Nicole Black of Kennard-Dale was voted this year’s YAIAA Girls’ Lacrosse Player of the Year by league coaches.
Nicole Black of Kennard-Dale was voted this year's YAIAA Girls' Lacrosse Player of the Year by league coaches. (DAILY RECORD / SUNDAY NEWS -- FILE)
Kennard-Dale junior Nicole Black was voted the YAIAA Girls' Lacrosse Player of the Year by the league's coaches.

Recently, during a brief question-and-answer session, she opened up about her on-field rivals as well as what sparked her interest in lacrosse. Here's what she had to say:

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How old were you when you started playing lacrosse?

I started in fifth grade.

Why lacrosse?

My family is very lacrosse-oriented. My uncle played for Johns Hopkins. He was an All-American there. My dad played for Calvert Hall (a private college prep school in Baltimore). My cousin also just graduated from there.

What was the highlight of this season for you?

I would say beating York Catholic three straight times. They are our biggest rivals, and they have a great program and a great coach, so it was great to keep beating them. (The Rams edged the Fighting Irish by one-goal margins in each of their meetings, culminating in an 11-10 victory to claim the YAIAA crown.



Who do you consider to be your biggest YAIAA rival?

I would say Allee Ilgenfritz (from West York). I actually play club ball with her. She's so fast, she's like a gazelle. She's a great person and a great athlete. I just go hard against her.

Who is the one player on your team that you would not want to have to play against?

I'm going to say Brianna Logana. She's a defender. She's so tough, and she's hard to get around.

If you could have one moment back on the field this season, what would it be?

I really like my team, if I could play with them year-round, I would.

Do you have any rituals or do anything specific to get pumped up before a game?

Well, I have to wear high socks. This year I went mostly white. Also, I don't know if it's considered a ritual, but if I get (to the game) early, I will practice my behind-the-back shot.

If your school did not offer girls' lacrosse, what sport would you play?

I'd probably play soccer. I used to play when I was younger.

Why did you give it up?

Lacrosse. I just liked it better.

What is the sport that you are absolute worst at?

I am terrible at golf. I've played around a little bit. I make a pretty big hole in the ground when I try. I'm not good at putt-putt, either.

What are your plans after high school?

I would like to go into the medical field, possibly as a dental hygienist. I would also like to play at the Division I or Division II level.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Probably to France. I am going to Level 5 in French. I enjoy learning about everything. It seems so beautiful there. I would love to go to the Eiffel Tower.

What is your favorite television show?

Right now I'm watching Two and a Half Men, but it's not my favorite. I like Big Brother. It's a summer show. I'm busy during the school year and don't have a lot of time to watch TV.

Ok, since you brought the show up, Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher (in the Two and a Half Men lead role)?

Ashton Kutcher.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Mint chocolate chip, but it has to be Carman's (Old-Fashioned Ice Cream, in Loganville).