Christopher Dock's goalie Eliza Wilkens didn't make a single save during Wednesday's game against Jenkintown — but she didn't need to.

The Drakes didn't take a single shot on goal for the first half of the game and still hadn't taken a single shot when Wilkens left the game, with about 12 minutes remaining in the second half.

Jenkintown's Becca Kolenkiewicz scored the Drakes' only goal of the game with 5:15 remaining, preventing a shutout.

The Pioneers, now 5-0 in the Bicentennial League, defeated Jenkintown 6-1.

Junior forward Mattasyn Shisler accounted for three of those goals, but don't ask her for the details.

"I just recovered from a concussion,' she said. "I've been sitting out for the last two weeks — I'm still a little fuzzy.'

Shisler was tackled during a game of flag football in gym class that kept her out for two weeks and three games.

"I was a little rusty out there, but it feels good to play. I like helping my team win,' she said.

Rusty might be a bit of an understatement for the forward who earned Christopher Dock half of its points. After Shisler put Dock on the board with the first goal of the game, Jill Bolton scored on a corner 10 minutes later.

Shisler scored again for the Pioneers with 6:48 remaining in the half, to give Christopher Dock a comfortable 3-0 lead heading into halftime.

Senior captain Karalyn Schmidt said the girls emphasized the need for communication during a first half time out and again at halftime.


"We need to talk to each other more and see each other on the field,' she said. "We encourage each other to play together and work together. If we want to play as a team, we have to look for each other.'

Schmidt, a first-time captain, said she is still learning how to be a leader instead of just a player.

"It's different than previous years, but I'm enjoying the role,' she said. "I'm learning a little more each game about how to be a leader, how to communicate with the girls on and off the field. Once we talked about on-field communication, we played better.'

The second half was more of the same for the Pioneers, who applied consistent pressure on Jenkintown's goalie. Nearly the entire game was played in the Drakes' territory and the goalie's circle.

"I think we get excited, we get hungry to score,' Schmidt said. "It turns on like a switch and we get aggressive in the circle. We do everything we can to score and encourage each other to stay excited.'

The aggression works for the Pioneers, who scored three more times in the second half. The first was Shisler again, with 22 minutes remaining. Four minutes later, the Pioneers had scored again, this time by Ali Balmer.

In another four minutes, the Pioneers managed to score again, this time by junior forward Brooke Rotelle, Christopher Dock's final goal of the game, with an assist from Ali Balmer.

"It's great to be 5-0 in league play,' Christopher Dock coach Michelle Waldspurger said. "This was a big win for us. Our offense is playing well, and we've got a strong midfield. Our midfielders Jeni Swartley and Emme Raieta do a great job supporting our forwards.'

Waldspurger echoed Schmidt's comment on a slow start.

"We were just a little slow at times,' Waldspurger said. "We like to keep it fast and attack.'

The Pioneers are hoping to keep up that fast pace for the rest of the season.

"I'll tell you right now, these girls are on a mission,' Waldspurger said. "They want to win the league.'

Schmidt said the team is feeling optimistic about their chances of taking home the league title this year.

"We lost some good seniors last year, but we've got a really great team,' she said. "We have a good strong team, and I think we're a lot better this year. We've got great team chemistry and great potential.'

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