Chambersburg’s Bryton Zook swims against Shippensburg on Thursday.
Chambersburg's Bryton Zook swims against Shippensburg on Thursday. (Ryan Blackwell/Public Opinion)
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A Chambersburg victory over Shippensburg in a non-league boys and girls swim meet on Thursday - the boys winning 123-37, the girls 103-67 - came with the excitement of outswimming the local rival Greyhounds and the challenge of swimming against time.

"It's always fun to swim a local team and compete against individuals you've swam against in the past," Chambersburg girls coach Donnie Miller said. "Some (of the swimmers on Shippensburg) were even our neighbors."

"It was one of those meets where you're not necessarily swimming against the strongest competition," said Chambersburg boys coach Mark Shoap. "I tried to motivate the guys to look inward at what they wanted from themselves, and try to use this meet as an opportunity to grow and prepare mentally. They're not going to have that guy right beside them, pushing them, but need the guy inside pushing them."

Both Chambersburg teams continued relay success - the boys sweeping all three relays, the girls winning the 200 medley and 200 freestyle.

For the boys (3-3), Bryton Zook coupled continued success - winning the 100 breaststroke in 1:13.53 - with a victory new to him in the 50 freestyle (25.58).

"Bryton Zook swam a really great 50 free," Shoap said. "He doesn't usually swim (the 50), but he did it today. He's also going to lead off the 200 free relay for us in championship meets, so we want to get him down below 23 seconds, and I think he can do that after seeing him tonight."

Cohen Wildeson cut down his time in the 200 IM, which he won in 2:28.



Chandler Johnson was first in the 100 butterfly and 400 free and Michael Gyurisin took the 200 and 100 free races. Also for the Trojans, Andrew Leeper won the 100 backstroke.

For Shippensburg (0-6), Chris VanDixon and Pablo Delis each had two runner-up finishes, with Delis being touched out by Leeper in the backstroke, 1:12.01 to 1:21.04.

For the Lady Trojans (4-2), Miller was elated with the performance of swimmers he put in positions usually filled by others.

"We mixed it up," Miller said.

Shippensburg’s Rachel Nye swims against Chambersburg on Thursday.
Shippensburg's Rachel Nye swims against Chambersburg on Thursday. (Ryan Blackwell/Public Opinion)
"We didn't have our strongest relays today time-wise, but did have the opportunity to let some other individuals fill those roles and swim fast and Hannah (Parson) was once of those that did really well stepping into that role. Jenna Happel also did a nice job."

Parson helped the Trojans' first-place 200 medley relay team, swimming with Kylee Metz, Abby Stauffer and Karlee Metz for a time of 2:18.07. She also finished second in the 100 backstroke.

Lauren Ellis swam to victory in both the 200 freestyle and 100 butterfly for the Trojans, while Karlee Metz took the 200 IM and 400 free and Stauffer won the 100 free and 100 breaststroke. Kylee Metz also picked up a win in the 100 backstroke.

Rachel Nye helped the team of Maggie Morehouse, Devon Slattery and Morgan Goodhart win sole relay of the day for Shippensburg (3-3), the 400 free, in a time of 4:28.52. Nye also won her 50 freestyle race in 28.44.


Chambersburg 123

Shippensburg 37

200 medley relay - 1.Chbg (Andrew Leeper, Bryton Zook, Chandler Johnson, Mike Gyurisin),1:57.93; 2.Chbg (Christian Dupris, Cohen Wildeson, Mark Leeper, Zach Hobbs), 2:08.42; 3.Ship (Pablo Delis, Chris VanDixon, Alex Wadel, Quinn Slattery), 2:13.87.

200 freestyle - 1.Gyurisin (C), 2:16.05, 2.M.Leeper (C), 2:24.52, 3.Seth Mykut (C), 2:25.20.

