HIGHLAND PARK - The Chambersburg boys and girls swimming teams wrapped up the regular season on a high note, beating Cedar Cliff 125-61 and 116-70, respectively, in non-league competition on Thursday.

The victory closed out boys coach Mark Shoap's final regular season. The Trojans (7-4) finished first in the 200 medley relay (1:47.48) and 200 freestyle relay (1:33.98).

"The relays were not as fast as I'd hoped," Shoap said. "I was hoping to see better times for Mid-Penn seeding, but we're still going to be fine."

Chambersburg cleaned up in the 100 backstroke, with freshman Andrew Leeper in first (1:01.84), Christian Dupuis second (1:09.96) and Juan Gramago third (1:17.93).

Seniors Michael Gyurisin, Chandler Johnson and Bryton Zook won individually in their final dual meet.

"It just seemed like they really swam up for this meet," Shoap said. "There was just an excitement in the air. I think they were feeding off that energy."

The girls (8-3) took all three of their relays. Kylee Metz, Hannah Parson, Taylor Parson and Heidi Merkle touched in 2:11.36 to win the 200 medley relay over the Trojans' other foursome of McKenzie Johnson, Rachel Maynard, Erin Miller and Bria Zook (2:18.92).

Abby Stauffer wrapped up her solid sophomore campaign heading into Mid Penn competition with victories in the 50 freestyle (26.03) and 500 freestyle (5:19.14).

Trojan girls coach Donnie Miller said, "I thought we had a pretty successful season. I'm happy with our record. The girls worked hard all year.


Erin Miller had a couple of good swims today and so did Kali Steinour."

Miller said that the team will be sending 10 girls to the Mid Penn Conference meet Feb. 9 at Cumberland Valley High School.

Morgan Winklbaur took first in the one-meter dive (135.35) for the Trojan boys diving team. Alexa Crider placed second for the girls (171.25).

Chambersburg diving coach Ryan Crider said, "As a young team, we really pulled through to end the regular season. Morgan turned in the best score of the year for himself. Alexa turned in her best meet of the year, raising her previous score by 44.25 points. This gives us a nice boost heading into Mid Penn's for next week."


Chambersburg 125, Cedar Cliff 61

200 medley relay - 1.Chbg (Andrew Leeper, Bryton Zook, Chandler Johnson, Michael Gyurisin) 1:47.48; 2.Chbg (Christian Dupuis, Cohen Wildeson, Seth Mykut, Mark Leeper), 1:57.27.

200 freestyle - 1.Johnson (Ch), 1:55.74; 3.Eric Day (Ch), 2:06.78

200 IM - 1.Zook (Ch), 2:05.35; 3.M.Leeper (Ch), 2:24.15

50 freestyle - 1.Gyurisin (Ch), 23.94; 2.Zach Hobbs (Ch), 25.40

One-meter diving - 1.Morgan Winklbaur (Ch),135.35; 2.Tim Shearer (Ch), 132.50.

100 butterfly - 1.Johnson (Ch), 56.64; 3.Wildeson (Ch), 1:00.06

100 freestyle - 1.Gyurisin (Ch), 53.57; 3.A.Leeper (Ch), 54.30

500 freestyle - 1.Mykut (Ch), 5:36.71; 2.Day (Ch), 5:56.64

200 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Zook, A.Leeper, Gyurisin, Johnson) 1:33.98; 3.Chbg (Julian Chance, Juan Gramago, Hobbs, Mykut), 1:43.75.

100 backstroke - 1.A.Leeper (Ch), 1:01.84; 2.Dupuis (Ch), 1:09.96; 3.Gramago (Ch), 1:17.93

100 breaststroke - 1.Zook (Ch), 1:04.00; 2.Wildeson (Ch), 1:13.19

400 freestyle relay - 1.CC (Jordan Wyant, Hoa Phan, Eric Lyden, Parker Beene) 3:45.78; 2.Chbg (Dupuis, Day, M.Leeper, Wildeson) 3:50.10; 3.Chbg (Chance, Greg Shaw, Gramago, Hobbs), 4:25.35.


Chambersburg 116, Cedar Cliff 70

200 medley relay - 1.Chbg (Kylee Metz, Hannah Parson, Taylor Parson, Heidi Merkle), 2:11.36; 2.Chbg (McKenzie Johnson, Rachael Maynard, Erin Miller, Bria Zook), 2:18.92

200 freestyle - 1.Cami Cook (CC), 2:00.79; 2.Lauren Ellis (Ch), 2:02.48

200 IM - 1.Ka.Metz (Ch), 2:27.94; 2.H.Parson (Ch), 2:42.43; 3.Zook (Ch), 2:53.65

50 freestyle - 1.Abby Stauffer (Ch) 26.03

One-meter diving - 1.Amelia Loy (CC), 185.6; 2.Alexa Crider (Ch), 171.25; 3.Gabriella Weigel (CH), 149.25.

100 butterfly - 1.Ellis (Ch), 1:04.24; 3.T.Parson (Ch), 1:15.55

100 freestyle - 1.Cook (CC), 55.45; 2.Ka.Metz (Ch), 59.07

500 freestyle - 1.Stauffer (Ch), 5:19.14; 3.Johnson (Ch), 6:12.99

200 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Ka.Metz, H.Parson, Ellis, Stauffer), 1:45.40; 3.Chbg (Zook, Merkle, Miller, Jenna Happel), 1:53.46

100 backstroke - 1.Ky.Metz (Ch), 1:05.52

100 breaststroke - 1.H.Parson (Ch) 1:21.18; 2.T.Parson (Ch) 1:27.17; 3.Maynard (Ch) 1:29.52

400 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Ellis, Ka.Metz, Ky.Metz, Stauffer), 3:51.70; 3. Chbg (Happel, Kali Steinour, Zook, Johnson) 4:30.30

Next meet: Feb. 9, Mid Penn Conference meet, at Cumberland Valley.