It was been a week of ups and downs for Gettysburg High senior Clay Kocsis as he prepared for the District 3 Class AAA Section 1 wrestling tournament.

On Tuesday in practice, the 152-pounder tweaked an ankle. The injury was serious enough that the coaching staff was worried if he would be able to wrestle on Saturday.

After an X-ray showed nothing was broken, Kocsis saw an orthopedist and rehabbed intensely the rest of the week. The diagnosis was a high ankle sprain, but Kocsis was determined to wrestle.

Kocsis walked on crutches until Thursday and Friday morning saw a doctor. By the afternoon, he was cleared and Friday night spent some time on the mats.

To make matters worse, the 152-pound bracket was loaded with talent. At 27-0 Kocsis came in as the number-three seed. Seeded ahead of him was Garrett Hammond, last year's state champion, and number-one seed T.C. Warner, who came into the tournament at 29-1.

"I have never seen a more difficult class in a sectional before," head coach Perry Smith said. "The two guys who finished above him wrestled against each other in the state tournament last year. The returning champion didn't even win the sectional today."

Kocsis won his first match of the day against Big Spring's Brad Lay by pin in 1:42. After that, the coaching staff had a decision to make. Kocsis was scheduled to face Hammond and the coaching staff questioned if it would be wise to sit him out a match and give him extra rest.


"The coaching staff discussed a possible default for that match, but we wanted to see how he handled his first match," Smith said. "After the first match, he was OK ,so we threw him out there."

Kocsis was slightly overmatched and never able to gain control in the match as he fell 5-0.

"We felt like (Kocsis) wrestled an excellent match until maybe the last 45 seconds," Smith said. "He was in deep on him a couple times and they had some great flows. I think we can take a lot from this and use it to our advantage come districts."

Kocsis rebounded and won his next consolation match to set up a rematch against Lay to determine third place and who would advance to District 3 Class AAA Championships.

After a scoreless first period, Kocsis quickly responded in the second period and jumped out to a quick 4-0 lead. Heading into the third and final period, Lay chose to start in the neutral position, a decision that worked to Kocsis' advantage.

"I was happy he chose neutral," Kocsis said. "Any time I can be on my feet, I like it."

Kocsis would add three points in the third period to close out the match, 7-2.

"I am definitely happy I made it back to districts," Kocsis said. "But there are definitely things I wish I would have done, like make it to the championship round. Anything can happen at this point in the season. I definitely have things I can work on. It was definitely an eye opener."

The coaching staff plans to rest Kocsis' ankle much of the week to allow it to heals. The staff and Kocsis know much can be taken from his match with Hammond.

"It definitely helps out a lot because you can see things that didn't work and things that did work," he said. "When you go back to practice, you can work on things and, when I face these guys again, hopefully I can do some things better."

Kocsis sported a fat lip, bloody nose and cut under his eye after the match.

"I guess it is symbolic of how tough 152 was," he said with a smile.

The rest of day proved to be rather tough for the Warriors. Kocsis was the only wrestler to advance on a day when Smith thought it could have turned out differently.

"We felt like, if we had a good day, we could get four or five guys through," he said. "This is a freaking tough sectional."; 717-637-3736, extension 143. Twitter: @michaelrubin6.


