The 3-point game is becoming ever-more important to Waynesboro's boys basketball strategy.

No one understood that this week more than the Indians' Connor Fetterhoff.

On Friday night, Fetterhoff hit a career-high 21 points, including six from beyond the arc. He was 6 of 9 from 3-point range, including four in a row to start the game, in a 58-44 victory over Big Spring.

Fetterhoff said, "Well, we kept feeding Tim Ingram the ball. He got a couple points right off the bat, then they started doubling down on him. So he'd kick it right back, and I'd down them."

The 5-foot-11 sophomore is this week's Public Opinion Male Athlete of the Week.

After missing two games at the beginning of the season with an ankle injury, Fetterhoff has come back strong. Since the injury, he has averaged eight points in 11 games.

"I think the biggest thing with Connor is he's getting completely healthy again," Waynesboro coach Tom Hoffman said. "It took him awhile to round back into shape, but he really came into his own, especially on Friday night."

Another big benefit of Fetterhoff's game is his ability to make the clutch shot. After Friday's domination, he followed it by putting up the game-winning shot in a 54-50 victory over Northern on Saturday.

"I don't think about the pressure at all," Fetterhoff said. "Even in football, I'd really rather take the last shot. I don't feel any pressure."

Hoffman said, "If the shot is there, he doesn't hesitate to take it. Moments are not too big for him.


He wants to be the guy that makes it or breaks it. Sometimes you're going to be OK and sometimes you're going to fail, but wanting it is what's important."

Fetterhoff has been playing basketball since he was 4 years old, and although he also plays football for the Indians, basketball has always been his main focus. This year, he is working on making defensive improvements.

"The shot is basically my game," Fetterhoff said. "Now I mainly try to work on other stuff because I've kind of got the shooting down. I want to fix my defense and stuff."

Fetterhoff has been a welcome addition to the Indians' squad this year, which has been going through a rebuilding phase. But Hoffman said he is not surprised by Fetterhoff's success this season.

"Absolutely, he expected this to happen," Hoffman said. "He's got a little size for us that we desperately need because we're not a very big team. He has the ability to be a pretty good offensive player, and he's really started making the commitment to becoming a good defensive player, too. He's helped us play better, and he's started to complete himself as a well-rounded player, not just the shooter."


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Conor Fetterhoff, Waynesboro

Sport: Boys basketball

Position: Forward

Grade: Sophomore

Parents: Ryan and Peggy Fetterhoff

Interests: Fetterhoff also plays football for the Indians, and enjoys fishing and hunting.

Surprising fact: He always says a prayer before every game.

Favorite pro team: Philadelphia Eagles.

Pro athlete most admired: Michael Vick.

Most influential person in athletic career: His dad.

Statistics: This week, Fetterhoff helped Waynesboro to a 2-game winning streak In Friday night's 58-44 victory over Big Spring, Fetterhoff scored a career-high 21 points, including six 3-pointers He followed that with the shot that gave the Indians the ultimate lead in a 54-50 win vs. Northern on Saturday.