Fairfield High sophomore Isaiah Logue won't have to leave his bedroom to practice golf this winter.

His parents, Walter and Marcie Logue, decided to build an 8-by-4-foot putting "green" in their son's room. The project required a trip to Lowe's and four or five hours of work.

"That," Logue said, "was my dad sitting on the living room floor with a saw and power tools and making a big racket and spreading sawdust."

The green is a wood surface covered in all-purpose patio carpeting. Boards can be adjusted to change the slope and direction of slope of the surface. The hole feeds into a ball return.

Expect Logue, the All-Area Golfer of the Year, to use the green plenty. His coach, John Ridge, said the sophomore was the hardest working athlete he has ever coached.

Ridge, named the All-Area Golf Coach of the Year, spent 14 years as a varsity baseball coach, helped start the varsity football program at Fairfield and has also coached varsity basketball.

"When you look at a kid like Isaiah, you see he is dedicated," Ridge said. "He just loves the game. You can't put into words the commitment he puts into the game. You can't ask for a better kid to coach when he can put in 200 percent more than you're able."

Stories of Logue, who is home schooled, having already played a round of golf before Ridge arrives for practice at 3:30 p.m. come easily. Ridge can also recall how Logue would stay after high school practice ended at 6 p.m. to hit range balls underneath a setting sun.

The hours upon hours of extra work helped Logue tie for 16th at the PIAA Golf Championships this year. Opposing coaches were impressed with his drives, Ridge said, going as far to say he can hit the ball farther than any competitor in Pennsylvania. Logue routinely outdrove his foursomes during the two-day state tournament at Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York.

His short game, however, hurt him, leading to his parents' idea of putting a putting green in his room to practice upon.

Isaiah Logue finished 16th at the PIAA meet.
Isaiah Logue finished 16th at the PIAA meet. (THE EVENING SUN -- SHANE DUNLAP )

"I had a tough day of putting at states (the second day)," Logue said. "My dad said my putting needs to improve at the 6-footer."

When not practicing his putting this winter, Logue plans to watch golf tournaments on TV with his father. Logue's favorite golfer is Bubba Watson, similar to Logue in that he drives long off the tee and has worn camouflage on the golf course. Logue wore camouflage at states underneath his Fairfield polo shirt.

Logue developed his mental approach after his mother, Marcie, stressed doing so after he shot a 79 at South Hills Golf Club on Sept. 12 in his fifth tournament of the year. He began taking more time to think through his shots.

"At that point, my mindset changed," Logue said. "I was able to start posting lower numbers consistently."

His average score in the first four tournaments of the high school season: 77. His average score over the next three regular-season tournaments: 70.7.

Logue then shot a 69 and 72 in the YAIAA Team and Individual Championships, a 141 over the two-day district tournament and a 75 at the PIAA Southeast Regional tournament. His 75 tied him for fifth after the first day of the state tournament, but he shot a 9-over-par 80 on the second day because of some poor putting.

He said he would take a 3- or 4-day break following the tournament, but his work ethic overruled that. He practiced his chipping and putting two days later at Mountain View Golf Course in Fairfield.

"I kind of wanted to go out and play," Logue said. "I can't stay off that course for more than 12 hours."

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