This was Eastern York wrestling's first year at the Class AAA level and Alex Cooley made the most of his shot to roll with the big boys. The senior 195-pounder earned a berth in the PIAA Wrestling Championships for the second consecutive year. And for the second straight year, he brought home a medal -- this one for eighth place.

A rare three-sport star, Cooley's last season in a singlet included an unbeaten regular season, a dominating performance at sectionals, and a District 3 semifinal berth. He finished up with a 36-5 mark in a sport he'd been participating in since he was four years old.

Alex Cooley
Alex Cooley (Submitted)

"(I'm going to miss) going out and wrestling in front of big crowds," said the future East Stroudsburg running back. "It was one-on-one and you had to show your own ability."

What is your first wrestling memory? "I started out in Red Lion. I got beat on because I wasn't too good."

What was the highlight of the season? "Winning sectional title; I've never won one. It was my senior year so it was a good way to go out."

What current high school wrestler would you most like to meet in competition (if weight wasn't an issue)? "Chance Marsteller. He's an amazing wrestler."

What music/musician do you like to listen to before matches? "Country music. Blake Shelton is a favorite."

Do you have any superstitions that you have before matches? "Not really. My buddy Camden Stoops and I would do a high five like Generation X from professional wrestling."

Favorite pizza topping? "Bacon."

What sport have seen played that you would like to try? "I would love to do lacrosse. But it's too late for that. It's physical and high tempo."

Mountains or beach? "Beach."

Favorite genre of movies? "Comedy."

Three things you would take with you to a deserted island? "An X-box, TV and my girlfriend."

What are your college plans? "I'm playing football at East Stroudsburg. I'll probably study business management."

Rank your three sports in order of preference. 1. football, 2. wrestling, 3. track.

Favorite things you like to do when not playing sports. "Hang out with friends and family."

How much weight did you have to lose before the season? "Only one or two pounds."

What activity did you start up once the state tournament was over? "I got back in the weight room and started hitting them hard. (During the wrestling season), I cut back on weight and did more reps."

Favorite school subject? "Math." Least favorite school subject? "Social studies."

What snack could you never give up? "Little Debbie's Cosmic brownies."

What will you miss most about wrestling? "Going out and wrestling in front of big crowds. It was one-on-one and you had to show your own ability."