Abby Stauffer
Abby Stauffer
HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Chambersburg captured first place in each of the 10 events Saturday to sweep to first place in the St. Maria Goretti Invitational.

The Trojans topped Mercersburg Academy (which had its top swimmers at an invitational in Pittsburgh) and the host Gaels.

Abby Stauffer was impressive for Chambersburg, taking first place in each of the five girls events - 100 butterfly, 100 backstroke, 100 backstroke, 100 freestyle and 200 individual medley. Teammate Lauren Ellis took second in three events and third in another. Mercersburg's Maggie Chen was the third top point scorer.

"I thought all the girls swam well, especially Abby and Lauren," Trojan girls coach Donnie Miller said. "And McKenzie Johnson had her best times in all five events today - she is turning in some great times for December."

Karlee and Kylee Metz also picked up top-three finishes for Chambersburg.

Miller said, "It's wonderful to have a meet like this at the beginning of the year. It gives the coaches an idea of where the athlete's strengths are and where they can be versatile during the season."

For the boys, the top three scorers were all from Chambersburg - Bryton Zook, Chandler Johnson and Cohen Wildeson. Zook was first in the 100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke and 200 IM, while Johnson placed first in the 100 butterfly and 100 freestyle.

Trojan boys coach Mark Shoap said, "It was a really exciting meet.


We are ahead of where I thought we'd be this early in the season.

"Chandler Johnson had an especially good meet. He dropped a lot of time in his butterfly and his backstroke was outstanding. Bryton Zook really looked good in the backstroke, breaststroke and IM, and Andrew Leeper, one of our freshman, was really strong."

St. Maria Goretti Invitational

Team Standings

1.Chambersburg; 2.Mercersburg Academy; 3.St. Maria Goretti

Individual Results

Girls 100 butterfly - 1.Abby Stauffer (C) 1:01.

Bryton Zook
Bryton Zook
60; 2.Lauren Ellis (C) 1:05.07; 3.Maggie Chen (M) 1:11.49

Boys 100 butterfly - 1.Chandler Johnson (C) 56.66; 2.Cohen Wildeson (C) 1:00.03; 3.Andrew Leeper (C) 1:00.87

Girls 100 backstroke - 1.Stauffer (C) 1:01.98; 2.Kylee Metz (C) 1:05.13; 3.Ellis (C) 1:05.16

Boys 100 backstroke - 1.Bryton Zook (C) 1:01.57; 2.Johnson (C) 1:01.60; 3.Josh Semler (G) 1:02.21

Girls 100 breaststroke - 1.Stauffer (C) 1:09.61; 2.Chen (M) 1:13.88; 3.Hailey Mohamed (M) 1:20.34

Boys 100 breaststroke - 1.Zook (C) 1:03.90; 2.Ian Keceskes (M) 1:08.40; 3.Wildeson (C) 1:13.81

Girls 100 freestyle - 1.Stauffer (C) 55.57; 2.Ellis (C) 57.93; 3.Karlee Metz (C) 58.17

Boys 100 freestyle - 1.Johnson (C) 50.75; 2.Zook (C) 52.14; 3.Semler (G) 52.90

Girls 200 IM - 1.Stauffer (C) 2:14.47; 2.Ellis (C) 2:26.50; 3.Chen (M) 2:28.09

Boys 200 IM - 1.Zook (C) 2:06.59; 2.Johnson (C) 2:12.10; 3.Keceskes (M) 2:16.74

Girls top point scorers - 1.Stauffer (C); 2.Ellis (C); 3.Chen (M)

Boys top point scorers - 1.Zook (C); 2.Johnson (C); 3.Wildeson (C)

Next meet: Chambersburg: Tuesday, at home vs. CD East, 4.