A number of Main Line high school rowing squads did well at the Manny Flick 4 race April 6. Results are as follows:

Academy of Notre Dame

The Irish found its pot of gold in a first place finish at the 4th Manny Flick. Notre Dame's novice 4X (quad) of Serena Ruggieri (freshman), Maura McDonald (junior), Reilly Bonner (sophomore) and Sarah LaMent (freshman) drew the fastest time of eight boats in two heats, a full seven seconds ahead of their competition. ND's second novice 4X (quad) of Emma Evans, Brenna McStravick (sophomore) , Caroline Beck (freshman) and Maura Maguire (sophomore) finished in fourth-place in their heat.

Freshman Casey Phelan launched her solo racing career drawing a second place finish in the novice single (1x). The JV double (2X) of Olivia Whytosek (freshman) and Emily Brown (sophomore) showed a respectable fifth-place finish.

The JV quad (4x) of Gabby Agnes (junior), Katie Sarmiento (junior), Candace Burke (sophomore) and Abby Breen (sophomore) powered to a second-place behind rival, Conestoga in a fast heat. JV double (2x) of juniors Mickey Viola and Lexi Costa maintained a fifth-place finish.

Varsity quad (4X) Seniors Mary Rose Bethel, MacKenzie Curry, junior Jane Gallagher and senior Rachel Congialdi showed their strength with a fifth- place finish in their heat. Varsity squad (4X) (senior) Maria Biancaniello (captain), (senior) Kelly Mannion, (junior) Jenny Zack and (senior) Mackenzie Bonner (captain) splashed past the competition for a strong second-place finish.


Agnes Irwin

The Girls' Varsity 4+ (Elizabeth McNamee, Elizabeth Miller, Anna Sophie Peters, Caroline Scarlato and coxswain Lydia Whitehead) finished first in their heat, and the Girls' Novice 8+ (Nina Erixxon, Catherine deLacoste-Azizi, Reagan Silvi, Sophia Weintraub, Cici Lozano Torres, Alex Pinsk, Maya Brown-Hunt, Alyssa Negron-Samonte, and coxswain Sophie Gaddes) placed third in their inaugural race on the Schuylkill River.

"I'm especially proud of our novi,' said head coach Tom Corcoran, now in his second year at AIS. "Our newest rowers worked hard over Spring Break and the days leading up to this weekend, and they were clearly ready to compete.'

The day before, at the Steve Neczypor Memorial Regatta, two AIS boats finished second in their events, earning silver medals: the Women's Varsity 4+ (Elizabeth McNamee, Elizabeth Miller, Anna Sophie Peters, Caroline Scarlato and coxswain Lydia Whitehead) and the Women's Varsity 4x (Emma Howard, Lisa Borodyanskaya, Rachel Hansen, Amy Miles). Bronze medals were awarded to the Women's Lightweight Varsity 4+ (Sara Jaskot, Caitie Looby, Vidhi Patel, Taylor Siegal and coxswain Gigi Geary) and the Women's Varsity 2x (Zahra Ortiz, Caroline Mosimann).

Baldwin School

The Bears' Novice Quad of freshmen Sally Chen, Roya Alidjani, Evie Wasson and Maya Bindra finished second behind Springside-Chestnut Hill in a time of 6:52.39. The Freshman 4x of Caroline Kiser, Jasmine Greytok, Olivia Lanchoney, Zara Wenzinger finished fourth in a time of 6:06.68, just two seconds behind third place Springside-Chestnut Hill; Conestoga was first and Ridgewood second.

Baldwin's Junior Varsity 2x of juniors Noa Schork and Sarah Douglas finished third with a time of 6:10.58, just 1.5 seconds behind Springside Chestnut Hill (first) and 0.5 seconds behind second-place Haddon Township (N.J.) Baldwin's JV 4x of sophomores Sam Cook, Danielle Foltz, Vriti Khurana and freshman Jane Bradley finished fifth in a time of 7:08.71, five seconds behind fourth-place Atlantic City.

The Baldwin Lightweight 4+ of seniors Storey Wanglee and Emily O'Brien, juniors Laura Noteware and Lizzie Grubman and sophomore Rachel Sutor finished third with a time of 5:56.66, 4.63 seconds out of second place, behind Mount St. Joseph and Vineland. The Bears' Lightweight 4x of juniors Julia Busby, Sarah Durlofsky and Sarah Elmongy and sophomore Sam Dewey finished fourth, 5.2 seconds out of third-place Sacred Heart with Conestoga and Strath Haven coming in first and second. The Baldwin Varsity 2x of seniors Abby Lemmon and El Pressman finished third in a time of 6:15.67 behind Conestoga and Haddon Township.


