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Schoenberg, a Syracuse University-bound senior catcher and co-captain, leads the Gators in almost every offensive category and is the school president. He was class president in ninth, 10th and 11th grade. Shipley baseball head coach Bryan Bendowski said, "Adam's position of catcher is ideal for us as he has the natural ability to lead. Adam has helped groom our young pitching staff who has had success this year. He is a huge reason for our success to date [the Gators were 10-5 as of April 24].'

Main Line Media News: Have you always played catcher? What sparked your interest in playing this position?

Adam Schoenberg: I haven't always been a catcher. Last year we had a hole at the position and the coaches asked me if I could try catching because I had some prior experience. Ever since then I've been the starting catcher.

Main Line Media News: Can you give an example of how you might settle down a young pitcher whose control is a bit off, or who doesn't have his best stuff that day?

Adam Schoenberg: If one of our pitchers doesn't have his best stuff on a given day, I am never hesitant to take a trip out to the mound. I find that my teammates respond positively to my encouragement because I am a senior captain. Another thing I'll usually do is plan for the next batter. This gives them a little time to settle down and makes them familiar with the pitches they are about to throw.

Main Line Media News: As a catcher, what role do you play in pitch selection during each game? How do you see your on-field leadership role as a catcher and team captain — as more of a vocal leader, or leadership by example?


Adam Schoenberg: During the course of the game I call most of the pitches, but I'm always looking over to Coach Bendowski in case he wants to call in a pitch, which he usually does during big moments or tough matchups. As catcher I always have to be very vocal, I often call out to players in the field for defensive alignment, pick off plays, or bunt coverage. However, my co-captain Jordan Spector and I always try to lead by example, the way we play and act is reflected in our team and that's been very key to our success.

Main Line Media News: After watching an opponent's hitter come to bat a couple of times in a game, you probably have a better idea of how to pitch to him late in the contest. Can you give us an example of how you have made this work in your favor?

Adam Schoenberg: After a hitter has come to the plate a couple of times I can figure out a few of their strengths and weaknesses. During our game against The George School I realized that they had a hard time waiting back on curve balls. So there was one inning that they had their three, four and five hitters coming to the plate. I called curve ball after curve ball after curve ball, and our pitcher struck out the side.

Main Line Media News: Is there a ballplayer that you particularly admire, and try to pattern your game after?

Adam Schoenberg: There are a ton of players that I watch closely and try to model different parts of my game after. Ever since I became a catcher, I have learned a lot from watching Carlos Ruiz behind the dish. He commands the game from behind the plate with his signal calling, blocking, and throwing. I'm always trying to watch him closely with the hope I can replicate him defensively.

Main Line Media News: What mentors/coaches have been particularly helpful in teaching you the catching position? What has been the most important thing you have learned from them?

Adam Schoenberg: All three of my [Shipley] coaches, Paul [Komorowski], Adam [Wojtelwicz] and Bryan {Bendowski], have been very helpful to me. I think what they've really taught me is that I set the tempo of the game for our team. The game starts with the pitcher and myself, so being upbeat and vocal when kids are making plays is important to maintaining an upbeat style of play the whole game.

Main Line Media News: Can you pick up clues to what to throw to a hitter while watching him in pre-game batting practice? Can you give an example of this?

Adam Schoenberg: I rarely get the chance to watch the other teams batting practice but I do pick up little clues when looking at their batting stance. I like to pitch kids with closed stances inside, kids with open stances outside etc. I try to pitch kids where I think they'll have the hardest time reaching the ball.

Main Line Media News: What do you think is the strongest aspect of your game?

Adam Schoenberg: Right now the strongest aspect of my game is my hitting. I'm getting on base and scoring a lot of runs, which has really helped my team offensively.

Main Line Media News: What to you is the biggest key in controlling the other team's running game?

Adam Schoenberg: The main way our team controls the running game is by throwing outside fastballs. That way, if a runner does go, I have the space to move up on the plate and deliver the throw.

Main Line Media News: What part of your game are you working on the most currently?

Adam Schoenberg: The most frustrating part of baseball for me is getting out. So I work really hard at my batting, I try to never strike out and give myself a chance to get on base. It's what I work on most during practices.

Main Line Media News: What colleges are among your current favorites? What do you think you'd like to major in? Is there a career path that particularly interests you?

Adam Schoenberg: I'm deciding between the University of Wisconsin and Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Communication. I have an interest in both communications and business, but as for a future career I'm not quite sure yet.

Main Line Media News: Tell us a little about your pre-game preparation the day of a game.

Adam Schoenberg: The team always goes out way before game time and gets into the batting cages. We hit for a while, we stretch as a team, we throw as a team and then we take infield/outfield. I try not to separate myself from everyone else. I think it's better if we all warm up together.

Main Line Media News: As class president, what accomplishment are you proudest of during your tenure?

Adam Schoenberg: There are more concrete things such as our new cell phone policy and a pending system to credit students for good deeds they've done in the community. But really what I'm most proud of is being a strong figurehead and member of the community. I often have the opportunity to speak in front of the school and always try to have a message that can reach both a kindergarten student and a high school senior. I'm happy that I have had the opportunity to give back to my school as much as I have.

Main Line Media News: Do you participate in any other extracurricular activities at Shipley other than baseball? What sparked your interest in these activities?

Adam Schoenberg: I have served as my class president in ninth, 10th and 11th grade to go along with being the schools president this year and the reason I participate in student government is that I have been at Shipley since kindergarten and want to give back to the school that's given me so much. Along with baseball I play on the school's basketball team. I am a school tour guide because I enjoy meeting perspective students. And I am involved with school service projects.

Adam Schoenberg's favorites

Book: Moneyball.

Author: A.J. Jacobs.

TV show: Mad Men.

Pre-game pump-up song: Anything by Kanye West.

Athlete: Cliff Lee.

Historical figures (past and/or present): "Jackie Robinson, he did so much for the game of baseball and is just such an incredible athlete with an even better story. He's the reason I wear No. 24.'

Team: Philadelphia Phillies.

Place to visit: Disney World.