It only took seven words, but it did the job.

"On the 16th hole, my coach (John Ridge) came up to me and told me to, "Get my head out of my rear end,'" said Fairfield High golfer Isaiah Logue. "He also said to make a couple birdies because 'you have a considerable lead and you have worked too hard for this.'"

Logue then went on to make birdies on Nos. 16 and 17 to finish the District 3 Individual Golf Championships at 3-under 141 and win the title.

He now moves on to the PIAA Class AA East Regional. He is the lone representative moving on from the Hanover area.

Logue chuckled when he heard his name and the word "champ" together.

"It feels pretty good," he said. "I had a rough start, but I was able to bring it back there."

Delone Catholic’s Casey Bird tees off during the District 3 golf tournament on Saturday at Briarwood Golf Club.
Delone Catholic's Casey Bird tees off during the District 3 golf tournament on Saturday at Briarwood Golf Club. (THE EVENING SUN --- SHANE DUNLAP)

The conditions for day two were much different than for day one. Instead of the sun and warmth, it was gray skies and wind.

Despite winning the District 3 Class AA championship, Logue was cool and calm afterward.

"My goal was just to advance to regionals," Logue said. "I am really happy that I won the tournament, but the main goal was just to advance to regionals. I am excited, but I am not going to get too hyped up about it."

Logue entered day two at 4-under 68 and finished Saturday plus-1 with a 73. He understands regionals are a different level of competition and plans to use the week off to improve his driving, which is ironic because he routinely drives the ball more than 290 yards.

"I have been hitting it all over the place today and, in some cases, I suffered for it, but in others, I made up for it," Logue said. "I can keep practicing my short game and get it even stronger for regionals. I can work on my iron play. That was a little shaky today, and I can also work on my driver."

Logue can't remember the last time he has had to work on his driver, recalling that it may not have been since his freshman year.

Fairfield’s Isaiah Logue chips out of a sandtrap during Saturday’s District 3 golf tournament at Briarwood Golf Club.
Fairfield's Isaiah Logue chips out of a sandtrap during Saturday's District 3 golf tournament at Briarwood Golf Club. (THE EVENING SUN --- SHANE DUNLAP)

The East Region tournament is held at the Golden Oaks Golf Club, a course that Logue is familiar with.

"It is definitely a longer and tighter course," Logue said. "It plays to my strengths in that I like faster greens because they always roll truer and, like I said, they are faster. It is a driver's course. If you cannot drive the ball well, then you will not play well at Golden Oaks because there are trees everywhere."

This is the first year the PIAA divides golf into classes, AA and AAA. The District 3 champion for Class AAA was Manheim Township's Craig Hornberger, who won it for a record third straight year with a 3-under 141.

Not everyone is in favor of the change.

"Personally, I think it is completely messed up that they would split it up like that," Logue said. "I would rather it all be grouped into one tournament so that I could play with Hornberger, Rinehart and all the bigger competition."

Logue was not the only local golfer participating in day two.

Bermudian Springs' Drew Taylor, who was not pleased with his 81 on Friday, shot a 77 on Saturday, but failed to make the cut.

The top eight scores were taken from Class AA and the top 16 advance in Class AAA. Taylor finished 10th.

"Seventy-seven was the worst shot I could have scored today," Taylor said. "Seventy-four was the target score for the day, and I just couldn't do it. I turned in a 39 on the front nine today, which is one shot better than yesterday, but I played so much better today. That score should have been lower."

Taylor is a senior who understands Saturday culminated his high school golf career and he began to reflect on his last four years.

"The one word I'd say about my high school career was improvement," he said. "If you look at my freshman to sophomore year, I improved by 10 strokes and then, the rest of the years, I improved by three every year."

Delone Catholic's Casey Bird also represented the Hanover area on day two. After an emotional day in which he thought he missed the cut, only to find out he made it, Bird shot a 78, four strokes better than Friday, but still missed the cut.

For Bird, though, it was all about making it to the second day, a dream he has had for four years.

Bermudian Springs’ Drew Taylor putts on the green at hole 11 during Saturday’s District 3 golf tournament at Briarwood Golf Club.
Bermudian Springs' Drew Taylor putts on the green at hole 11 during Saturday's District 3 golf tournament at Briarwood Golf Club. (THE EVENING SUN --- SHANE DUNLAP)

"I could have shot a 110 today and I still would have been happy," said Bird, who had a fan club of friends and family join him for day two. "One-under through eight holes, I didn't think I could have done better than yesterday, but I did. Then the back nine hit again, but I think I kept my calm better today because yesterday I had more pressure on myself, I just was here having fun."

On the girls' side, Spring Grove's Victoria Ross missed the cut and finished 13th, and Fairfield's Allison Howe finished seventh in AA, also not making the cut.; 717-637-3736, ext. 143. Twitter: @michaelrubin6.


