When the Dover girls' 200 medley relay team started Day 1 of the YAIAA swimming championships with a huge win, the Eagles' time of 1:50.29 drew a groan from the crowd.

Summer Dacheux, Bree Link, Aniella Janosky and Nicole Smith missed setting new pool, YAIAA championship meet and YAIAA records by only .11 seconds.

Swimming records

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But if the fans that packed the Central York natatorium wanted to see records go down, they wouldn't go home disappointed.

The boys and girls went on to set at least one record in five events as a speedy first day had coaches shaking their heads, no one more than Dallastown's Rich Howley, whose teams combined for four of the record-setting swims.

Inspired by Dover's near miss and their own girls medley dropping nearly nine seconds to earn a silver medal, the Wildcats foursome of Noah Brockway, Mason Tate, Trevor Hine and Corey Stauffer set pool, meet and league records in the boys' medley relay with a 1:38.16.

"What a night. The girls medley relay went from a 2:03.47 to 1:54.79, that set the tone for the entire meet," Howley said. "It was one of those meets where you just started feeding off of each other. They deserve it. They worked hard."

"We were like, 'We want to get it,' so we kind of pushed for it," said Tate, who dropped two seconds in the breaststroke portion.

One event later, Hine established meet and league records in the 200 individual medley with his time of 1:55.38.

"It's exciting," Hine said. "I thought I had a shot. My best time was 1:55 from states last year. The confidence when you get the one (record). You are more confident to get another, so it helps. I just think the team did a great job."

The evening ended with Dallastown setting pool, meet and YAIAA records in the girls' and boys' 200 free relay races.

Howley's shocked look when getting hugs from Alyssa Bixler, Julia Casolo, Justina Thornley and Erica Wise said it all.

The four cut nearly four seconds off their seed time with a 1:38.41.

Ashton Hensel, Braxton Erne and Steve Paine teamed with Stauffer to swim a 1:27.08.

Even when not setting records, Dallastown still won every boys event, including the 200 free by Stauffer (1:47.19), 50 free by Hensel (22.08), and 100 butterfly by Spencer Hill (54.82). The Wildcats also finished second in both the boys' 200 medley and free relays.

Wise got a win for Dallastown's girls with her time of 24.84 in the 50 free.

After just missing out on a record in the relay, Janosky made sure she got one in the girls' 100 butterfly, with her time of 58.30 setting a YAIAA meet mark.

The Eagles senior was ready, knowing the fight she would get from York Suburban's Erin Merkle and Jesse North of Red Lion.

"Both girls have good second halves, so I went out strong. The start is the best part of my race. I couldn't sit back my first 50," Janosky said.

Central's Jade Arganbright dropped more than three seconds off her seed time to win the girls' 200 free.

"It felt really good. It was an awesome race for me," Arganbright said. "I am so glad I got to swim my best time in my home pool."

In one of the closest races of the night, Red Lion sophomore Courtney Schaefer (2:07.22) held off West York freshman Taylor Hoover to win the girls' 200 IM by a mere .46.

"She is my motivator," Schaefer said of Hoover, her club teammate since they were small children. "She was right there. Going in I was really focused. I wanted it more than anything."

Before the meet started, South Western's Bill Sterner was acknowledged by YAIAA swimming officials for his 45-year coaching career, 40 with the Mustangs.

