From staff reports

On senior night Thursday, Chambersburg's swim teams helped the upperclassmen add another win to their career totals.

In a non-league meet, the boys topped St. Maria Goretti 107-61, while the girls topped the Gaels in similar fashion, 107-63.

For boys coach Mark Shoap - who announced months ago that this season would be his last - seeing his Trojans enjoy their triumphs together on the deck was refreshing.

"It was a pretty relaxed meet," Shoap said. "But it was also one in which the guys really seemed like they were together today. They were very supportive of one another, and the seniors were really congratulated. The comraderie was very evident today, which was nice."

Seven Trojans won seven of the eight individual races, with five of those victories coming from seniors.

Bryton Zook won in the 50 freestyle (25.94) and 100 breastsroke (1:11.96), while fellow senior and co-captain Chandler Johnson touched first in the 200 freestyle (2:06.39) and 100 butterfly (1:04.76). Michael Gyurisin was the other senior to finish first, winning the 100 freestyle in 59.52.

The Trojans' top relay team of Andrew Leeper, Zook, Gyurisin and Chandler had breathing room in the 200 medley relay, finishing in 2:00.16 to top the Gaels. Chambersburg (5-4) also won the 400 freestyle relay (4:11.28), only losing to Goretti in the 200 free relay.

Cohen Wildeson impressed Shoap as well, winning in the 200 IM (2:31.


35) and 100 breaststroke (1:11.96).

"Wildeson's IM - he really looked nice in that," Shoap said. "His breaststroke went really well, too."

For the girls (6-3), the Trojan upperclassmen backed up their senior day in the water.

"It was a meet where the seniors led by example," said Chambersburg girl's coach Donnie Miller. "Many of them had their season-best times in one or more event. Over four years, they've led by example and been a great benefit to our program."

The Trojans swept all three relays.

In the 200 medley relay, Kylee Metz, Hannah Parson, Lauren Ellis and Karlee Metz turned in a 2:16.42 finish to edge the other Trojan foursome of McKenzie Johnson, Heidi Merkle, Taylor Parson and Jenna Happel (2:30.40).

Hannah Parson - one of Miller's five seniors - also helped the Trojans' first-place 200 freestyle relay (2:01.97), and touched first in the 200 IM (2:55.01) and 100 breaststroke (1:30.11).

Sophomore standout Abby Stauffer clocked first-place finishes in the 200 freestyle (2:13.24) and 100 butterfly (1:09.16).

Even for the seniors who didn't turn in many top finishes in their careers, Miller saw more improvement and solid swims.

"Rachael Maynard and Taylor Parson both had some season-best swims," Miller said. "Logan Law also had a few good swims. Hannah Parson is another senior, and she won her two races today - and that's a tribute to her hard work in the water."

Lauren Ellis and Karlee Metz also won multiple races for Chambersburg - Ellis finished ahead in the 100 freestlye (1:03.38) and 100 backstroke (1:12.62), and Metz won the 50 freestyle (29.58) and 400 freestyle (4:56.59).


Chambersburg 107

St. Maria Goretti 61

200 medley relay - 1.Chamberburg (Andrew Leeper, Bryton Zook, Michael Gyurisin, Chandler Johnson), 2:00.16; 3.Chbg (Christian Dupris, Zach Hobbs, Mark Leeper, Seth Mykut), 2:11.41.

200 freestyle - 1.Johnson (C) 2:06.39; 3.A.Leeper 2:22.04

200 IM - 1.Wildeson (C) 2:31.35; 2.A.Leeper (C) 2:41.55; 3.Dupris 2:44.65

50 freestyle - 1.Zook (C) 25.94.

100 butterfly - 1.Johnson (C) 1:04.76;

100 freestyle - 1.Gyurisin (C) 59:52; 3.Eric Day (C) 1:05.10

500 freestyle - 1.Patrick Jones (SMG) 4:51.36; 2.Dupris (C) 5:10.27; 3.Julian Chance (C) 5:21.65.

200 freestyle relay - 1.Goretti 1:55.04; 2.Chbg (Mykut, Chance, Dupris, Juan Gramago), 1:58.69; 3.Chbg (Day, Greg Shaw, Wildeson, Gyurisin), 2:02.61.

100 backstroke - 1.Wildeson (C) 1:13.87; 2.Chance (C) 1:19.93; 3.Hobbs (C) 1:26.86.

100 breaststroke - 1.Zook (C) 1:11.96; 3.Mykut (C) 1:27.73.

400 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Day, Gramago, A.Leeper, Johnson), 4:11.28.


Chambersburg 107

St. Maria Goretti 63

200 medley relay - 1. Chbg (Kylee Metz, Hannah Parson, Lauren Ellis, Karlee Metz) 2:16.42; 2. Chbg (McKenzie Johnson, Heidi Merkle, Taylor Parson, Jenna Happel) 2:30.40.

200 freestyle - 1.Abby Stauffer (C) 2:13.24; 2.T.Parson (C) 2:43.93.

200 IM - 1.H.Parson (C) 2:47.78; 3. M.Johnson (C) 2:55.01.

50 freestyle - 1.Ka.Metz (C) 29.58.

100 butterfly - 1.Stauffer (C) 1:09.16; 2.Erin Miller (C) 1:27.47

100 freestyle - 1.Ellis (C) 1:03.38; 3.Happel (C) 1:08.54.

400 freestyle - 1.Ka.Metz (C) 4:56.59.

200 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Ky.Metz, H.Parson, Happel, Stouffer) 2:01.97.

100 backstroke - 1.Ellis (C) 1:12.62.

100 breaststroke - 1.H.Parson (C) 1:30.11; 3.T.Parson (C) 1:35.53.

400 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Ka.Metz, Ky.Metz, Ellis, Stouffer) 4:25.62; 3.Chbg (Kali Steinour, Happel, Johnson, Bria Zook) 4:57.75.

Next meet: Tuesday, at home vs. Susquehannock, 4.