Head coach: Donna Laskosky, 14th season.Last year's record: 5-4 PAC-10, 7-4 overall.Players to watch: Sarah Bouffard, Sr., singles; Ashley Levengood, Sr., doubles; Amanda Loar, Sr., singles; Sam Usavage, Sr., singles; Caitlyn Young, Sr., singles/doubles; Madison Mitchell, Jr., doubles; Kailey Troxel. Jr., doubles; Kendall Bowden, So., doubles; Sarah Erb, So., doubles; Molly Kulp, So., doubles.Outlook: "Due to losing all but four in our varsity line-up for another straight year, we've got a challenging season ahead for us,' Laskosky said. "We've lost all of our singles players to graduation. We're trying to work out a good doubles mix to keep the competition lively and come up with some surprising wins again this season.'

Daniel Boone

Head coach: Garry Lucas, 2nd season.Last year's record: 1-7 overall.Players to watch: Haley Camacho, Sr., doubles; Kim Chernesky, Sr., doubles; Ashley Greenway, Sr., doubles; Summer Schonely, Sr., doubles.Outlook: First-year players Kelsey Cubero and Kristin Coatney enter the singles lineup at Nos. 1 and 3 respectively. Returning players Jamie Menarde is at No. 2 and Lauren Haag is at No. 4. Caitlin Shelhamer and Kira Miller will bolster the line-up. "We are lucky to have five freshman out for the team,' Lucas said.

Hill School


Head coach: John Coit, 1st season.Last year's record: 3-3 Mid-Atlantic Prep League, 5-9 overall.Players to watch: Mackenzie Leclair, Sr., singles/doubles; Courtney Mauk, Sr., singles/doubles; Margaret Smith, Sr., singles/doubles; Ariana Kathuria, Jr., singles/doubles; Laura Ojanguren Mira, Jr., singles/doubles; Carissa Kathuria, So., singles/doublesOutlook: Coit takes over for Kerriann Herdelin, who stepped down after three season. "The Hill girls tennis team is coming off a solid .500 league campaign,' Coit said, "and looks to improve upon its overall record this season, having only lost one player from last year's top six.'


Head coach: Cathy Miller, 5th season.Last year's record: 9-0 PAC-10, 13-2 overall.Players to watch: Lauren Simeone, Sr., singles; Helen Zhou, Sr., doubles; Mihaela Codreanu, So., singles; Paige MacDougall, So., singles; Jordyn King, Fr., singles.Outlook: Singles will be the Warriors' strong suit again, with Codreanu the defending PAC singles champion and Simeone a league titlist the previous two seasons. "We should be in contention for the league championship once again this season,' Miller said. "Solidifying the doubles will go along way to reaching that goal.'

Owen J. Roberts

Head coach: Jerry Styer, 15th season.Last year's record: 4-5 PAC-10.Players to watch: Kayla Maurer, Sr., doubles; Cecelia Segona, Sr., doubles; Laura Bauernschmidt, Jr., singles; Jensen Caughey, Jr., doubles; Avery Har, So., doubles; Annaliese Long, So., doubles; Lauren Lotka, So., doubles; Sara Maute, So., doubles; Erika Shimer, So., doubles; Camryn Gelting, Fr., singles; Meredith Lee, Fr., singles.Outlook: The Wildcats won four of their first five matches, including their league opener with Pope John Paul II. They also topped West Chester East for the first time in program history. "Things are starting to come together,' Styler noted. "It's a big help to us, having the freshmen at the first two singles spots.'

Perkiomen School

Head coach: Sean Francis, 3rd season.

Last year's record: 4-2 Tri-County League, 8-4 overall.Players to watch: Yonglin (Winnie) Wang, Jr., singles. Outlook: "We lost the girls who played first singles for us the previous two seasons, but we should be able to fill (those) shoes with Winnie Wang, our rising star,' Francis said. "The rest of the team should be filled out nicely by a returning group of four players who will be playing together for the third year in a row.'

