The 14 weight-class champions as determined at Saturday s Lebanon County Wrestling Championship are, front row from left, Matt Darok (Annville-Cleona),
The 14 weight-class champions as determined at Saturday s Lebanon County Wrestling Championship are, front row from left, Matt Darok (Annville-Cleona), Evan Bogdan (Palmyra), Orlando Bellaman (Annville-Cleona), Tanner Pyles (Annville-Cleona) and Ben Martin (Palmyra). Back row are Austin Rueppel (Elco), Lukas Gerdes (Cedar Crest), Ryan Kelliher (Northern Lebanon), Anthony Deyo (Northern Lebanon), Evan Daub (Northern Lebanon), Caleb Blatt (Northern Lebanon), Justin Ulrich (Annville-Cleona) and Jeffrey Inman (Annville-Cleona). Missing from photo is Cedar Crest s Adam Gilson. (LEBANON DAILY NEWS CHARLES GROVE)
A new team champion, a fallen county record and several multi-championship winners. Those were just a few of the treats those who embarked on a Saturday journey to Cedar Crest witnessed in the 2013 Lebanon County Wrestling Championships.

In a season for the ages, Northern Lebanon took the team title with 321 team points, snapping Elco's eight-year winning streak at the tournament, edging Annville-Cleona by 8 ½ points. Champions Caleb Blatt (126), Evan Daub (152), Ryan Kelliher (170) and Anthony Deyo (285) paced the Vikings while seven others also placed in the top three.

"It's nice to win," said Northern Lebanon coach Rusty Wallace. "It's been a while since we won this thing."

Entering the day with a chance at setting the county career pinfall record as well as a chance at a third county championship didn't phase Palmyra's Ben Martin one bit.

Recording five falls in a total of 3:33, the longest taking just one minute, the senior Martin (220 pounds) captured his third county crown in his four years, missing just once in 2011 when he placed second at 215 pounds to Lebanon's Chris Ahnert.

"I always wish for the pin. It's the best way to beat someone," Martin said of the importance of the pin. "It's the most fulfilling. Winning by points is good, but it's not the same as a good ol' fashioned pin.



In the process of recording his five falls, Martin also set the county record for career pinfall victories with 86 now in his career, breaking former Northern Lebanon state champion and current Central Dauphin assistant coach Jim Collins' record of 83.

"I didn't really realize it was going to be a record," said Martin, who also recorded his 100th career victory last week and now sits at 108 wins. "I felt pretty good afterwards. It's a good accomplishment, and I hope I can raise it some more."

Joining the three-time champion Martin as two-time champs are Annville-Cleona sophomore Jeffrey Inman (132), Palmyra sophomore Evan Bogdan (106) and A-C's Tanner Pyles (138) and Deyo (285).

Northern Lebanon's Kelliher had quite possibly the best day of the champions given his circumstances as he nearly didn't wrestle in the tournament due to the passing of his grandfather earlier in the week.

"It felt good to come back after such a tragic accident," Kelliher said of the situation. "It felt good to come back and do what I like to do."

"I was really pumped up, and I felt something extra," continued Kelliher. "You know (that) he's with you."

Kelliher didn't just win Saturday, he won impressively with four first-period pinfall victories totaling 4:36 and a forfeit to go 5-0 at 170 pounds.

Northern Lebanon s Matt Vines works against Annville-Cleona s Austin Meyer prior to earning a pin in their 220-pound bout Saturday at Cedar Crest.
Northern Lebanon s Matt Vines works against Annville-Cleona s Austin Meyer prior to earning a pin in their 220-pound bout Saturday at Cedar Crest. (LEBANON DAILY NEWS CHARLES GROVE)

"All first-period pins, all on the same move; I can't ask for more," Kelliher said grinning from ear to ear. "It's a good boost of confidence to push through to sectionals."

For Kelliher, he was just happy the team could win the championship.

"It's much needed; it hasn't been done in a long time," Kelliher said of the team title. "It's been nine years since it's been ours, so it's real nice."

Other champions on the day were Annville-Cleona's Matt Darok (113), Orlando Bellaman (120) and Justin Ulrich (160); Elco's Austin Rueppel; and Cedar Crest's Adam Gilson and Lukas Gerdes.

