TOWAMENCIN — The North Penn field hockey team was on the brink of a breakthrough. The only thing that stopped them from scoring a goal against Souderton in the first half on Tuesday was the buzzer sounding the break. A few scoring chances went by the waste-side. However they were not going to let that happen in the second half.

Looking for their first goal in three games the Maidens made it happen in the early minutes of the second half. The goal by Casey O'Donnell opened up the flood gates, snapping a five-game losing streak with a 3-0 win over the Indians. The Maidens are now 5-6 overall and 3-5 in the Suburban One Continental Conference.

"We were not working well as a team during the slump,' O'Donnell said. "Now we are getting the passes through and making sure we are open for each other. We really went hard toward the goal tonight.'

Defenders and junior goalie Shelby Landes could only clear so many shots by O'Donnell and the Maidens. The Indians struggled to connect whenever they got close to the circle and it resulted in their eighth straight loss and their fifth consecutive game being shutout. Big Red's record now sits at 1-9 overall and 0-8 in the conference.

"When your 1-9 you have to respond well to being down,' Indians coach Lauren Whiteside said. "We keep fighting, but we have to get on top.'


After O'Donnell slammed in the first goal off a Landes leg save, it was only five minutes later and she was at it again. The second goal of the evening came off a corner attempt where the ball was worked around to Shannon Talbot who found O'Donnell waiting on the far post of the cage.

"Once we got that first goal you could see the momentum shift,' Maidens coach Shannon McCracken said. "We had a lot of nice corners and did a nice job on the attack end. The last week we have really been working on being more aggressive.'

A level of frustrations is buried in the psyche of the Indians, but it has not stopped their intensity, nor their desire to improve every day. Big Red came charging down the field after each goal, all the way until the final buzzer sounded. However Maidens' goalie Chessa Kownurko kicked the chances away.

"We had a great practice yesterday,' Whiteside said. "We are working on trusting each other and knowing where each other are. We did that today, but unfortunately we cannot seem to finish on offense.'

The win over the Indians give the Maidens a chance to put the rough two weeks behind them and build on the Tuesday night's triumph. While the original goal of winning a conference title is an uphill battle, it will not stop the Maidens from mounting a second-half surge.

"We know we have to work hard in the second part of the season,' O'Donnell said. "I think we realize we can be a good team, we are a good team. We know what we are made of.'

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