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Delone Catholic girls' track and field head coach Dusty Lehr knew what it was going to take to win Tuesday's meet against Hanover. He knew that in winning, his team would clinch its sixth YAIAA Division C title in seven years. His strategy worked, as the Squirettes defeated Hanover, 89-61

"Normally during the year we focus on individual performances," Lehr said. "Today was the lone meet that we did not because we knew Hanover would be a tough test. We thought we had an advantage in the distance races."

Lehr was correct as the Squirettes finished first and third in the 1,600 and first in the 3,200.

"Sarah (Bischoff) and Kate (Mowrey) were able to team up and go first and third in the mile, and that was a performance by them," Lehr said. "Today was about scoring points. Not necessarily about personal records, but we did have some nice performances. My key to us winning was to go after distances."

The 1,600 was one of the closest and most highly contested races of the day. Hanover's Zoie Cleary and Delone's Bischoff and Mowrey battled throughout the race, but Bischoff proved to be too much in the end.

"Zoie is definitely one of my favorite people to run against because we get along very well," Bischoff said. "I don't feel much pressure against her because it is friendly competition. My strategy was to not get out in front and during the third lap, figure out how much energy she had left, and off of that I figured out where on the fourth lap to kick it in."

Delone junior Logan Hart heads into the finish line during the 100 meter relay race.
Delone junior Logan Hart heads into the finish line during the 100 meter relay race. (THE EVENING SUN--CLARE BECKER )

As a senior, this was Bischoff's third time celebrating a division title in her four years at Delone.

"It is awesome because we got it my freshman and junior year," she said. "To be able to say I won it in three of my four years is pretty awesome."

Delone senior Isabella Ugarte had a huge day. She won the 200, long jump, triple jump and was a member of the 400 relay. Her distance of 16-9  3/4 in the long jump was a personal record.

"I was pretty excited about my personal record in the long jump," Ugarte said. "The postseason always gets really intense. I am happy to be jumping my best now. My goal is to make it back to states this year."

Ugarte's performance on Tuesday, and the whole season for that matter, has not been a surprise to Lehr.

Hanover junior Emily Giannini rests after competing in the 1600 meter run during Tuesday’s meet.
Hanover junior Emily Giannini rests after competing in the 1600 meter run during Tuesday's meet. (THE EVENING SUN--CLARE BECKER )

"She is an awesome kid," he said. "She is an example to girls about what can happen when you dedicate yourself to the weight room. She does everything she has to in order to succeed. I often tell her that she has to do that stuff because she isn't 5-9 like other girls. To compete with girls that you are four inches shorter than, you have to do everything right. And she does."

Morgan Herrick led the way for Hanover, as she won the 300 hurdles, high jump and was a member of the winning 1,600 relay team.

On the boys side, the Squires made a clean sweep of the track events as they dominated Hanover, 105-44.

"We wanted to have a good last meet for the seniors," head coach Ryan Highlands said. "We have a very good senior class, and we were hoping to get people qualified for districts. We had some good personal records today and a couple of good performances."

One of those standout performances came from senior Nick Braun. Braun won the 200, high jump and long jump. It was his performance in the high jump that turned heads. He set a personal record, jumping 6-0 and had several good attempts at the school record of 6-3.

Senior Lance Reneker also had a big day for the Squires, as he won the 100 and was a member of the 100 relay.

Hanover High School’s Zoie Cleary nears the finish line during the 1600 meter run.
Hanover High School's Zoie Cleary nears the finish line during the 1600 meter run. (THE EVENING SUN -- CLARE BECKER )

"Today was fun," Reneker said. "It was a good way to end the regular season. My block starts have been good. I am a football runner so I am good for the first 50 meters and then they start to catch me. The 4-by-100 was good. We were down a little when I got the baton, and I was able to get us the lead by the last handoff."

Senior Nick Poole helped Delone with victories in the 1,600 and the 3,200. Highlands was extremely impressed with how his seniors have performed.

"My first year as a coach, they were sophomores," Highlands said. "It was a great first group to have, especially, Braun, Poole and Reneker. They have been to districts since they have been running track. It is a really good group to have here. They are good at knowing what they need to do and getting it done.

Clay Reichart won two field events for Hanover, claiming first place in the javelin and the discus.

