From staff reports

NEWVILLE - Chambersburg's swim teams ended 2012 on a very high note Thursday at Big Spring's Bulldog Bash Invitational.

The Trojan boys claimed first place among 13 teams with 220 points and the girls scored 218 points to place second. Shippensburg placed fifth in the girls team standings and James Buchanan was eighth for the boys.

With Cumberland Valley next up for Chambersburg after the New Year, the team finishes indicated to boys coach Mark Shoap that the Trojans are hitting their stride.

"It was a great meet," Shoap said. "The kids exceeded my expectations with their outcomes. Going in it looked like Susquehanna (Township) was going to win according to the seeding times, so we went in to do our best. Our guys did a great job."

The boys finished top-five in all three relays, winning the 200 medley relay in 1:47.40 and the 200 freestyle relay in 1:33.91.

Joining seniors Bryton Zook and Chandler Johnson on both first-place relays was freshman Andrew Leeper.

"Andrew stepped up big in his swims - he had a really good meet today," Shoap said. "The medley relay started with a win, and we had some really good swims in that relay, so that gave the rest of our swimmers a boost."

Shoap couldn't say enough about the improvement in time and work ethic of junior Zach Hobbs.

"Hobbs was a big surprise," Shoap said. "He's just a different guy this year. He's very focused, and when he gets up on the block he's just ready.



Zook captured first in the 100 breaststroke in 1:03.36 for Chambersburg and the area's other winner was John Barr of Waynesboro in the 100 freestyle (52.54).

For the Lady Trojans, the second-place finish left some girls wishing they'd swam better.

"This is a tough time of the season with training," Chambersburg girls coach Donnie Miller said. "We're really working hard in the water, but we can't expect to swim our best every time; it's just not that likely. Today was a case where we had some good efforts, a lot of good swims, but we're just at a point in our training where we didn't have the endurance."

Abby Stauffer might be an exception to that.

Once again Stauffer found herself touching before the rest of the field, finishing first in the 200 IM in 2:13.82, and the 100 breastroke in 1:11.18.

Stauffer helped the Trojans match the boys in relays, too, combining with Karlee Metz, Kylee Metz and Lauren Ellis to win the 200 medley relay in 1:56.94, and the 200 freestyle relay in 1:44.58.

Bulldog Bash Invitational


Team Standings

1.Dover 252; 2.Chambersburg 218; 3.Big Spring 191; 4.Susquehanna Twp. 124; 5.Shippensburg 112; 7.Waynesboro 94; 9.James Buchanan 45; 13.Greencastle-Antrim 2.


200 medley relay - 1.Chbg (Kylee Metz, Abby Stauffer, Lauren Ellis, Karlee Metz), 1:56.94; 6.JB (Kayla Snider, Hailee Banks, Kara Jones, Kaitie Heebner), 2:10.50; 12.Ship (Courtney Lawson, Paige Ezell, Katelynne Hummel, Emily Ashberry), 2:18.71.

200 freestyle - 1.Rachel Spaulding (Dov) 2:03.24; 2.Ky.Metz (Chbg), 2:05.89; 3.Rachel Nye (Ship), 2:09.17; 4.Courtenay Leskiank (Way), 2:12.16; 5.Morgan Goodhart (Ship), 2:13.44; 6.Maggie Morehouse (Ship), 2:13.61; 7.Jenna Happel (Chbg), 2:14.21; 9.Hannah Parson (Chbg), 2:17.93.

200 IM - 1.Stauffer (Chbg), 2:13.82; 6.Ezell (Ship), 2:37.74; 7.Snider (JB), 2:43.81; 10.Bria Zook (Chbg), 2:49.35.

50 freestyle - 1.Erica Clancy (ST), 25.15; 3.Claire Koons (Way), 26.22; 5.Kar.Metz (Chbg), 26.49; Gini Jacobs (Way), 26.90.

100 butterfly - 1.Aniella Janosky (Dov), 1:01.60; 2.Ellis (Chbg), 1:04.78; 5.Banks (JB), 1:08.35; 9.McKenzie Johnson (Chbg), 1:14.10.

100 freestyle - 1.Clancy (ST), 55.34; 7.Ellis (Chbg), 58.21; 9.Julia Rodriguez (Way), 58.86.

500 freestyle - 1.Spaulding (Dov), 5:29.37; 2.Kar. Metz (Chbg), 5:35.71; 4.Lesniak (Way), 5:48.89; 6.Nye (Ship), 5:51.71; 8.Goodhart (Ship), 5:55.14; 9.Happel (Chbg), 6:07.41; 10.Johnson (Chbg), 6:12.99.