The Pioneers came off with 14 top three finishes for the 15 Conestoga Crew Club boats racing in the 4th Manny Flick/Horvat Series Regatta.

The Boys Freshman/Novice crews captured three second-place finishes, starting with the Boys Novice Single (Sam Caplan); followed by the Boys Freshman/Novice Double (Jack Corr and Julius Neubig), and the Boys Freshman Quad (Max Amsterdam, Griffin Hamilton, Michael Gregory and Matt Balch).

Rowing for the JV crews, the Boys JV Single (Andy Backstrom) finished fourth; the Boys JV Double (Chris Ferris and Steven Devlin) fell just short after a strong closing sprint to take second, and the Boys JV Quad, (Maarten Monster, Austin Coney, Tim Kao and Carleton Monster) finished third.

In the Varsity races, the Boys Lightweight Quad (Micky Kling, Max Malarkey, Ryan Hollinger and Hanan Zisling) grabbed a second-place spot, with the Boys Double (Tyler Simpson and Andrey Lanahan), and the Boys Quad (Sean Pepin, Niall Carlson, Jake Novak and Nathan Leibowitz), each finishing third.

The Girls Freshman/Novice Double (Gillian Dowson and Laura Phelan) started the afternoon races off with a third-place finish. The Girls Freshman Quad (Laura Alcorn, Lilianne Brown, Kate Hudson and Sydney Stephens), marked their first appearance in a Flick by capturing first place, kicking off a five race string of wins for the Conestoga girls.

The Girls JV Quad (Madeline Beirne, Carly Robins, Emily Hompe and Angela Sarkisian) was the next girls crew to take first, followed by a sweep of the girls Varsity sculling events. The Girls Lightweight Quad (Amy Connell, Katie Groves, Sophie Bodek and Anna Zibinski) posted an open water victory, as did the Girls Double (Rachael Devlin and Annina Ruggirello). The Varsity Girls Quad (Anne Graf, Caroline Gosnear, Emer Ryle and Megan Hudson), wrapped up the day with the final first-place victory, remaining undefeated for the season.

Episcopal Academy

EA had some fine rowing performances. The Novice Boys eight (stroke William Purtill, Nicholas Horbowy, Nicolas Christianson, Timothy Baker, Charles Jordan, William Hartman, Thomas Woodville, bow Colson Andrews and coxswain Michael Larkin) completed their maiden race with a strong first place in their heat and the fourth best time overall.

The boys JV Four (stroke Griffin Kearney, Mikhail Melnik, Jonathan Grizos, bow Peter Reilly and coxswain Seher Roychowdhury) were third in their race, as were the boys Varsity 8 (stroke Guillaume Furey, James Konopka, Jack Alden, Jonathan Pusey, Francis Kinniry, Intesar Janjua, Michael Lee, bow Alexander Whittle and coxswain Leah Yao).

Impressive performances by the girls included a third place in the Novice 4 (stroke Madison O'Reilly, Elizabeth King, Annin Decker, bow Abigail Chupein and coxswain Zoe Kovacs), and second places for the girls Varsity Quad (stroke Kelly McGowan, Julianne Dones, Amanda Molitor and bow Caroline Purtill) and the girls' Varsity Single, where Natalie Stuart trailed Germantown Academy by less than a half second.


The Rams had some standout performances in the 4th manny Flick. In the Boys JV 4+ (A), Tristan Fogt, Jared Fagan, Chad Coursen, Charlie Akerblom and Noah Smith finished first in their flight (5:05.02) and second overall. In the Boys JV 8+ (A), Mike DePetris, Tyler Nichols, Pearce Flanagan, Tyler Brusilow, Garrett Pelletier, Harry Hughes, Luke Powell, Guilhem Combet and Gavin Berke placed third in the flight (5:31.39) and 12th overall.

In the Boys Ltwt 4+ (A), John Saul, Chase Hoehn, Yohann Rurange, Emrick Rurange and Lily Seward placed fourth in the flight (5:16.50) and 11th overall. In the Boys Varsity 4+ (A), Mats Terwiesch, Sebastiaan Van Wieren, Edvard Foss, Michael Yaron and Marisa Cohen finished first in the flight (5:01.04) and third overall.