   Saturday's final results from the 2012 District 3 Golf Championships at Briarwood Golf Course:
at Briarwood East
Par: 72
   Note: The top 16 finishers qualified for PIAA East Regional competition.
Craig Hornberger, MT  71-70--141
Andy Butler, MT  74-69--143
Josh Rinehart, WY  70-73--143
Jacob Reilly, Her  74-71--145
Ryan Dornes, MT  72-73--145
Marc Oliveri, CoV  72-75--147
Chad Stine, LD  74-74--148
Aaron Fricke, GS  76-73--149
J.D. Hughes, Car  76-73--149
C.J. Zachary, Her  79-72--151
Evan Overcash, CuV  74-77--151
Connor Sheehan, Sol  77-74--151
Tyler Shank, Pal  75-77--152
Drew Baker, War  75-77--152
Brandon Greenplate, Dt  79-74--153
Brandon Stine, RL  79-74--153

Did Not Qualify
Drew Patterson, LD  77-77--154
Axel Hartman, WY  78-76--154
Jesse Hazam, Mb  78-77--155
Mark Dano, PM  78-77--155
Mike Gress, CD  75-81--156
R.J. Wren, TV  78-78--156
Max Bell, Cb  72-85--157
Jon Kitsock, MT  77-80--157
Kent Umberger, CDE  79-78--157
Nick Franki, Wb  76-84--160
Kevin Crumbling, RL  78-83--161
Shane Cruce, Car  79-82--161
Cameron Mondock, Hem  79-82--161
Connor Heck, CW  79-84--163
Nate Hertzog, LCC  78-87--165
Andrew Davis, EY  77-89--166

   Note: The top eight finishers qualified for PIAA East Regional competition.
Isaiah Logue, F  68-73--141
Sam Gallen, Wyo  75-72--147
Dylan Beiler, PV  72-75--147
Noah Firestone, MCC  75-74--149
Evan Thornton, Wyo  76-77--153
Mike Esworthy, McD  78-76--154
Jeremy Royer, ConC  79-76--155
Brock Kovach, Wyo  80-76--156

Did Not Qualify
Stu Ingraham, McD  81-76--157
Drew Taylor, BeS  81-77--158
Casey Bird, DC  82-78--160
Ryan Tuck, LM  78-86--164
Peter McKernan, LCD  82-84--166
Andre Groff, LM  81-86--167
Ross Pilliod, BC  80-88--168
Billy Finneran, Wyo  80-89--169

at Briarwood West
Par: 70
   Note: The top eight finishers qualified for PIAA East Regional competition.
Liz McGarrigle, CW  74-72--146
Allison Cooper, CD  76-74--150
Mary Beth Palic, MT  81-75--156
Jacqueline Oggero, Her  79-78--157
Haley Goodling, MC  81-80--161
Lacey Bensing, Eph  81-82--163
Meg Palic, MT  83-81--164
Nora Mater, CD  82-84--166

Did Not Qualify
Ali Habermehl, RLa  90-77--167
Megan Esterbrook, Eph  84-84--168
Sabrina Reilly, Her  83-85--168
Morgan Frazier, CuV  86-85--171
Victoria Ross, SG  89-88--177
Maddie Szekeres, Her  89-90--179
Cayla McCarty, CoV  89-91--180
Hailey Hartman, CCr  90-97--187

   Note: The top four finishers qualified for PIAA East Regional competition.
Shannon Weber, Kutz  82-90--172
Lauren Parrini, YC  91-86--177
Dana Droz, Ver  91-91--182
Rebecca Graham, BoS  87-101--188

Did Not Qualify
Elizabeth Loftus, McD  95-97--192
Taylor Butto, BC  97-99--196
Allison Howe, F  109-106--215

   Key: (BeS), Bermudian Springs; (BC), Berks Catholic; (BoS), Boiling Springs; (McD), Bishop McDevitt; (Car), Carlisle; (CCr), Cedar Crest; (CD), Central Dauphin; (CDE), Central Dauphin East; (Cb), Chambersburg; (Coc), Cocalico; (CoV), Conestoga Valley; (ConC), Conestoga Christian; (CSY), Christian School of York; (CuV), Cumberland Valley; (CW), Conrad Weiser; (Dt), Dallastown; (DC), Delone Catholic; (EY), Eastern York; (Eph), Ephrata; (Ex), Exeter; (F), Fairfield; (Fl), Fleetwood; (G-A), Greencastle-Antrim; (GS), Garden Spot; (Her), Hershey; (JB), James Buchanan; (KD), Kennard-Dale; (Kutz), Kutztown; (LC), Lancaster Christian; (LCC), Lancaster County Christian; (LCD), Lancaster Country Day; (LD), Lower Dauphin; (LM), Lancaster Mennonite; (MC), Manheim Central; (MCC), Mount Calvary Christian; (MT), Manheim Township; (Mb), Mechanicsburg; (Mil), Millersburg; (Ne), Northeastern; (New), Newport; (NL), Northern Lebanon; (NO), New Oxford; (Nor), Northern York; (OV), Oley Valley; (Pal), Palmyra; (PM), Penn Manor; (PV), Pequea Valley; (RLa), Red Land; (RL), Red Lion; (SG), Spring Grove; (Sol), Solanco; (SW), South Western; (Sus), Susquehannock; (TV), Twin Valley; (Trin), Trinity; (War), Warwick; (Wb), Waynesboro; (WY), West York; (Wil), Wilson; (Wyo), Wyomissing; (YC), York Catholic; (YCT), York County Tech; (YS), York Suburban.