Hanover 130.90

Waynesboro 118.90

Thursday, at Hanover

Non-league meet

Hanover used its depth to take a victory over Waynesboro The Nighthawks' Annie Henry won the bars, beam and the all-around For the Maidens (0-2), Jada Baker placed first in the vault (8.9) and floor (9.1) and took second in the all-around (33.2) Waynesboro coach Amy Dennis said, "We were missing two gymnasts from our lineup tonight and we could have used them. We are still struggling. Hopefully, we'll get everybody back soon and get back on track."

Hanover 130.9, Waynesboro 118.9

Vault - 1.Jada Baker (W) 8.9; 2.Renee Eisenberg (H), Tiffany Rohrbaugh (H) 8.7; 3.Annie Henry (H) 8.65.

Bars - 1.Henry (H) 9.6; 2.Baker (W) 7.7; 3.Rohrbaugh (H) 7.3

Beam - 1.Henry (H) 9.2; 2.Brianna Gamero-Cheney (W) 8.4; 3.R.Eisenberg (H) 8.0

Floor - 1.Baker (W) 9.1; 2.Henry (H) 8.75; 3.Lynne Eisenberg (H) 8.25

All-around - 1.Henry (H) 36.2; 2.Baker (W) 33.2; 3.R.Eisenberg (H) 31.7

Next meet: Jan. 7, at home vs. Chambersburg, 7:15.