, 250.2; 4. Andrew Feeser, SW, 237.3; 5. Tyler Beckman, SG, 216.95; 6. Hunter Smith, SG, 216.55; 7. Josh Meisenhelter, CY, 213.45; 8. Joey Writer, Ne, 212.8. Others - 9. Cameron Sechrist, BiS, 165.85; 10. Tony Defelice, Dt, 133.7.

Key - Big Spring, BiS; Carlisle, Car; Clear field, Cl; Dallastown, Dt; Dover, Do; Fannett- Metal, FM; Northeastern, Ne; South Western, SW; Spring Grove, SG.


Medalists - 1. Rebecca Gross, Ne, 429.55; 2. Morgan Stambaugh, Do, 376.85; 3. Lizzie Rothrock, Dt, 358.2; 4. Jessica Shomo, Cl, 321.1; 5. Nicole Lopez, 318.5; 6. Taylor Bahoric, Dover, 312.45; 7. Courtney Seitzinger, CY, 307.1; 8. Gabrielle Heilman, SW, 290.6. <bf>Others - <nm>9 . Olivia Thornton, Ne, 282.45; 10. Maison Hammen, SW, 281.10; 11. Amanda Negley, BiS, 265.15; 12. Bralen Kralowetz, CY, 257.95; 13. Lindsay Pope, Ne, 179.2; 14. Hannah Whitsel, BiS, 162.2; 15. Cierra Falcon, FM, 156.95; 16. Eva Miller, Car, 140.5; 17. Raeleigh Redden, Car, 78.45; 18. Rachael Kerver, BiS, 78.35; 19. Leah Boyd, BiS, 77.3; 20. Katie Leary, Ne, 77.25; 21. Brooke Webb, BiS, 69.5; 22. Lexi Seaman, SG, 69.0.

Key - Big Spring, BiS; Carlisle, Car; Clearfield, Cl; Dallastown, Dt; Dover, Do; Fannett-Metal, FM; Northeastern, Ne; South Western, SW; Spring Grove, SG.