2012 Fall All-Star, Division I Boys’ Soccer, Brent Batory, Dallastown, co-player of yearsubmitted
2012 Fall All-Star, Division I Boys' Soccer, Brent Batory, Dallastown, co-player of year submitted

For the second year in a row, a player from Central York and a player from Dallastown were named as the co-players of the year in Division I for the YAIAA boys' soccer all-stars.

Erik Rishel got the nod from Central and Brent Batory picked up the honor for Dallastown.

Batory led the Wildcats to a Division I title with a 9-1 mark. Dallastown finished as the runner up in the county tournament and secured the No. 3 seed in the District 3 Class AAA playoffs.

The senior capped his high school career by scoring a goal in the senior all-star game. Shortly after the game, Batory talked about his passions outside of soccer and who he would like to have dinner with:

* * *

What was the most memorable moment of the season?

Probably our semifinal game against Central in the (YAIAA) playoffs. Since maybe I was 12, I haven't been in a game that hectic with such pandemonium. It was awesome. To win in overtime was just ridiculous.

What age were you when you started playing soccer?

Five years old.

What did you do in the offseason to help you earn the co-player of the year award?

I just knew that I had the skill to be one of the top players in the area, but I just knew in the offseason I had to work a lot harder and improve my game. I had to become stronger and quicker and more confident on the ball. I also knew I had to step up and be a leader with losing 13 seniors last year.


Ok, enough with the serious stuff. What's your favorite TV show?

South Park.

Favorite musician or band?


If you could have dinner with three people dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Teddy Roosevelt, he was my favorite President. I used to be really interested in him in fifth grade. Ronaldinho, the soccer player, I think he'd be someone pretty cool to have dinner with and Eminem. I think he'd be a character and have some pretty cool stories.

What's your favorite sport other than soccer?

It's a tossup between football or basketball. I never played those sports in organized leagues. I just loved playing backyard basketball or football.

Who is your favorite athlete?

Jesse Owens. What he did with the sport and how he had the courage to do what he did at the Berlin Olympics. I just really admire him.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I'm an avid freestyle skier and I like drumming.

What's your favorite vacation spot?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

What's one place you want to get to in your life?

Definitely Switzerland, I want to see the Alps. Maybe ski the Alps. Maybe Australia too, to see the Great Barrier Reef.

Are you going to play soccer in college?

Yeah, I'm looking at a couple Division II, Division III and Division I schools. I hope that I can continue my soccer career in college, wherever that may be.