Saturday's 34th South Western Relays swimming meet at Emory H. Markle Intermediate School was supposed to provide a respite from the YAIAA dual-meet campaign for the competing schools.

However, for Dover High's girls and South Western's boys, the Relays were a chance to make a statement.

"One of our strengths this year has been our breaststroke in our dual meets," Dover head coach Rich Janosky said Saturday after his girls captured their first Relays championship since 2011. "So it was interesting that it came down to the end, and the breaststroke pulled it out for us."

Dover's squad of Rachel Spaulding, Mia Becker, Allie Aspey and Bree Link claimed the 200 breaststroke relay in a time of 2:20.63. That completed the comeback as Dallastown placed sixth in the final points-scoring event.

"We had to chip away back and forth," Janosky said of Dover's rally from an early hole. "It was really neat because we've been in four invitationals this year, and we won them all. And we've won all of our dual meets, so we had a goal to do all of them.

"It's the first time we've ever done it."

Meanwhile, Dallastown's boys completed a sweep of the boys' events en route to their Relays championship for the fifth year in a row. Behind them, though, South Western and Central York waged a tight duel for second place.

"I tried to do my Relays this year to see what we could do team-wise," South Western head coach Bill Sterner said about his lineup. "I thought the way we had it set up would give the opportunity to get that second place, and it turned out it did."


But not by much. The Mustangs' two-point edge over Central York came from their second place in the 200 breaststroke relay, and Sterner said. "We can thank York Suburban because they snuck that third place in (ahead of Central York by .12). Otherwise, it would have been a tie. We either needed first or them (Central) to slide to fourth. The way it started, it didn't look good."

Then again, Dallastown, who edged the favored Mustangs in the 200 breaststroke relay, has dominated the Relays annually. In Saturday's edition, the Wildcats won 15 of the meet's 21 events, including the meet-closing coed 400 freestyle relay to win the trophy awarded for that event alone.

In addition, Dallastown produced all three meet records scored on Saturday, and Steven Paine had a hand in all of them.

He joined Noah Brockway, Braxton Erne and Mason Tate in winning the 200 backstroke relay in 1:41.77, breaking the Wildcats' 1993 mark of 1:43.07. Paine combined with Ashton Hensel, D.J. Boyer, Trevor Hine and Keith O'Conor to win the 500 crescendo relay in 4:12.21, eclipsing York Suburban's 2008 record of 4:13.26.

Lastly, Paine, O'Conor, Hine, Corey Stauffer, Alyssa Bixler, Julia Casolo, Justina Thornley and Erica Wise broke Dallastown's own coed 400 freestyle record of 3:15.22 by winning on Saturday in 3:13.43.

"You notice a difference in relays," Dallastown head caoch Rich Howley said. "They swim faster. They swim better. There's more cheering. I wish we had more meets that were relays because it takes an individual sport and really turns it into a team sport."

That point may have stated best by Dover's girls, who may have come up with the day's most significant victory. Among Dover's four wins, the Eagles' Rachel Spaulding, Summer Dacheux, Nicole Smith and Aniella Janosky won the 400 freestyle relay in 3:43.67. It was the school's first Relays win in the girls' 400 freestyle relay in 20 years, a fact which brought a smile to Janosky's face.

"They'll be happy to hear that on the bus. That's neat," he said.; 717-637-3736, extension 144. Twitter: @ChuckCurley.

