YAIAA sends 11 wrestlers to District 3 Class AAA semifinals

Fortunately for him, Tyler Shafer feels a lot better.

The Hanover High junior missed the five weeks leading into the individual postseason because of a broken left hand, and the time off limited how much he could practice. His poor fortune continued when he returned to join a challenging weight class.

No problem.

Shafer is one of three Hanover-area wrestlers in the 138-pound District 3 Class AA Tournament semifinals. The tournament concludes today at Hersheypark Arena with championship bouts starting at 6 p.m.

Three other weights have at least two area wrestlers in the semifinals: 113 pounds, with Dalton Becker (Bermudian Springs) and Nate Newberry (Biglerville); 160, with Tyler Lieberum (Biglerville) and Colton Dull (Bermudian Springs); and 285, with Trevor Stover (Biglerville) and Brett Harris (Fairfield).

The best potential finals match featuring a local wrestler comes at 170, where Brandywine Heights' Peter Renda, ranked No. 1 by PA Power Wrestling, could face Bermudian Springs' Tristan Sponseller, who is second.

Fairfield's Wayne Wivell and Bermudian Springs' Austin Jackson join Shafer in the 138-pound semifinals.


"Locally, I think we have a lot of good kids at this weight," Shafer said. "We have (Biglerville's Jasper) Hankey. We have Austin Jackson. They're really good kids. I think it'll be pretty tough."

Wivell faces Jackson in one semifinal, and Shafer opposes Camp Hill's Alex Gallaher (25-10) in the other. Shafer beat Gallaher last week, 8-5.

Losers of the semifinal matches need at least one win to advance to the PIAA Class AA Southeast Region tournament next weekend at West Lawn.

Shafer beat Hankey 8-4 to advance to the semifinals one week after losing 9-6 in the Section I semifinals. Shafer was better able to counter Hankey's attempts at takedowns but also was in better physical condition.

"In shape-wise, last week was pretty bad," Shafer said. "I didn't have my air yet. This week, I'm really coming back. I'm looking a lot better than I was last week. I think next week could be even better and states would be really good."

Jackson has the benefit of having wrestled against them during the regular season and learning what moves they rely upon.

"It prepares me to counter their moves," he said, "and make my own moves better."

While teammate Ted Marines earned his 100th win in the first round of the district tournament, Jackson, a junior, stands at 95. A lengthy run in the postseason -- similar to his advance to the state tournament last year -- would help him reach that figure.

But he has another goal in mind.

"I'm just looking forward I hope to beating Wayne tomorrow and advancing to the next round," Jackson said. "I'm not too worried about 100 wins. I'm looking for a district title."