200 IM - 1.Wildeson (C), 2:28.84; 2.Delis (S), 2:40.80; 3.Julian Chance (C), 2:51.17.

50 freestyle - 1.Zook (C), 25.58, 2.Hobbs (C), 28.28; 3.

Chambersburg’s Lauren Ellis swims against Shippensburg on Thursday.
Chambersburg's Lauren Ellis swims against Shippensburg on Thursday. (Ryan Blackwell/Public Opinion)
Dupis (C), 28.54.

100 butterfly - 1.Johnson (C), 1:02.79; 2.Wildeson (C), 1:06.81; 3.M.Leeper (C), 1:11.20.

100 freestyle - 1.Gyurisin (C), 1:00.77; 2.Andrew Leeper (C), 1:00.86; 3.Russell Hess (S), 1:10.70.

400 freestyle - 1.Johnson (C), 4:34.66; 2.VanDixon (S), 4:57.60; 3.Mykut (C), 5:03.23.

200 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Zook, A.Leeper, Johnson, Gyurisin), 1:44.47; 2.Ship (Delis, Wadel, Slattery, VanDixon), 1:55.90; 3.Chbg (Eric Day, Greg Shaw, Mykut, Hobbs), 2:09.39.

100 backstroke - 1.A.Leeper (C), 1:12.01; 2.Delis (S), 1:12.04; 3.Dupris (C), 1:15.42.

100 breaststroke - 1.Zook (C), 1:13.53; 2.VanDixon (S), 1:21.18; 3.Day (C), 1:22.57.

400 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Chance, Juan Gramajo, Myhkut, Dupris), 4:30.65.


Chambersburg 103

Shippensburg 67

200 medley relay - 1.Chbg (Kylee Metz, Abby Stauffer, Hannah Parson, Karlee Metz), 2:18.07; 2.Ship (Maggie Morehouse, Devon Slattery, Morgan Goodhart, Rachel Nye), 2:24.18; 3.Chbg (Jenna Happel, Taylor Parson, McKenzie Johnson, Heidi Merkle), 2:29.35.

200 freestyle - 1.Lauren Ellis (C), 2:17.58; 2.Happel (C), 2:30.78; 3.Agusta Gray (S), 2:36.01.

200 IM - 1.Kar.Metz (C), 2:43.67; 2.Goodhart (S), 2:48.27; 3.Slattery (S), 2:56.92.

50 freestyle - 1.Nye (S), 28.44; 2.Ky.Metz (C), 29.66; 3.Katelyn Mooney (S), 33.66.

100 butterfly - 1.Ellis (C), 1:12.87; 2.Goodhart (S), 1:20.24; 3.T.Parson (C), 1:24.46.

100 freestyle - 1.Stauffer (C), 1:01.17; 2.Nye (S), 1:03.05; 3.H.Parson (C), 1:08.49.

400 freestyle - 1.Kar.Metz (C), 4:57.23; 2.Morehouse (S), 5:07.38; 3.Happel (C), 5:23.86.

200 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Stauffer, Ellis, Happel, Kar.Metz), 2:01.29; 2.Ship (Gray, Paige Ezell, Courtney Lawson, Emily Ashberry), 2:12.43; 3.Chbg (Heidi Merkle, T.Parson, Kali Steinour, Bria Zook),2:19.79.

100 backstroke - 1.Ky.Metz (C), 1:12.83; 2.H.Parson (C), 1:18.34; 3.Morehouse (S), 1:18.53.

100 breaststroke - 1.Stauffer (C), 1:19.95; 2.T.Parson (C), 1:37.20; 3.Mooney (S), 1:39.91.

400 freestyle relay - 1.Ship (Morehouse, Slattery, Goodhart, Nye), 4:28.52; 2.Chbg (Ellis, McKenzie Johnson, H.Parson, Ky.Metz), 4:31.12; 3.Chbg (Erin Miller, Logan Law, Zook, Steinour), 5:16.56.

Next meet: Tuesday, at Dickinson College vs. Carlisle, 7.