In the Girls Novice 4+ (A), Samantha Schommer, Zoe Rivkind, Natalie Soll, Dallas Sternberg and Samantha Sternberg placed fifth in the flight (7:09.66) and ninth overall. In the Girls Freshman 8+ (A), Fleur de Jong, Madeline Cunningham, Lily Hoffman, Amanda Glazer, Tessa Haugh, Anna Daley-Gibson, Grace Yagodich, Courtney Hayden and Julia Manning placed fifth in the flight (6:19.35) and 13th overall.

In the Girls JV 4+ (A), Melissa Grossman, Olivia Goryl, Caroline Carminati, Lauren Castelbaum and Lily Stein)1st placed eighth overall. In the Girls Varsity 4+ (A), Kat O'Neill, Sami Amadio, Sarah Fuchs, Aiste Balciunaite and Lauren Baumholtz finished second in the flight (5:29.69) and third overall.

Malvern Prep

The Friars had a good day racing in the 4th Manny Flick this past Sunday, winning five races and finishing second in two. Winners for Malvern Prep were Freshman Novice 2X (Daniel Heffernan, Sean Ward); JV2X (Xavier Ruffin, Anthony Del Vescovo); Novice 4X (Matthew Casady, Nicholas Conduit, John Kuyat, Kevin Munyan); Varsity 4 (James Sincavage, Christian Frey, John Clark, Jackson Connor); and Varsity 2 (James McManus, Brett Allan).


For the Red Raiders boys, Radnor's Novice 8+ boat placed third in their heat, consisting of Max Fry, Jack Craig, JW O'Riordan, Willem McGee, Will Vaughan, Aiden Donnelly, Matt Kellett, Noah Morris and cox Ryan Moore.

The Freshmen 8+ boat, with Ben Webster, Jack Boudreau, Jack Dwyer, Pranav Gaddameedi, Bobby Subak, Mike Fitzpatrick, Matt Palmer, Milo Wilton and cox Eamonn Rongione placed fourth in a tough flight. The Lightweight 4+ with Henry Leonardi, Benton Duncan, Shreyash Parmar, Oscar Glassman and Will Moore, cox, placed fifth in their flight.

The Lightweight 8+, with Drew Addis, Ryan Borowski, Connor Kerpius, Alex Chain, Kevin Janson, Jack Breen, Stephen Ching, Brandon Lorenz and Zack Pepper, cox, finished third in their flight, also putting up the third best time among all lightweight 8+ boats. Radnor's Dan Hughes and Jake Bragdon raced as a pair in a flight with doubles, and placed third in their heat, but also first as a pair. The Varsity 4+, with Evan Horvath, Chad Beverly, Jack Palmer, Will Aftring and cox Cole Appleman faced a tough group of boats in their race, finishing fourth.

The Radnor girls had another very successful day on the water at the 4th Manny Flick. On their first competitive row of the spring season, the RGCC Novice 8+ (Tessa Kilby (bow), Bonnie Beverly, Lauren Brodsky, Kristen Hamill, Gillian Sullivan, Anna Duffy, Olivia Robinson, Katie Dolan (stroke) and coxswain, Julia Lunger) raced to a decisive win by open water in their heat and recorded the fastest time in the field of 16 boats.

The JV 8+ followed suit and also raced hard to a victory in their heat by a comfortable margin with Karishma Pattni (bow), Katie Merken, Leshya Bracaglia, Morgan Stanley, Hadley Chance, Samantha Talucci, Zoe Landry, Nicole Vitt (stroke) and Skylar Kallick as coxswain. The 2nd Varsity 8+ went head-to-head with rival local boats in Heat 1 and surged to victory by recording the fastest time in the field of 10 boats. The 2V8+ crew was comprised of: Yunyun Gu (bow), Olivia Chase, Colleen DiMarcantonio, Josie Larkin, Sarah Miccolis, Caroline Ressler, Maddie Chapin, Gisella Logioia (stroke) and Cassidy Lorenz (coxswain).

Rounding out the race day, was the Radnor Girls Varsity 8+ represented by Julia Stacey (coxswain), N. Luker (stroke), Annabelle Chardonnet, Griffin Rausher, Kelsey Lally, Maddie Macrone, Susanna Lowy, Jill Hughes, and Rachel Hochberger (bow). The V8+ went up against the top talent in the region and raced hard to a fifth-place finish out of 15 boats, just missing fourth place by .48 seconds in their heat.