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Preliminary Round
   106 -- Hunter Gimbor, BH, major dec. Nicole Small, F, 10-0; Josh Renninger, AC, pinned Christian Rivera, Co, 1:37; Alexander Watson, Han, major dec. Connor Yourkavitch, Wy, 12-0; Chase Drawbaugh, Trin, major dec. Bayley Oberlander, BeS, 17-3;
   113 -- Chad Puglio, ELCO, dec. Ben Clay New 4-2; David Pipa, BMD, major dec. Mark Goldbach, LC, 8-0; Dalton Becker, BeS, pinned Corey Sheibley, Sus, 1:28; Giuliano Graziosi Han major dec. Mason Shuman SV 8-0;
   120 -- John Lobeck, LC, major dec. Taylor Ball, PV, 21-8; Caleb Garland, Han, pinned Lucas Reichard, BH, 3:40; Devon Hoffman, UD, pinned Jeffery Carroll, Col, 2:39; Chase Mueller, BeS, dec. Ryan Kuhn, Big, 4-0;
   126 -- Cody Snyder, UD, pinned Tanner White, SV, 3:17; Daniel Altemus, New, dec. Matt Achey, ELCO, 7-2; Scott Cooper, Big, tech fall Dylan Miller, Ham, (15-0) 5:13; Ted Marines, BeS, dec. Phil Corle, AC, 9-2.
   132 -- Nick Cain, Sus, dec. Quinn Blatt, NL, 6-2; Dan Schmeck, BH, major dec. Jake Ford, BeS, 14-0; Cameron Scalio, F, pinned Kyle Dimovitz, SV,1:44; Angel Canela, Wy, dec. Colby Stroup, New, 12-5;
   138 -- Alex Gallaher, CH, pinned Joey Emborsky, NL, 1:56; Tyler Shafer, Han, pinned Alec Hooper, Col, 2:48; Austin Jackson, BeS, pinned Elijah Zimmerman, SV, 2:16; Tanner Pyles, AC, pinned David Miller, UD, 4:42.
   145 -- Dustin Bowersox, Lt, pinned Lucas Shull, DC, 4:53; Caleb Naylor, Wy, major dec. David Stone, F, 9-1; Che Narvaez, Ham, dec. Chad Meko, Hal, 8-7; Austin Rueppel, ELCO, dec. Dalton Himmelberger, AC, 1-0;
   152 -- Mason Smith, Wy, dec. Josh Sneeringer, DC, 8-3; Marco Navarro, BMD, pinned Colby Geisinger, SV, 4:40; Dustin Grubbs, Big, pinned Kyle Kenny Sus, 3:41; Jared Spahr, BeS, major dec. Adam Mowrer, Col, 13-5;
   160 -- Justin Ulrich, AC, pinned Craig Spitler, NL, 5:37; Colton Dull, BeS, pinned Tom Redd, LC, :30; Quinn Frassetta, CH, pinned Jacob Kadis, DC, :57; Connor Murphy, BoS, dec. Mark Kramer, Ham, 11-4;
   170 -- Ryan Kelliher, NL, dec. Zachory Mann, PV, 11-7; Cody Miller, Ham, pinned Peter Lazzara, Trin, 1:31; Isiah Taltoan, LC, pinned Josh Mann, Sus, 13-2;
   182 -- Eric Showers, Big, pinned Joe Post, DC, 1:53; Derek DiAngelis, NL, pinned Brandon Light, AC, 5:10; Trey Campbell, UD, major dec. Queshawn Jenkins, BMD, 8-0; Josh Vaughn, Lt, dec. Kody Reichert, Kut, 4-1;
   195 -- Jay Bennett, Sus, pinned Kole Orfino, AC, 1:15; Joe Hurda, Big, pinned David Zinn, DC, 2:08; Evan Schnader, LC, pinned Travis Enders, Hal, 2:32; Cody Madtes, Kut, pinned Jonathan Tindall, SV, 3:47
   220 -- Daniel Skehan, LC, dec. Lucas Warning, Kut, 4-2; Jacob Miller, F, pinned Majd Errafi, CH, 1:08; Matt Vines, NL, pinned Ben Krentler, Han, :27; Nate Mentzer, Big, pinned Luke Kamp, Ham, 5:43
   285 -- Ben Wertz, Wy, dec. Anthony Deyo, NL, 2-1; Noah Davis, BoS, pinned Colin Conrad, BH, 2:57; Brett Harris, F, pinned Noah Hakes, BeS, 2:49; Andres Munoz, Col, dec. Zachary MacCleod, Lt, 4-3
   106 -- Coy Campbell, UD,dec. Hunter Gimbor, BH, 4-2; Josh Renninger, AC, pinned Joe Lobeck, LC; Brady Mentzer, Big, dec. Alexander Watson, Han, 6-5; Tyshawn White, BMD, dec. Chase Drawbaugh, Trin, 5-3;