Saturday's Boys' Results
   Team standings -- 1. Dallastown, 320; 2. South Western, 224; 3. Central York, 222; 4. Spring Grove, 186; 5. York Suburban, 184; 6. (tie) Red Lion and West York, 152; 8. Susquehannock, 144; 9. New Oxford 104; 10. Dover, 80.
   400 medley relay -- 1. Dallastown (Mason Tate, Vincent Defelice, Trevor Hine, Keith O'Conor), 3:46.67; 2. Red Lion; 3. South Western; Grades 9-10 200 medley relay -- 1. Dallastown (Noah Brockway, Defelice, Spencer Hill, Jake Lovelace), 1:47.1; 2. Central York; 3. South Western; 200 free relay -- 1. Dallastown (Ashton Hensel, O'Conor, Steven Paine, Corey Stauffer), 1:30.53; 2. Central York; 3. York Suburban; 400 individual medley relay -- 1. Dallastown (Hill, Hine, Stauffer, Tate), 3:51.69; 2. Red Lion; 3. South Western; 200 back relay -- 1. Dallastown (Brockway, Braedon Erne, Paine, Tate), 1:41.77 (meet record); 2. Central York; 3. York Suburban; 500 crescendo relay -- 1. Dallastown (Hensel, D.J. Boyer, Hine, O'Conor, Paine), 4:12.21 (meet record); 200 fly relay -- 1. Dallastown (Hill, Brockway, Adrien Levejac, Stauffer), 1:42.14; 2. Red Lion; 3. York Suburban; Grades 9-10 200 free relay -- 1. Dallastown (Hill, Brockway, Erne, Lovelack), 1:34.81; 2. Central York; 3. Spring Grove; 400 free relay -- 1. Dallastown (Hine, Boyer, Paine, Stauffer), 3:21.15; 2. South Western; 3. Spring Grove; 200 breast relay -- 1. Dallastown (Hensel, Defelice, Lovelace, Tate), 2:00.37; 2. South Western; 3. York Suburban; Coed 400 free relay -- 1. Dallastown (Alyssa Bixler, Julia Casolo, Justina Thornley, Erica Wise, Hine, O'Conor, Paine, Stauffer), 3:13.43 (meet record).
Saturday's Girls' Results
at South Western
   Team standings -- 1. Dover, 266; 2. Dallastown, 262; 3. York Suburban, 246; 4. Spring Grove, 228; 5. Central York, 200; 6. Red Lion, 164; 7. South Western, 150; 8. Susquehannock, 98; 9. New Oxford, 74; 10. West York, 62.
   400 medley relay -- 1. Dallastown (Alyssa Bixler, Julia Casolo, Lauren Cooksey, Erica Wise), 4:20.43; 2. Dover; 3. Red Lion; Grades 9-10 200 medley relay -- 1. Dallastown (Anna Hess, Cooksey, Mikaelie Gonzalez, Justina Thornley), 2:02.53; 2. York Suburban; 3. Spring Grove; 200 free relay -- 1. York Suburban (Emily Schmittle, Zowie Day, Erin Merkle, Carson Gross), 1:43.36; 2. Dallastown; 3. Spring Grove; 400 individual medley relay -- 1. Dover (Rachel Spaulding, Bree Link, Nicole Smith, Aniella Janosky), 4:23.5; 2. Red Lion; 3. Dallastown; 200 back relay -- 1. Dover (Shea Beierschmitt, Janosky, Smith, Summer Dacheux), 1:56.97; 500 crescendo relay -- 1. York Suburban (L. Schmittle, Day, Merkle, Anna Schmittle, Maddie Devaney), 4:46.93; 2. Red Lion; 3. Dover; 200 fly relay -- 1. Dallastown (Bixler, Casolo, Gonzalez, Hess), 1:52.56; 2. Dover; 3. York Suburban; Grades 9-10 200 free relay -- 1. Dallastown (Rebekah Brown, Gonzalez, Thornley, Wise), 1:47.34; 2. York Suburban; 3. Dover; 400 free relay -- 1. Dover (Spaulding, Dacheux, Smith, Janosky), 3:43.67; 2. Dallastown; 3. York Suburban; 200 breast relay -- 1. Dover (Spaulding, Mia Becker, Allie Aspey, Link), 2:20.63; 2. Spring Grove; 3. South Western; Coed 400 free relay -- 1. Dallastown (Alyssa Bixler, Julia Casolo, Justina Thornley, Erica Wise, Hine, O'Conor, Paine, Stauffer), 3:13.43 (meet record).