Kellen Williams
Kellen Williams
The question for Chambersburg's Kellen Williams has finally been answered: The star receiver officially committed to Kutztown University to play football.

Joining him will be kicker Kane Snider, who earned an honorable mention on the All-State team this season.

"Having these kids going to school and continuing with football is so good for our program," Trojan coach Mark Saunders said. "It's showing who we are, and we're going to continue to try to make small steps to become relevant in our conference again."

Williams has had an incredible amount of success on the football field over the course of both his junior and senior years. He was the Trojans' leading receiver with 425 yards as a junior and 753 as a senior.

He led Chambersburg with 14 receiving touchdowns this year and scored 74 points as the team's second-leading scorer.

Williams' ability as a receiver is the main reason why he selected Kutztown.

"Some of the other quarterbacks I talked to said they had never thrown the ball 60 times in a game, but that's a daily thing at Kutztown," Williams said.

Williams was also getting looks from Bloomsburg, Seton Hill, Richmond and Towson, according to Saunders. But he wanted to play immediately, and Kutztown is going to give him that chance.

"It just seemed like that was where the best opportunity was," Williams said. "They said I could probably come in as a freshman, and I want to play at the next level, not just be at the game.



Currently, Williams is focusing on finishing out his basketball career with the Trojans. In the spring, he'll continue with track, and he said he hopes both sports bring him an edge on the field next year.

"Football is a really physical sport," Williams said. "If you can get advantage speed-wise or even agility-wise, you have to take it, and those sports definitely help with that."

Snider, who also plays basketball, will spend his spring in training with a full workout regimen the university sends all its recruits.

Kane Snider
Kane Snider

Snider has been playing football since fifth grade, and after seventh grade, he knew he wanted to continue at the collegiate level.

"There was a moment probably about seventh grade when my coach put a ball on the tee, and it's just been natural since then," Snider said. "Ever since then, I've always wanted to go to college and do that."

Snider was the Trojans' starting kicker in the 2012 season, and he was the third-highest scorer. He kicked 48 successful points after and three field goals for a total of 57 points.

"That just says a lot about him as a young man and a lot about our program this year," Saunders said. "That says one, we were fortunate to score a lot of touchdowns, and two, he was very reliable."

Snider will be in a different position from Williams in that he'll have to compete for a starting job. Kutztown returns Jack Ruggieri, who will be a junior next year. Snider plans to use the offseason after basketball to make sure he's on his A-game come fall.

"I'm just going to try to get more flexible, get my legs strengthened up and things like that," he said. "I'm also going to work on my accuracy, so I can go out to training camp, show my best and hopefully get that starting position."

Accuracy was always one of Snider's biggest strengths, according to Saunders. Not only was he able to hit field goals and extra points, he also had a knack for kickoffs.

"He was very accurate in terms of getting the ball down to the end zone in the kickoffs," Saunders said.

Taking off: Chambersburg Trojan senior Kellen Williams, above, has officially committed to Kutztown University to play wide receiver. Joining him will be
Taking off: Chambersburg Trojan senior Kellen Williams, above, has officially committed to Kutztown University to play wide receiver. Joining him will be teammate Kane Snider, who will be competing for a starting role as a kicker. (Public Opinion file photo)
"He's just going to get better and better when he develops more kicking techniques, too. With the right coaching, I think he's going to be off the charts."

Having the right coaching staff and team around him was Snider's ultimate decider. He was also considering Seton Hill, but after visiting, Snider felt he could make Kutztown home.

"Really, it was just a nice campus and everyone down there is just like a big family," Snider said. "It felt welcoming, and I just feel like I fit in down there."

Snider will have his ceremonial signing at 3 p.m. Wednesday at the CASHS library, while Williams will enjoy his on Friday.


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