   113 -- Alec Torres, Wy, pinned Chad Puglio, ELCO; Nate Newberry, Big, dec. David Pipa, BMD, 6-1; Dalton Becker, BeS, dec. Matthew Darok, AC, 4-0; Korbin Myers, BoS, pinned Giuliano Graziosi, Han;
   120 -- Grant Bond, BoS, pinned John Lobeck, LC, 3:04; Terrence White, BMD, tech fall Caleb Garland, Han, 21-5; Devon Bentley, Trin, dec. Devon Hoffman, UD, 4-2; Josh Giorgio, SV, major dec. Chase Mueller, BeS, 14-0;
   126 -- Jaquan Gordon, Wy, major dec. Cody Snyder, UD, 11-0; Kyle Shoop BoS, pinned Daniel Altemus, New, :34; Scott Cooper, Big, dec. Caleb Blatt, NL, 5-2; Ryan Diehl, Trin, tech fall Ted Marines, BeS, (16-1) 1:51;
   132 -- Jeffrey Inman, AC, dec. Nick Cain, Sus, 5-0; Andrew Mellott, BoS, pinned Dan Schmeck, BH, 1:30; Chris Kummerer, Ham, dec. Cameron Scalio, F, 6-5; Ian Brown, Han, tech fall Angel Canela, Wy, (15-0) 4:00;
   138 -- Alex Gallaher, CH, dec. Gavin Arredondo, Wy, 4-3; Tyler Shafer, Han, dec. Jasper Hankey, Big, 8-4; Austin Jackson, BeS, pinned Nick Oswald, Ham, 5:38; Wayne Wivell, F, pinned Tanner Pyles, AC, 2:55;
   145 -- Kyle Wanner, PV, pinned Dustin Bowersox, Lt, 3:17; Tyler Kauffman, BoS, pinned Caleb Naylor, Wy, 5:16; Zach Homan, SV, pinned Che Narvaez, Ham 2:40; Briton Shelton, BeS, pinned Austin Rueppel, ELCO, 3:25;
   152 -- Mason Smith, Wy, dec. Evan Daub, NL, 9-8; John Vaughn, BoS, major dec. Marco Navarro, BMD, 15-5; Zach Bankus, ELCO, dec. Dustin Grubbs, Big, 6-3; Robbie Moretz, Hal, tech fall Jared Spahr, BeS, (18-2) 4:09;
   160 -- Justin Ulrich, AC, pinned Cole Swackhamer, BH, 1:40; Colton Dull, BeS, dec. Nick Mort, F, 4-2; Quinn Frassetta, CH, tech fall Chris Eaton, Wy, 20-3 3:36; Tyler Lieberum, Big, pinned Connor Murphy, BoS, 1:26;
   170 -- Tristan Sponseller, BeS, pinned Matt Lentz, DC, :44; Joseph Waack, SV, pinned Ryan Kelliher, NL, 1:07; Cody Miller, Ham, dec. Josh Asper, Big, 4-3; Pete Renda, BH, pinned Isiah Taltoan, LC, 1:54; Matt Lentz, DC, pinned Joe Becker, UD, 3:21;
   182 -- Kyle Taylor, BoS, major dec. Eric Showers, Big, 10-0; Stephen Loiseau, LC, pinned Derek DiAngelis, NL, 1:35; Jacob Slonaker, BeS, dec. Trey Campbell, UD, 8-2; Adam Mackie, BH, pinned Josh Vaughn, Lt, 1:04;
   195 -- Josh Naylor, Wy, dec. Jay Bennett, Sus, 4-3; Brock Linebaugh, BeS, dec. Joe Hurda, Big, 5-2; Austin Bashore, Ham, major dec. Evan Schnader, LC, 13-4; Adam Geiger, Trin, pinned Cody Madtes, Kut, :58;
   220 -- Dante Giorgio, SV, pinned Daniel Skehan, LC, 5:11; Calvin Barrick, BoS, tech fall Jacob Miller, F, 17-1 4:31; Vanyel Leytham-Peterson, Col, major dec. Matt Vines, NL, 9-1; Joey Kaufman, Hal, pinned Nate Mentzer, Big, :41;
   285 -- Ben Wertz, Wy, dec. Trevor Crupi, SV, 3-0; Brent Sterner, Sus, pinned Noah Davis, BoS, 3:38; Brett Harris, F, pinned Nick Reber, Ham, 3:36; Trevor Stover, Big, pinned Andres Munoz, Col, :37;
Consolation Bracket
First Round
   106 -- Chase Drawbaugh, Trin, major dec. Nicole Small, F, 8-0; Alexander Watson, Han, pinned Christian Rivera, Co; Joe Lobeck, LC, pinned Connor YourkaVitch, Wy; Hunter Gimbor, BH, major dec.Bayley Oberlander, BeS, 9-0;
   113 -- Giuliano Graziosi, Han, dec. Ben Clay, New, 5-0; Matthew Darok, AC, dec. Mark Goldbach, LC, 4-0; David Pipa, BMD, pinned Corey Sheibley, Sus; Chad Puglio, ELCO, dec. Mason Shuman, SV, 5-2;
