Souderton 111, Central Bucks West 117: Souderton took home a SOL Continental win in a lightning-shorted match against CB West. Souderton's Lenny Welch tied for the best score of the day shooting a 20, while Josh Williams shot a 22 and Jerry Meekins, Clay Andres and Dan Heilmann all hit 23s.

Souderton (111): Lenny Welch 20, Josh Williams 22, Jerry Meekins 23 ,Clay Anders 23, Dan Heilemann 23, Alejandro Velez 24, Quinn Guzman 24, Dawson Anders 25.

Cenral Bucks West: Michalya Siemion 20, Tyler Sokolis 22, Reid Moncada 25, Steve Natto 25, Miles Williams 25, Andrew Coleman 26, Zach Pick 26, Jeff Strasburg 27