Section I
at Mechanicsburg
First Round
   113 -- Josh Fauver, BiS, maj. decision John Atkinson, Way, 16-8.
   120 -- Jeremy Taylor, Nor, dec. Zane Hershey, Ship, 6-0; Logan Green, Mech, won by forfeit over Dylan Failor, BiS; Kyle Lee, JB, dec. Sam Horning, CuV, 5-2.
   126 -- Johnathan Martinez, Mech, pinned Tristan Myers, WP, 5:20; Connor Smith, Get, dec. Ryan Wolf, CuV, 13-8 SV; Derek Watson, Ship, pinned Brad Gobin, Car, 1:07.
   132 -- David Law, Cham, dec. Matt Creavey, Nor, 4-0; Jake Wertz, Way, pinned Jonathan Vega, Mech, 3:31; Nathan Hall, WP, dec. Andrew Dozal, Ship, 6-3;
   138 -- Chad Skelly, Mech, dec. Steven Smith, Cham, 6-5; Tyler Ostott, WP, dec. Tyler Vangi, Car, 5-1, SV.
   145 -- John Hughes, Cham, dec. Cody Frey, Way, 7-0; Austin Snell, Nor, pinned Geoffrey Helfrick, GA, 1:12; Cameron Fox, JB, tech. fall Logan Bitting, WP, 4:53 (15-0).
   152 -- Dakota Kuhn, Car, dec. Thomas LaRue, Ship, 5-0; Sam Marsicano, Mech, pinned Daniel Shields, Way, 1:41.
   160 -- Danny King, Car, pinned Dalton Rowles, WP, 1:59; Aiden Smith, Way, pinned Kevin Fortney, Get, 2:45.
   182 -- Jeremiah Stitt, Car, pinned Patrick Wade, Way, 5:21; Cameron Demby, WP, pinned Mitchell Gochenour, Mech, 2:17; Brendon Rigney, CuV, pinned Dustin Walker, JB, 1:12; Devon Williams, Cham, maj. decision Stephaun Johnson, GA, 13-2.
   220 -- Colin Hansley, Cham, dec. Micah Weaver, 13-10; Jackson Stanford, CuV, pinned Elios Gomez, GA, 0:52.
   285 -- Ben Wasson, Mech, pinned Shawn Robinsonm, Way, 3:22; Noah Rife, BiS, pinned Justin Clark, WP, 3:23.
   106 -- Wyatt Binkley, GA, pinned Mike Vital, WP, 1:49; Drew Tochterman, Mech, pinned Josh Paisley, BiS, 1:36; Parker Hillard, CuV, dec. Ryan Neff, 7-4; Colin Runshaw, Cham, pinned Daquan Woods, 3:23.
   113 -- Tanner Shoap, Cham, pinned Fauver, BiS, 0:23; Hunter Faith, JB, dec. Saurab Faruque, CuV, 7-3; Marshall Myers, WP, tech. fall Tyler Hoover, Mech, 3:59 (18-2); Cody Carbaugh, GA, pinned Justin Evans, Ship, 0:47.
   120 -- Ben Allwein, WP, dec. Taylor, Nor, 3-1; Tynan Donnelly, Car, dec. Tyler Wilt, Get, 5-2; Garrett Kyner, Cham, tech. fall Green, Mech, 3:44 (15-0); Colby Mowen, Way, pinned Lee, JB, 5:43.
   126 -- Dustin Rook, BiS, pinned Martinez, Mech, 0:31; Austin Tucker, JB, maj. decision Aaron Layman, Way, 11-0; David Rump, Cham, tech. fall Smith, Get, 4:39 (15-0); Ross, Nor, tech. fall Watson, 4:39 (15-0).
   132 -- Patrick Duggan, CuV, tech. fall Law, Cham, 4:14 (16-1); Josh Boehner, Get, pinned Levi Robinson, JB, 0:54; Brady Meals, Car, pinned Wertz, Way, 1:05; Wyatt Keck, BiS, pinned Hall, WP, 0:47.    138 -- Alex Wolfe, CuV, dec. Skelly, Mech, 7-1; Garek Strouse, Nor, dec. Jesse Stouch, Get, 4-1; Kenyon Cuka, Way, dec. Nathan Coldsmith, Ship, 5-1; Chad Wickard, BiS, pinned Ostott, WP, 3:36.
   145 -- Ian Shannon Car, pinned Hughes, Cham, 1:38; Tristen Skelly, Mech, tech. fall Elijah Harris, Ship, 4:42 (15-0); Felix Belga, CuV, pinned Snell, Nor, 3:13; Gregory Warner, BiS, maj. decision Fox, JB, 13-0.
   152 -- T.C. Warner, CuV, pinned Kuhn, Car, 0:39; Isaiah Locke, Nor, dec. Casey Glunt, JB, 9-8; Clay Kocsis, Get, pinned Brad Lay, BiS, 1:42; Garett Hammond, Cham, pinned Marsicano, Mech, 3:48.
   160 -- Mitchell Ramsey, Mech, pinned King, Car, 1:28; Justin Timko, Ship, 4-2; Andy Reed, Nor, maj. decision Tim Hair, Bis, 13-4; Calvin O'Farrell, Cham, pinned Smith, Way, 3:10.