200 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Kar.Metz, Ky.Metz, Ellis, Stauffer), 1:44.58; 5.Ship (Nye, Devon Slattery, Goodhart, Morehouse), 1:48.91; 8.JB (Snider, Heebner, Heather Sempowski, Jones), 1:56.56.

100 backstroke - 1.Summer Dacheux (Dov), 1:02.61; 3.Rodriguez (Way), 1:04.58; 4.Ky.Metz (Chbg), 1:04.88; 5.Jacobs (Way), 1:05.64; 10.Laci Vickery (Way), 1:09.55.

100 breaststroke - 1.Stauffer (Chbg), 1:11.18; 5.Hannah Piper (Way), 1:17.66; 7.Morgan Brandes (Way), 1:18.85.

400 freestyle relay - 1.Dover (Spaulding, Mia Becker, Nicole Smith, Janosky), 3:49.08; 3.Ship (Morehouse, Slattery, Goodhart, Nye), 4:07.35; 5.Chbg (Happel, Parsons, Heidi Merkle, Johnson), 4:22.13; 8.Ship (Hummel, Lawson, Ezell, Ashberry), 4:30.10.


Team Standings

1.Chambersburg 220; 2.Susquehanna Twp. 205; 3.Big Spring 147; 4.Bishop McDevitt 123; 5.Carlisle 112; 8.James Buchanan 76; 9.Waynesboro 58; 10.Shippensburg 46.


200 medley relay - 1.Chbg (Andrew Leeper, Bryton Zook, Mark Leeper, Chandler Johnson), 1:47.40; 4.JB (Ryan Barnhart, Clay Leab, Clay Murray, Daniel Green), 1:51.56; 10.Ship (Chris VanDixon, Quinn Slattery, Alex Wadel, Russell Hess), 2:03.52.

200 freestyle - 1.Nathan Smith (ST), 1:49.44; 2.Johnson (Chbg) 1:52.63; 6.Slattery (Ship), 2:06.86; 7.VanDixon (Ship), 2:06.97.

200 IM - 1.Davis Cole (N/A), 2:02.80; 3.Zook (Chbg), 2:09.63; 4.Cohen Wildeson (Chbg), 2:18.09; 6.Eric Day (Chbg), 2:27.38.

50 freestyle - 1.Tyler Ozehowski (ST), 23.73; 5.Michael Gyurisin (Chbg), 24.12; 8.A.Leeper (Chbg), 23.40.

100 butterfly - 1.Smith (ST), 53.92; 4.Johnson (Chbg), 57.69; 6.John Barr (Way), 58.81; 7.Barnhart (JB), 59.78.

100 freestyle - 1.Barr (Way), 52.54; 5.Evan Perkowski (Way), 53.46; 7.Gyurisin (Chbg), 54.15; 9.A.Leeper (Chbg), 54.80.

500 freestyle - 1.Ryan Myers (Car), 5:23.09; 3.VanDixon (Ship), 5:33.08; 4.Seth Mykut (Chbg), 5.Slattery (Ship), 5:44.75.

200 freestyle relay - 1.Chbg (Zook, A.Leeper, Gyurisin, Johnson), 1:33.91; 4.JB (Green, Murray, Leab, Barnhart), 1:38.62.

100 backstroke - 1.Ian Lloyd (N/A), 58.35; 4.Barnhart (JB), 1:02.21; 5.James Barr (Way), 1:03.00; 8.M.Leeper (Chbg), 1:06.84; 9.Day (Chbg), 1:07.84.

100 breaststroke - 1.Zook (Chbg), 1:03.36; 2.Perkowski (Way), 1:06.97; 5.Leab (JB), 1:10.55; 9.Wildeson (Chbg), 1:11.53.

400 freestyle relay - 1.Susq. Twp (Smith, Sam Martin, Ozehowski, Rhyce Hammaker), 3:28.17; 5.Chbg (Wildeson, Christian Dupris, Day, M.Leeper), 3:49.28; 10.Chbg (Zach Hobbs, Mykut, Juan Gramajo, Greg Shaw), 4:31.11.

Next meet: Chbg: Thursday, at Cumberland Valley, 4:15 Ship: Thursday, at home vs. Boiling Springs, 4:30 JB: Thursday, at home vs. Northern, 4:30.