Chambersburg finished first among three teams in the Think Pink gymnastics meet, in support of breast cancer awareness, on Tuesday night at Chambersburg auxiliary gym.

For the Trojans, Darranique Burhanan-Barbour was second all-around with 33.2 points, tying for first in the floor (8.7), finishing second in the vault (8.1) and bars (8.1) and tying for fifth in the beam (7.9).

Hanover's Annie Henry was first all-around with 35.9 points.

Also for the Trojans, Alicia Etter was third all-around (31.65) and Rebecca Colbert fifth (31.0). Sammi Lowery tied for first in beam (8.7).

Chambersburg coach Michelle Jones said, "We had a really fun meet tonight. It was a great end to the season and we're excited to compete at districts and states."

Waynesboro's Jada Baker was fourth in bars (7.75) and sixth in beam (7.5).

Think Pink Meet

Chambersburg 130.0

Hanover 123.35

Waynesboro 109.1

Vault - 1.Annie Henry (H), 8.85; 2.Darranique Burhanan-Barbour (C), 8.5; 4.(tie) Sammi Lowery (C), 8.4; 5.Aubrey Hammond (C), 8.35, 6.Alicia Etter (C), 8.3.

Bars - 1.Henry (H), 9.5; 2.Burhanan-Barbour (C), 8.1; 3.Etter (C), 8.05; 4.Jada Baker (W), 7.75; 5.Rebecca Colbert (C), 7.6; 6.Abbi Zeger (C), 7.4.

Beam - 1.Henry (H), 8.85; 2.Lowery (C), 8.6; 5.(tie) Burhanan-Barbour (C) and Zeger (C), 7.9; 6.Baker (W), 7.5.

Floor - 1.(tie) Burhanan-Barbour (C), Lowery (C) and Henry (H), 8.7; 3.Etter (C), 8.1; 4.(tie) Colbert (C) and Desi Stine (W), 8.0; 6.(tie) Shayna Young (W), 7.8.

All-around - 1.


Henry (H), 35.9; 2.Burhanan-Barbour (C), 33.2; 3.Etter (C), 31.65; 5.Colbert (C), 31.0.

Next meet: Friday, at Bedford in the South Central district meet, 6.