Marc Furfaro, so., mid., Chambersburg

Statistics: 7 goals, 8 assists

Accomplishments: Mid Penn Commonwealth Division second team pick

Quotes: Trojan coach Guy Furfaro, his father, said, "His favorite thing to do is to find the forwards and hit them with a pass; he did that as well as anybody in the conference. He knows how to get in position to get a shot on goal. He didn't often beat people off the dribble, but he got the right spot and gave others the ball in the right spot, like a point guard in basketball."

Jeffrey McCracken, sr., mid., Shalom Christian

Statistics: 16 goals, 14 assists (63, 51 in career)

Accomplishments: P.O. first team in 2011 MDCC all-star

Quotes: "Jeffrey put together a terrific resumé with his scoring and assists," Flames coach Jeff Garner said. "That leaves him No. 3 in points and No. 2 in assists in school history. He really knows how to deliver the ball for assists and his goals total might be the most we've had from a midfielder. He really sees the field well. He's a terrific header of the ball and has always been great at getting to corner kicks."

Luca Albisetti, sr., mid., Mercersburg Academy

Statistics: 2 goals, 4 assists

Quotes: Mercersburg coach Quentin McDowell said, "Luca has been a four-year player for us - three on the varsity - and he's come a long way. He was one of our captains. He developed into a player who was very good on the ball. He played the middle a lot in our midfield, but he was capable of playing out wide when we needed him.



Notes: Albisetti was one of the big reasons why the Blue Storm went 12-4-1and won the IPSL championship.

Jonathan Gerlach, sr., gk/for., Shippensburg

Statistics: Played goalkeeper for most of the season, but came out to score 3 goals and have 2 assists.

Accomplishments: Mid Penn Colonial Division second team P.O. second team in 2011.

Quotes: Shippensburg coach Warren Jones said, "Jon is just a workhorse. We used him on the field in maybe six games and he made things happen. He's very deceptive; he's left-footed and he surprised some teams."

Notes: Won Tom Stouffer Award from area referee chapter.

Jacob Sempowski, sr., gk, Chambersburg

Statistics: Earned 6 shutouts in goal.

Accomplishments: Mid Penn Commonwealth Division second team choice

Quotes: "Jacob was outstanding this year," Trojan coach Guy Furfaro said, "and his confidence was the difference. He had a good spring and summer and came into the season in charge. We knew he could make some tough saves, so we were able to play the defense a little differently - we could step out further. He was a really good shot stopper."

Jesse Swope. sr., for., McConnellsburg

Statistics: 19 goals, 4 assists (41, 22 in career)

Accomplishments: Sideling Hill League all-star P.O. Honorable Mention in 2011

Quotes: McConnellsburg coach Cory Houck said, "Jesse was definitely the playmaker on the team, and we will be hard-pressed to fill that position next year. He was one of the few players for us who could finish regularly. The main reason why he played so well was because he practiced so hard. That ended up paying off for him during the season."

David Coly, so., for., Mercersburg Academy

Statistics: 19 goals, 4 assists

Accomplishments: Chosen as an all-star in the Mid-Atlantic Prep League

Quotes: "David is already very good and he will be really good down the road," Mercersburg coach Quentin McDowell said. "He could be almost unstoppable. For his age he reads the game very well and he puts himself in good spots. He's always dangerous and he protects the ball well. He scored three goals against Lawrenceville and all three were gorgeous."

Josh Spoonhour, sr., gk, Greencastle-Antrim

Statistics: Earned 7 shutouts this season.

Accomplishments: Mid Penn Colonial Division first team selection P.O. second team pick in 2011

Quotes: Greencastle Scott Gelsinger said, "Josh is probably the best keeper I've had as far as what he does overall - with his saves, his goal kicks and his long punts. He's got good size (6-feet) and and he's very good at getting the best position. He's one of the hardest-working kids on the team, which is a little unusual for a goalkeeper."

Bryce Stouffer, sr., for., Chambersburg

Statistics: 14 goals, 5 assists (16, 5 in career)

Accomplishments: Mid Penn Commonwealth Division first team all-star

Quotes: Chambersburg coach Guy Furfaro said, "He's so smart the way he plays, with a lot of movement off the ball. He scored goals, he had assists and he created chances in so many ways for the rest of the guys. He had a knack for getting to the right spot and he was unselfish. The things he did really benefitted the whole team."

Zach Faulkner, sr., for., Greencastle-Antrim

Statistics: 17 goals, 10 assists (33, 17 in career)

Accomplishments: Mid Penn Colonial Division first team P.O. first team in 2011 P.O. first team in basketball.

Quotes: "Zach is probably the best player I've ever coached in the air," Blue Devil coach Scott Gelsinger said. "He's so good at getting to the ball and flicking it behind him that it's amazing. His timing is just excellent. Those flicks led to a lot of goals. He played up top by himself a lot and was really good at holding the ball until we moved up. He's deceptively fast."

Nathaniel Truett, sr., mid., James Buchanan

Statistics: 11 goals (23 goals, 5 assists in career)

Accomplishments: Mid Penn Colonial Division first team P.O. Honorable Mention in 2011

Quotes: Rockets coach Mark Troupe said, "Nathaniel always had a lot of natural ability, but this year it really came together for him. He finished well when he had his chances. He scored on set pieces I think three times, and they were from distance. He had a ton of ability and that allowed him to shine at striker, center midfield or when we put him outside."