OJR’s Ben Huzzard (23) and Boyertown’s Barry Kabinoff (8) square off on a header. (Photo by Tom Kelly III)
OJR's Ben Huzzard (23) and Boyertown's Barry Kabinoff (8) square off on a header. (Photo by Tom Kelly III)

BOYERTOWN- Every now and then during Tuesday night's Pioneer Athletic Conference boys soccer contest at Boyertown, there didn't seem to be much going on in terms of a scoring threat.

Then the Bears would suddenly start a fast break toward the Owen J. Roberts goal, followed by a quick and accurate pass and a shot that produced another Boyertown goal. That happened four times during the course of the match - pretty much evenly spaced out and with only slight variations - as Boyertown continued its hot streak with a 4-0 Liberty Division win at Memorial Stadium.

Tyler Comport scored twice in the second half after goals by Dan Bechtel and Barry Kabinoff during the opening 40 minutes. Zach Serbin and James Emery combined for 10 saves for OJR (3-3-1, 5-3-2).

Boyertown’s # 16 Danny Bechtel gets a hug from # 2 Wes Fox after scoring the first goal....Photo/Tom Kelly III
Boyertown's # 16 Danny Bechtel gets a hug from # 2 Wes Fox after scoring the first goal....Photo/Tom Kelly III

Boyertown dominated the opening 15 minutes with Kabinoff finding Bechtel on a break down the left flank in the ninth minute to open the scoring.

"I thought we came out like gangbusters in the first 15 minutes,' Boyertown head coach Scott Didyoung said. "I thought we could have had four goals. I thought we passed nicely in spurts and maintained possession.'

The Wildcats held their own the rest of the half, but the Bears still managed to increase their lead on another quick strike in the 27th minute when Tyler Snyder booted a long free kick from nearly midfield and Kabinoff raced ahead of the defense and directed it home.

"They'd score and we'd start to establish something and then, boom,' Owen J. Roberts head coach Eric Wentzel said. "Every chance they got, it seemed they got it in our net.'


That happened again shortly after the halftime break when the Wildcats came out playing hard and put several shots on Bears keeper Tim Lawlor (5 saves) in the first few minutes. But the hosts regained possession, passed it down the field, and scored again in the blink of an eye when Noah Kean connected with Comport on a fast break down the right flank for a score in the fourth minute.

Those two teamed up again with eight minutes to go when Kean pushed a pass down the middle to Comport for the final goal of the night.

"There were times when we sat back and played defensively,' said Didyoung. "We're going to work on getting ourselves into tip-top soccer shape. I want a dynamic soccer team. We have a lot of depth. Everybody got a lot of minutes tonight.'

And whether or not the Bears were thinking about offense the whole time, the four spurts of energy were more than enough for the win.

"We've been building on that and working on that,' Didyoung added. "On interval training in practice. Hopefully that gets us to where we want to be.'

The Bears wound up with a 16-5 advantage in shots, with much of that coming during the first quarter of the match.

"The first 10 minutes, we were shocked and afraid, and intimidated,' Wentzel said. "Before the game we talked about playing with confidence. We're a very young and inexperienced team and we didn't do it for whatever reason. They're a great team, but we're better than we played tonight. We've beaten some good non-league teams.'