2012 Fall All-Star, Division I Girls’ Volleyball, Hadley Swartz, Central York, player of the yearsubmitted
2012 Fall All-Star, Division I Girls' Volleyball, Hadley Swartz, Central York, player of the year submitted

Hadley Swartz wrapped up her senior season at Central York by being voted the Daily Record/Sunday News Girls' Volleyball Player of the Year by YAIAA Division I coaches. The Panthers had a 14-5 overall record and finished second in Division I with a 10-2 league record, and Swartz was a key part of that success.

When she's not dodging questions about her college choices, she enjoys letting loose and having fun with her friends. She recently took a few minutes out of her schedule to answer a few questions:

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How long have you been playing organized volleyball?

Since I was 9. I've played on club teams, and then school teams starting in junior high. Right now I play for the Revolution (club team in York).

What is the best thing about playing a team sport?

The fact that you know that even if you mess up or are having a bad day, that you can rely on those people for support and inspiration.

Who is the volleyball player that you enjoy playing alongside?

I grew up playing volleyball with Bayleigh Hoffman from Dover. We play doubles together all the time, so I definitely enjoy playing with her the most.

Who do you not like to play against?


This year I would have to say Hempfield. We were so determined to beat them. We lost to them in a scrimmage and then again in districts. It was really hard to lose to them twice.

Which of your stats are you the most proud of? Probably my kills. I'm in the kills club at school. It counts the number you've had over your years of playing. I don't know the exact number, but I have over 1,000, so I'm proud of that.

What sport are you the absolute worst at?

Probably soccer. I'm more used to using my hands when I play.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Anywhere with a beach. That way I could wake up and go play volleyball, since I like sand volleyball, too. I've only been to Ocean City, but I would love to go to Florida to play, because I know a lot of people are good down there.

Do you play on a sand volleyball team or in tournaments?

I do some tournaments for fun. For the last two years I've played with Bayleigh on a doubles league behind Bob Hoffman Stadium (there are sand courts at the Memorial Park Complex in York).

Which do you prefer, sand court or hard court? Sand court is more fun. It's challenging, too. You can really see where your strengths are. Diving in the sand is fun, but you also have more of the court to cover.

Who is your role model?

Probably my parents. They both played (volleyball) when they were in school. My dad still plays. I always thought of volleyball as a family thing, and it just clicked with me.

What do you do that drives your parents crazy?

Right now it would be not wanting to look at colleges and not going through all the emails. My parents get on me to fill out the questionnaires and applications. During the school season, I just wanted to focus on the school season. Now it's just stressful, because everyone is asking about it, teachers and stuff. It's stressful. I just need to get myself in gear.

Are you looking at Division I or are you really not sure?

I'm probably going to go to a Division II school (because) I'm not extremely tall.

So how tall are you?

Only 5-8. When you're used to playing with people who are like 6-4, you feel tiny.

What's your favorite thing to do on vacation/school breaks?

I normally just like to sleep or go hang out with friends or drive around. I like to let loose and have fun.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Kind of both. At tournaments and stuff, I'm the first one on the court, and everyone else is dead tired. But then at night, I still find energy to have a good time.

Is your bedroom clean or messy?

Clean for the most part. Except for my dresser -- I throw jewelry and change on it.

Favorite movie?

I don't know if I have a favorite movie, but I'm definitely a scary movie buff. If there's one out in the theater, I want to go see it. I just don't always have time.

Favorite junk food?

Oh there's so many ... I'd say ice cream is my favorite.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate definitely! I put chocolate syrup on top of it, too. So definitely chocolate.

Favorite type of music?

Anything but country.

Coke or Pepsi?