The only swim coach in South Western history is retiring at the end of the season. He got to see an unusual finish by Mustang brothers Dan and Joe Maxwell, who finished tied for 12th in the 200 free with times of 1:57.89.
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   Friday's results from Day 1 of the YAIAA swimming championships at Central York :
   200 medley relay -- 1. Dover (Summer Dacheux, Bree Link, Aniella Janosky, Nicole Smith), 1:50.29; 2. Dallastown; 3. Central York; 4. Red Lion; 5. Spring Grove; 6. York Suburban; 7. Spring Grove; 8. Central York.    200 free -- 1. Jade Arganbright, Central York, 1:55.81; 2. Jesse North, Red Lion; 3. Rachel Spaulding, Dover; 4. Nicole Smith, Dover; 5. Justina Thornley, Dallastown; 6. Abby Kling, Spring Grove; 7. Zowie Day, York Suburban; 8. Morgan Staub, Dover.
   200 IM -- 1. Courtney Schaefer, Red Lion, 2:07.22; 2. Taylor Hoover, West York; 3. Anna Hess, Dallastown; 4. Haley Vaughn, Central York; 5. Link, Dover; 6. Mackenzie Sopko, Central York; 7. Julia Randolph, Dallastown; 8. Alison Sell, South Western.
   50 free -- 1. Erica Wise, Dallastown, 24.84; 2. Carson Gross, York Suburban; 3. Renae Luckenbaugh, Northeastern; 4. Katelyn Miller, Spring Grove; 5. Alexis Cable, Spring Grove; 6. Amira Washington-Myers, Red Lion; 7. Gracie Heinbaugh, Northeastern; 8. Mia Becker, Dover.
   100 fly -- 1. Aniella Janosky, Dover, 58.30, MR; 2. Erin Merkle, York Suburban; 3. North, Red Lion; 4. Regan Chalk, New Oxford; 5. Mikaelie Gonzalez, Dallastown; 6. Julia Casolo, Dallastown; 7. Emma Hoffnagle, Spring Grove; 8. Vaughn, Central York.
   200 free relay -- 1. Dallastown (Alyssa Bixler, Julia Casolo, Justina Thornley, Erica Wise), 1:38.41, PR, MR, LR; 2. York Suburban; 3. Dover; 4. Central York; 5. Northeastern; 6. Spring Grove; 7. Dallastown; 8. York Suburban.
   200 medley relay -- 1. Dallastown (Noah Brockway, Mason Tate, Trevor Hine, Corey Stauffer), 1:38.16, PR, MR, LR; 2. Dallastown; 3. South Western; 4. Central York; 5. York Suburban; 6. Spring Grove; 7. Red Lion; 8. Central York.
   200 free -- 1. Corey Stauffer, Dallastown, 1:47.19; 2. Steven Paine, Dallastown; 3. D.J. Boyer, Dallastown; 4. David Foery, West York; 5. Tyler Good, South Western; 6. Kyle Posenau, York Suburban; 7. James Seymour, Central York; 8. Nolan Kling, Spring Grove.
   200 IM -- 1. Trevor Hine, Dallastown, 1:55.38, PR, MR, LR; 2. Tate, Dallastown; 3. Dylan North, Red Lion; 4. Jordan Grim, South Western; 5. Sreshtha Sing, Dallastown; 6. Jesse Tate, Central York; 7. Jacob Jenkins, Spring Grove; 8. Taylor Myers, Spring Grove.
   50 free -- 1. Ashton Hensel, Dallastown, 22.08; 2. Erik Peckmann, Central York; 3. Braxton Erne, Dallastown; 4. Keith O'Conor, Dallastown; 5. Issac Smith, Spring Grove; 6. Matt Attig, Dallastown; 7. Kieran Koehler, South Western; 8. Nathan Mart, South Western.
   100 fly -- 1. Spencer Hill, Dallastown, 54.82; 2. Brockway, Dallastown; 3. J. Tate, Central York; 4. Callum Brandt, Red Lion; 5. Adrien Levejac, Dallastown; 6. Will Massey, York Suburban; 7. Taylor Myers, Spring Grove; 8. Jake Lovelace, Dallastown.
   200 free relay -- 1. Dallastown (Ashton Hensel, Braxton Erne, Steve Paine, Corey Stauffer), 1:27.08, PR, MR, LR; 2. Dallastown; 3. South Western; 4. Spring Grove; 5. Central York; 6. Susquehannock; 7. Northeastern; 8. Central York.