Girls' results
at Hanover
   3,200 relay - 1. DC (S. Bischoff, A. Alberghini, A. Griffin, K. Mowrey), 10:32.7. 100 hurdles - 1. Maddie Comly, DC, 17.0; 2. M. Herrick, Han, 17.2; 3. Renee Eisenberg, Han, 17.6. 100 - 1. Cambria Wierman, DC, 13.1; 2. S. Gerlach, Han, 13.5; 3. Sarah Wilson, DC, 13.6. 1,600 - 1. Sarah Bischoff, DC, 5:39.32; 2. Zoie Cleary, Han, 5:43.12; 3. Kate Mowrey, DC, 6:05.5. 400 relay - DC (H. Lawrence, I Ugarte, T Small, C Wierman) 52.9. 400 - S. Gerlach, Han, 1:03; 2. Sarah Wilson, DC, 1:05; 3. K. Kaufmann, DC, 1:06.5. 300 hurdles - 1. M. Herrick, Han, 49.9; 2. H. Lawrence, DC, 51.9; A. Henry, Han, 52.6. 800 - 1. Lynne Eisenberg, Han, 2:29.97, 2. Sarah Bischoff, DC, 2:38.8; 3. A Resciniti, DC, 2:43.3. 200 - 1. Ugarte, DC, 27.34; 2. R. Eisenberg, Han, 28.4; 3. Small, DC, 28.9. 3,200 - 1. Mowrey, DC, 12:09.9; 2. Cleary, Han, 12:50; 3. E. Giannini, Han, 13:34. 1,600 relay - 1. Hanover, (S. Gerlach, M. Herrick, R. Eisenberg, L. Eisenberg) 4:15.10. Long jump - 1. Ugarte, DC, 16-9 3/4; 2. Wierman, DC, 15-11 3/4; 3. R. Eisenberg, Han, 14-9 1/2. Triple jump - 1. Ugarte, DC, 32-1 1/2; 2. A. Henry, Han, 31-5; 3. Small, DC, 29-9 1/2. High jump - 1. Herrick, Han, 4-10; 2. Wierman, DC, 4-8; 3. R. Kelly, Han, 4-6. Pole Vault - G. Riedle, DC, 10-0; 2. L. Eisenberg, Han, 9-6; 3. K. Hernandez, DC, 9-0. Javelin - 1. Allie Mondorff, DC, 105-5; 2. Mary Gingrow, DC, 102-7; 3. M. Yealy, Han, 85-3. Shot put - 1. Becker, DC, 31-9; 2. R. Silver, Han, 31-8; 3. Yealy, Han, 29-0. Discus - 1. Yealy, Han, 101-4 1/2; 2. Mondorff, DC, 95-9; 3. Gingrow, DC, 74-0.

Boys' results
at Hanover
   3,200 relay - 1. DC (B. Trish, C. Nace, J. Raville, N. Poole), 8:50.9. 110 hurdles - 1. T. Conrad, DC, 16.5; 2. C. Gerlach, Han, 17.9; 3. N. Haring, Han, 19.5. 100 - 1. Lance Reneker, DC, 11.69; 2. L. Hartlaub, DC, 11.8; 3. N. Seymour, Han, 12.1. 1,600 - 1. Nick Poole, DC, 4:51.37; 2. J. Hagarman, DC, 4:56.78; 3. K. Miller, 5:02.00. 400 relay - DC (P. Staub, N. Braun, L. Reneker, L. Hartlaub), 45.8. 400 - 1. P. Staub, DC, 55.00; 2. J. Raville, DC, 56.09; 3. J. Etzler, Han, 57.0. 300 hurdles - 1. T. Conrad, DC, 43.5; 2. B. Witt, DC, 44.2; 3. C. Gerlach, Han, 46.3. 800 - 1. O. Eldridge, DC, 2:13.6; 2. C. Bird, DC, 2:15.8; 3. C. Hagerman, DC, 2:16.2. 200 - N. Braun, DC, 23.81; 2. M. Giuffreda, DC, 25.5; 3. B. Witt, DC, 25.7. 3,200 - N. Poole, DC, 10:36.1; 2. L. Lara, Han, 11:32.0; 3. L. Miller, DC, 11:33. 1,600 relay - DC (T. Conrad, O. Eldridge, J. Raville, P. Staub), 3:46.8. Long jump - 1. N. Braun, DC, 19-8 1/2; 2. Ian Brown, Han, 18-5; 3. N. Haring, Han, 16-7. Triple jump - 1. T. Hahn, Han, 36-1 3/4; 2. N. Haring, Han, 34-9; 3. J. Kadis, DC, 32-9 3/4. High jump - 1. Braun, DC, 6-0; 2. Brown, Han, 5-4; 3. J. Gobrecht, DC, 5-4. Pole Vault - 1. J. Kadis, DC, 9-6; 2. J. Evich, DC, 8-6. Javelin - 1. C. Reichart, Han, 119-1; 2. Staub, DC, 118-5; 3. Mondorff, DC, 111-0. Shot put - 1. G. Reichart, Han, 37-1; 2. Kilkelly, DC, 36-3 1/2; 3. Rhodes, Han, 35-8. Discus - 1. C. Reichart, Han, 96-9; 2. D. Faisal, Han, 96-3; 3. Coleman, DC, 86-7