   120 -- Chase Mueller, BeS, major dec. Taylor Ball, PV, 9-1; Devon Hoffman, UD, pinned Lucas Reichard, BH, 1:46; Caleb Garland, Han, dec. Jeffery Carroll, Col, 7-3; John Lobeck, LC, pinned Ryan Kuhn, Big, 4:41;
   126 -- Ted Marines, BeS, dec. Tanner White, SV, 3-2; Caleb Blatt, NL, pinned Matt Achey, ELCO, 2:24; Daniel Altemus, New, pinned Dylan Miller, Ham, 3:31; Cody Snyder, UD, major dec. Phil Corle, AC, 12-3;
   132 -- Angel Canela, Wy, dec. Quinn Blatt, NL, 8-2; Cameron Scalio, F, dec. Jake Ford, BeS, 7-2; Dan Schmeck, BH, tech fall Kyle Dimovitz, SV, 18-1 3:00; Nick Cain, Sus, dec. Colby Stroup, New, 7-0;
   138 -- Tanner Pyles, AC, pinned Joey Emborsky, NL, 1:24; Nick Oswald, Ham, pinned Alec Hooper, Col, :31; Jasper Hankey, Big, pinned Elijah Zimmerman, SV, :58; Gavin Arredondo, Wy, dec. David Miller, UD, 2-1;
   145 -- Austin Rueppel, ELCO, dec. Lucas Shull, DC, 14-8; Che Narvaez, Ham, major dec. David Stone, F, 13-2; Caleb Naylor, Wy, dec. Chad Meko, Hal, 5-3; Dalton Himmelberger, AC, dec. Dustin Bowersox, Lt, 6-3;
   152 -- Jared Spahr, BeS, dec. Josh Sneeringer, DC, 5-2; Dustin Grubbs, Big, pinned Colby Geisinger, SV, 3:43; Kyle Kenny, Sus, major dec. Marco Navarro, BMD, 11-3; Evan Daub, NL, dec. Adam Mowrer, Col, 10-3;
   160 -- Connor Murphy, BoS, pinned Craig Spitler, NL, :25; Tom Redd, LC, pinned Chris Eaton, Wy, 2:24; Nick Mort, F, pinned Jacob Kadis, DC, :23; Cole Swackhamer, BH, dec. Mark Kramer, Ham, 5-2;
   170 -- Isiah Taltoan, LC, tech fall Joe Becker, UD,15-0 3:05; Josh Asper, Big, pinned Zachory Mann, PV, 3:27; Ryan Kelliher, NL, pinned Peter Lazzara, Trin, :47; Josh Mann, Sus, dec. Matt Lentz, DC, 7-6;
   182 -- Josh Vaughn, Lt, tech fall Joe Post, DC, 18-1 3:27; Trey Campbell, UD, major dec. Brandon Light, AC, 13-4; Derek DiAngelis, NL, major dec. Queshawn Jenkins, BMD, 12-1; Eric Showers, Big, dec. Kody Reichert, Kut, 5-2;
   195 -- Cody Madtes, Kut, pinned Kole Orfino, AC, 3:30; David Zinn, DC, pinned Evan Schnader, LC, 3:26; Joe Hurda, Big, tech fall Travis Enders, Hal, 16-1 3:03; Jonathan, Tindall, SV, dec. Jay Bennett, Sus, 4-1;
   220 -- Nate Mentzer, Big, pinned Lucas Warning, Kut, 1:22; Matt Vines, NL, pinned Majd Errafi, CH, 1:10; Jacob Miller, F, pinned Ben Krentler, Han, 2:20; Daniel Skehan, LC, dec. Luke Kamp, Ham, 3-2;
   285 -- Andres Munoz, Col, dec. Anthony Deyo, NL, 4-1; Nick Reber, Ham, dec. Colin Conrad, BH, 3-2; Noah Hakes, BeS, dec. Noah Davis, BoS, 2-1; Trevor Crupi, SV, pinned Zachary MacCleod, Lt, :40;
   1. Boiling Springs (BoS) 78.5, 2. Bermudian Springs (BeS) 73.0, 3. Biglerville (Big) 72.0, 4. Wyomissing (Wy) 46.0, 5. Schuylkill Valley (SV) 39.0, 6. Annville Cleona (AC) 38.0, 7. Fairfield (F) 35.0, 8. Lancaster Catholic (LC) 33.5, 9. Hanover (Han) 32.5, 10. Hamburg (Ham) 32.0 11. Brandywine Heights (BH) 29.5, 11. Trinity (Trin) 29.5, 13. Bishop McDevitt (BMD) 25.5, 14. Upper Dauphin (UD) 25.0, 15. Northern Lebanon (NL) 22.0, 16. Camp Hill (CH) 19.5, 17. Susquenita (Sus) 19.0, 18. Halifax (Hal) 17.5, 19. ELCO 13.0, 20. Columbia (Col) 11.0, 21. Pequea Valley (PV) 9.0, 22. Littlestown (Lt) 8.5, 23. Delone Catholic (DC) 7.0, 23. Kutztown (Kut) 7.0, 25. Newport (New) 5.0