Due to some injuries among other reasons, Upper Bucks Christian Academy only had 10 players Tuesday. Fortunately its opponent Calvary Baptist opted to only play with 10 players as well, though it was hard to tell as Calvary jumped all over Upper Bucks coming out with a 10-0 ACCAC win.

The goals didn't mount up right away for the Warriors as they took a 3-0 lead into halftime. The first two goal scorers were Brad Nobilini and Nick Boneczek who aside from their scoring set an aggressive offensive tone with Boneczek firing shots from everywhere and Nobilini using his big frame to ward off undersized Upper Bucks defenders.

"Those guys are both guys who [provide] a spark for me, I like to play them off the bench,' Calvary coach Justin Harbin said. "I always like to see the effort and they always give me 110 percent.'

Not only did Upper Bucks only have 10 players, six of them were freshmen. As the second half rolled on and fatigue and inexperience began to mount, the second half onslaught began.

"[The other teams] are faster, they're bigger, [and] we can't kick as far yet. They just need to get another year or two under their belt. I think in two year we'll be a really competitive team,' Upper Bucks coach John Zwart said.

Even though Calvary was also playing with 10 players, it had the luxury of substituting and a constant rotation of fresh legs on the pitch kept the shooting gallery open for the Warriors as they scored four goals in five minutes with the final goal coming with 1:40 left in the game.


"It definitely is a factor, almost all my starters were on the bench,' Harbin said. "And even just conditioning, we've had a pretty busy schedule, we haven't had many practices so you lose a little conditioning.'

Wil Rentz scored the 10th goal for Calvary and was also the 10th goal scorer.

"They tried to set each other up. Our goalie scored for the first time so we were pretty excited about that because this is probably the last game he's going to be able to come out in the field and play.'