   170 -- Joey Krulock, Mech, pinned Adam Tardosky, Cham, 2:47; Trenton Cook, CuV, dec. Jake Sharrah, Get, 7-5; Chris Williams, Ship, pinned Kyle Boose, WP, 1:51; Cody Seibert, BiS, dec. Chris McCullough, Car, 10-8.
   182 -- Kyle Koser, Nor, pinned Stitt, Car, 0:33; Demby, WP, tech. fall Stephan Manders, Ship, 3:52 (17-0); Rigney, CuV, pinned Corey Hardman, Get, 1:47; Danny Hockensmith, BiS, tech. fall Williams, Cham, 4:25 (15-0).
   195 -- Dylan Herb, Ship, had bye; Tommy Rayhart, BiS, pinned Jared Starliper, GA, pinned 3:12; Dontez King, Cham, dec. Mark Shelley, WP, 5-2; Matt Hoare, CuV, pinned Scott Six, Get, 5:27.
   220 -- Lucas Chestnut, Mech, pinned Hansley, Cham, 1:12; Andrew Paterno, Way, maj. decision Giovani Alvarado, Get, 13-4; Brandon Stitt, Ship, pinned Kurtis Rider, WP, 1:15; Stanford, CuV, dec. Hasan Alic, Car, 6-5.
   285 -- Cary Hess, Ship, pinned Wasson, Mech, 1:46; Shane DiPietro, CuV, pinned Juan Perez, Get, 1:37; Cameron Kiger, Cham, dec. Quin Paynter, Car, 6-5; Devin Reed, JB, pinned Rife, BiS, 1:05.
   106 -- Binkley, GA, dec. Tochterman, Mech, 4-0; Hillard, CuV, pinned Runshaw, 4:35.
   113 -- Shoap, Cham, maj. decision Faith (JB, 14-3; Carbaugh, GA, pinned Myers, WP, 3:27;
   120 -- Allwein, WP, dec. Donnelly, Car, 5-1; Kyner, Cham, dec. Mowen, Way, 9-4;
   126 -- Rook, BiS, pinned Tucker, JB, 3:57; Rump, Cham, dec. Ross, Nor, 1-0.
   132 -- Duggan, CuV, pinned Boehner, Get, 1:30; Keck, BiS, dec. Meals, Car, 2-1.
   138 -- Wolfe, CuV, dec. Strouse, Nor, 4-0; Wickard, BiS, pinned Cuka, Way, 3:14.
   145 -- Shannon, Car, pinned Skelly, Mech, 2:17; Warner, BiS, dec. Belga, CuV, 5-3.
   152 -- Warner, CuV, pinned Locke, Nor, 0:17; Hammond, Cham, dec. Kocsis, Get, 5-0.
   160 -- Ramsey, Mech, pinned Timko, Ship, 0:41; Reed, Nor, dec. O'Farrell, 4-3.
   170 -- Krulock, Mech, tech. fall Cook, CuV, 4:53 (21-4); Seibert, BiS, pinned Williams, Ship, 5:10.
   182 -- Koser, Nor, pinned Demby, WP, 0:56; Hockensmith, BiS tech. fall Rigney, CuV, 4:00 (19-4).
   195 -- Rayhart, BiS, dec. Herb, Ship, 6-4; King, Cham, maj. decision Hoare, CuV, 11-2.
   220 -- Chestnut, Mech, dec. Paterno, Way, 4-3; Stanford, CuV, dec. Stitt, Ship, 4-2 SV.
   285 -- Hess, Ship, pinned DiPietro, CuV, 1:03; Reed, JB, pinned Kiger, Cham, 2:59.
First-Round Consolations
   106 -- Paisley, BiS, pinned Vital, WP, 0:22; Neff, Way, pinned Woods, Ship, 0:57.
   113 -- Faruque, CuV, dec. Fauver, BiS, 7-2; Hoover, Mech, dec. Evans, Ship, 11-5.
   120 -- Wilt, Get, dec. Taylor, Nor, 4-3, 3 OT; Lee, JB, dec. Green, Mech, 10-3.
   126 -- Layman, Way, dec. Martinez, Mech, 4-0; Smith, Get, pinned Watson, Ship, 2:01.
   132 -- Law, Cham, maj. decision Robinson, JB, 12-0; Wertz, Way, dec. Hall, WP, 8-6.
   138 -- Stouch, Get, dec. Skelly, Mech, 5-2; Coldsmith, Ship, pinned Ostott, WP, 0:29.
   145 -- Harris, Ship, won by injury default over Hughes, Cham; Fox, JB, dec. Snell, Nor, 8-6 SV.
   152 -- Glunt, JB, maj. decision Kuhn, Car, 14-1; Lay, BiS, dec. Marsicano, Mech, 8-6, SV.
   160 -- Rudy, CuV, tech. fall King, Car, 3:27 (16-0); Hair, BiS, maj. decision Smith, Way, 15-2.
   170 -- Sharrah, Get, maj. decision Tardosky, Cham, 9-1; McCullough, Car, dec. Boose, WP, 11-4.
   182 -- Manders, Ship, pinned Stitt, Car, 0:22; Hardman, Get, dec. Williams, Cham, 3-2.
