Kyle Vance lines up his putt at Turtle Creek Golf Course. Rick Kauffman/Times Herald Staff
Kyle Vance lines up his putt at Turtle Creek Golf Course. Rick Kauffman/Times Herald Staff (Rick Kauffman)

LIMERICK — Friendly competition between siblings rarely runs this deep, but in terms of the Vance family, if the competition was anything other but the gentleman's game of golf, the dinner table would not be so pleasant. However, between Brandon and younger brother Kyle Vance, no other pair matches their pedigree on the golf course.

Just a week after Brandon, a senior at Methacton High School, won his second consecutive PAC-10 individual title, Kyle, a freshman, decidedly showed up his older brother by winning the District One title with a score of four-under after two rounds.

And just as the sibling rivalry helped Methacton claim the PAC-10 team title, the brothers Vance led the Warriors to their first ever District Championship in golf.

Does either feel slighted by the other's success? Never. It's all just fun and games.

"We want to shoot better than each other,' Brandon said. "It's definitely a competition whether we play together or individually.'

"We're always trying to beat each other's scores,' Kyle said.

The bragging went to new highs on Monday night after a squall had cut the first round short. Instead, Day Two would begin at 9 a.m. and give players time to finish the final six-or-so holes, give them a lunch break and then continue onto Round Two at Turtle Creek Golf Course in Limerick.

To both their benefit, Brandon had birdied a hole before the round had ended, and Kyle, who had just recovered from a bad break, was given the opportunity to regroup and finish out strong.


After the first round, Kyle was sitting an even par while Brandon was close behind at three-over.

"The course held up really nicely,' Brandon said. "Last night we were talking about who was going to beat who for the best score.'

Like gentlemen renewed, the Vance boys came out firing on all cylinders. By the par-5 13th, Kyle was already three-under on the round and was aiming for more as he gazed at his approach shot to the green and spun the club in his hands. Sitting on the green in two, his eagle putt seemed to just peek in the hole. The easy birdie got him to four-under.

Yet, even with a comfortable lead, the younger Vance didn't slow his role. Instead, he was as aggressive as ever, using his driver, going for the pin.

"I was thinking about team play,' Kyle said. "I wanted to shoot even lower to balance out the scoring.'

And while in his mind he was wondering how his brother was playing (mom and dad were sharing the details), Kyle had the pressure of playing in the same group as Jalen Griffin, Suburban One's self-taught top player from Wissahickon who will attend the University of San Francisco on a golf scholarship next fall.

"Playing with Jalen made it pretty intense,' Kyle said. "The first tee I was pretty much shaking. I hit a drive into the bunker and had to get out of that, but after the first hole I was fine.'

The friendly competition did nothing but catapult the Warriors into the state bracket, an honor both Kyle and Brandon received individually but also to share with the five seniors on the team.

"They definitely feed off of each other in the team contest,' said Warrior coach Kevin Flanagan. "I think their level of competition at home certainly helps them on the course.'

With the win, Kyle, Brandon, Mike Foley, Corey Betham, Dan Rieger and Zach Feaster will go on to compete as a team in the PIAA Team Championships on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York, Pa. The brothers Vance will compete in the East Individual Region Championship on Oct. 15 at Golden Oaks Golf Club in Fleetwood.