Perkiomen Valley

Head coach: Jennifer Dixon, 11th season.Last year's record: 7-2 PAC-10, 9-2 overall.Players to watch: Maddie Conte, Sr., doubles; Meghan Fulop, Sr., doubles; Macey Tanseco, Sr., doubles; Emily Wendel, Sr., singles; Isabel Dove, Jr., singles; Emma Britton, So., doubles; Allison Newman, Fr., singles.Outlook: Dixon and new assistant coach Steve Garvin welcomed 24 players for the new season. Five players have moved up to the varsity ranks from the junior varsity. "We're still in challenge (matches), which means the varsity still has the opportunity for the doubles to change. But our singles girls are set up for the season.'


Head coach: John Zittel, 13th season.Last year's record: 6-3 PAC-10, 9-4 overall. Players to watch: Lexi Crovetti, Sr., singles; Robin Burgess, Jr., singles; Kira Landis, Jr., singles.Outlook: Crovetti is back playing first singles for the Phantoms. She had experience in that slot her sophomore year when Julie McNabb was injured, then switched to second singles last year when McNabb returned. "We're still having doubles challenges,' Zittel said. "We'll be competitive, gaining experience for the girls new to varsity.'

Pope John Paul II

Head coach: Rob Moran, 1st season.Last year's record: 2-7 PAC-10, 3-7 overall.Players to watch: Shannon Hawke, Sr., doubles; Mae Maclintal, Sr., singles; Megan Miles, Sr., doubles; Jackie Pyne Sr., doubles; Kat D'Angelo, Jr., doubles; Kelly Miles, Jr., singles; Danielle Nasuti, Jr., doubles; Taylor Lukens, So., singles; Alise Deveney, So., doubles. Outlook: Moran takes over the girls' program from Karen Leach, who held the post the past three seasons. "As the new coach for the girls' team, I am very excited to work with such a great group of student-athletes,' he said. "With some hard work, practice and leadership from our veteran players, we are poised to surprise a lot of teams this year.'


Head coach: Gus Tellis, 3rd season.Last year's record: 1-8 PAC-10, 2-10 overall.Players to watch: Arizona Brennan, Sr., doubles; Paige Porter, Sr., singles; Hailey Jacobs, Jr., doubles; Chloe Klaus, Jr., doubles; Megan Radomicki, So., singles; Jenna Trythall, So., singles.Outlook: Klaus and Jacobs have been paired at first doubles for the Falcons, with Brennan playing alongside Henrietta Lukacs at second doubles. "We're weak and thin in numbers,' Tellis said. "I wish we had numbers. It would be great if we had girls to work with. It's hard to field a team when you have only 11 players. But we do the best with what we've got. We're growing.'


Head coach: Ira T. Watts, 5th season.Last year's record: 0-9 PAC-10, 0-10 overall.Players to watch: Erica Piechota, So., singles.

Outlook: "We lost six of our nine-member team,' Watts said. "With the exception of three returning players, everyone is new to tennis. And two of the returning players from last year are only in their second year. We will have fun while we are learning to play this game.'


Head coach: Todd Reagan, 10th season.Last year's record: 8-1 PAC-10, 10-1 overall.Players to watch: Rachel Harrison, Sr., doubles; Tomomi Mitsuzuka, Sr., doubles; Claire Parker, Sr., singles; Natassja Boham, Jr., singles; Ellie Graziadei, Jr., doubles; Natalie Wright, Jr., singles.Outlook: "So many great players return to the PAC-10 this year that singles will be very exciting,' Reagan said. "Doubles matches might be where many dual matches are won or lost. Our doubles pairings have been working very hard together, so we are hoping they will have a great season. The whole team has been working hard.'

Upper Perkiomen

Head coach: John Williamson, 5th season.Last year's record: 3-6 PAC-10, 6-7 overall.Players to watch: Jamie Dennis, Sr., doubles; Eleanor King, Sr., singles; Sarah Kramer, Sr., singles; Meagan Quinn, Sr., doubles; Mandie Tyrpak, Sr., singles.Outlook: "The team has worked hard during preseason practices, and is continuing to improve,' Warren said. "We graduated a large senior class last year, so depth is an issue. We are hopeful that some of our younger players can step up and play bigger roles this year.'

Compiled by Jeff Stover

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