   195 -- Starliper, GA, had bye; Shelley, WP, dec. Six, Get, 3-2, 3 OT.
   220 -- Hansley, Cham, dec. Alvarado, Get, 12-5; Alic, Car, pinned Rider, WP, 2:25.
   285 -- Wasson, Mech, pinned Perez, Get, 0:59; Paynter, Car, pinned Rife, BiS, 2:41.
Second-Round Consolations
   106 -- Runshaw, Cham, dec. Paisley, BiS, 4-1; Tochterman, Mech, dec. Neff, Way, 7-2.
   113 -- Myers, WP, maj. dec. Faruque, CuV, 12-2; Faith, JB, dec. Hoover, Mech, 9-4.
   120 -- Mowen, Way, pinned Wilt, Get, 2:17; Donnelly, Car, pinned Lee, JB, 2:22.
   126 -- Ross, Nor, pinned Layman, Way, 2:30; Tucker, JB, pinned Smith, Get, 2:29.
   132 -- Meals, Car, maj. decision Law, Cham, 9-0; Boehner, Get, maj. decision Wertz, Way, 11-1.
   138 -- Cuka, Way, dec. Stouch, Get, 5-2; Strouse, Nor, maj. decision Coldsmith, Ship, 9-1.
   145 -- Belga, CuV, dec. Harris, Ship, 14-7; Skelly, Mech, tech. fall Fox, JB, 2:29 (16-1).
   152 -- Kocsis, Get, dec. Glunt, JB, 11-6; Lay, BiS, pinned Locke, 4:04.
   160 -- Rudy, CuV, dec. O'Farrell, Cham, 8-7; Hair, BiS, dec. Timko, Ship, 6-4 SV.
   170 -- Williams, Ship, dec. Sharrah, Get, 6-3; Cook, CuV, pinned McCullough, Car, 1:53.
   182 -- Rigney, CuV, maj. decision Manders, Ship, 15-2; Hardman, Get, tech. fall Demby, WP, 4:53 (18-3).
   195 -- Hoare, CuV, maj. decision Starliper, GA, 11-2; Herb, Ship, pinned Shelley, WP, 2:22.
   220 -- Hansley, Cham, dec. Stitt, Ship, 2-0 SV; Alic, Car, dec. Paterno, Way, 5-2.
   285 -- Kiger, Cham, dec. Wasson, Mech, 11-7; DiPietro, CuV, pinned Paynter, Car, 1:51.
Third-Place Matches
   106 -- Runshaw, Cham, dec. Tochterman, Mech, 8-2; 113 -- Faith, JB, dec. Myers, WP, 3-2; 120 -- Donnelly, Car, dec. Mowen, Way, 3-2; 126 -- Ross, Nor, maj. decision Tucker, JB, 12-2; 132 -- Meals, Car, maj. decision Boehner, Get, 10-2; 138 -- Strouse, Nor, won by injury default over Cuka, Way, 3:36; 145 -- Belga, CuV, dec. Skelly, Mech, 8-4; 152 -- Kocsis, Get, dec. Lay, BiS, 7-2; 160 -- Rudy, CuV, dec. Hair, 5-3 UTB; 170 -- Williams, Ship, dec. Cook, CuV, 9-3; 182 -- Rigney, CuV, pinned Hardman, Get, 1:51; 195 -- Herb, Ship, dec. Hoare, CuV, 5-2; 220 -- Alic, Car, maj. decision Hansley, Cham, 9-1; 285 -- DiPietro, CuV, dec. Kiger, Cham, 5-4 3 OT.
Championship Finals
   106 -- Binkley, GA, dec. Hillard, CuV, 8-2; 113 -- Shoap, Cham, maj. decision Carbaugh, 14-0; 120 -- Kyner, Cham, maj. decision Allwein, WP, 9-0; 126 -- Rook, BiS, maj. decision Rump, Cham, 8-0; 132 -- Duggan, CuV, maj. decision Keck, BiS, 15-5; 138 -- Wickard, BiS, dec. Wolfe, CuV, 7-1; 145 -- Shannon, Car, pinned Warner, BiS, 1:04; 152 -- Warner, CuV, dec. Hammond, Cham, 7-6; 160 -- Ramsey, Mech, pinned Reed, Nor, 1:11; 170 -- Krulock, Mech, won by injury default over Seibert, BiS, 0:00; 182 -- Hockensmith, BiS, dec. Koser, Nor, 3-2; 195 -- Rayhart, BiS, dec. King, Cham, 1-0; 220 -- Chestnut, Mech, pinned Stanford, 0:26; 285 -- Hess, Ship, pinned Reed, JB, 1:11.
Team Standings/Key
   1. Cumberland Valley (CuV), 158; 2. Big Spring (BiS), 151; 3. Chambersburg (Cham), 120; 4. Mechanicsburg (Mech), 92.5; 5. Carlisle (Car), 66; 7. Northern York (Nor), 62.5; 8. Shippensburg (Ship), 61; 9. James Buchanan (JB), 42; 10. Greencastle-Antrim (GA), 38; 11. Gettysburg (Get), 36.5; 12. West Perry (WP), 28; 13. Waynesboro (Way), 26.