"I was very pleased with the way our kids wrestled," said Annville-Cleona head coach Mike Miller. "I thought we had a strong tournament. The worst anybody had was 2-3 (record). They did a nice job, I am happy. Hopefully we are getting it together at the right time this year."

For Wallace and his Vikings, this is the culmination of a very successful 2012-13 campaign as a team.

"We had set some goals at the beginning of the year," said Wallace. "Win the section, win the county tournament. Now we shift gears a little bit ... and our goal is to get as many kids through to districts and see what we can do."


at Cedar Crest

Team Results - 1. Northern Lebanon 321; 2. Annville-Cleona 312.5; 3. Elco 218.5; 4. Palmyra 167; 5. Cedar Crest 162; 6. Lebanon 66.

106 - 1. Evan Bogdan (Palmyra), 5-0; 2. Randy Wintersohl (Elco), 4-1; 3. Josh Renninger (Annville-Cleona), 3-2; 4. Dustin Breidegan (Northern Lebanon), 2-3; 5. Isiah Candelario (Cedar Crest), 1-4..

113 - 1. Matt Darok (AC), 5-0; 2. Chad Puglio (Elco), 4-1; 3. Isaac Young (NL), 3-2.

120 - 1. Orlando Bellaman (AC), 4-1; 2. Matt Achey (Elco), 4-1; 3. Dale Hall (P), 3-2; 4. Kody Kreiser (NL), 3-2; 5. Deborah Baez (L), 0-3.

126 - 1. Caleb Blatt (NL), 5-0; 2. Phil Corle (AC), 4-1; 3. Thomas Miller (P), 3-2; 4. Layne Mulholland (CC), 2-3; 5. Andrew Pasquale (Elco), 1-4; 6. David Del Rio (L), 0-5.

132 - 1. Jeffrey Inman (AC), 5-0; 2. Barry Breidegan (CC), 4-1; 3. Quinn Blatt (NL), 3-2; 4. Kyle Clark (L) 2-3; 5. Nick Smith (Elco) 1-4; 6. Taylor McGarrity (P), 0-5.

138 - 1. Tanner Pyles (AC), 5-0; 2. Joey Emborsky (NL), 4-1; 3. Alex Achey (Elco), 3-2; 4. Damien Mestizo (L), 2-3.

145 - 1. Austin Rueppel (Elco), 5-0; 2. Dalton Himmelberger (AC), 4-1; 3. Holden Zeigler (NL), 3-2; 4. Cole Albrite (P), 2-3; 5. Matthew Klein (L), 1-4; 6. Gerardo Franco (CC), 0-5.

152 - 1. Evan Daub (NL), 5-0; 2. Zach Bankus (Elco), 4-1; 3. Luke Fies (AC), 3-2; 4. Jared Hockley (CC), 2-3.

160 - 1. Justin Ulrich (AC), 5-0; 2. Craig Spitler (NL), 4-1; 3. Jerald Harper (CC), 3-2; 4. Noah Yansinski (P), 2-3; 5. Alex Centeno (Elco), 1-4; 6. Victor Rivera-Rodriguez (L), 0-5.

170 - 1. Ryan Kelliher (NL), 5-0; 2. Pasang Sherpa (CC), 4-1; 3. Adam Kennedy (P), 3-2; 4. Andrew Royer (AC), 2-3; 5. Cody Horst (Elco), 1-4.

182 - 1. Adam Gilson (CC) 5-0; 2. Derek DiAngelis (NL), 4-1; 3. Brandon Light (AC), 3-2; 4. John Gettle (Elco), 2-3.

195 - 1. Lukas Gerdes (CC), 5-0; 2. Kole Orfino (AC), 4-1; 3. Travis Dent (L), 3-2; 4. Tyler Sellers (NL), 2-2; 5. Ryan Bennetch (Elco), 1-4.

220 - 1. Ben Martin (P), 5-0; 2. Chris Kreider (Elco), 4-1; 3. Matt Vines (NL), 3-2; 4. Austin Meyer (AC), 2-3; 5. Anthony Fernandez (CC), 1-4; 6. Mike Calini (L), 0-5.

285 - 1. Anthony Deyo (NL), 5-0; 2. Jamison Barker (P), 3-2; 3. Jose Anazagazty (L), 3-2; 4. Wes Bankus (L), 3-2.