Even though Jim Dunagan's two student-athletes went through Dover High School more than 25 years ago, he still goes to Dover sporting events.

He was there again on Wednesday as the Dover boys' junior varsity and varsity basketball teams played Gettysburg.

Gettysburg, a current member of the Mid-Penn league, could be a YAIAA member come the 2014-15 season. The YAIAA will vote Monday on whether to accept the Warriors as the league's newest member.

"I think they should've been here a long time ago," Dunagan said of Gettysburg joining the YAIAA. "It's a good school, they have good teams. I think Gettysburg would be a nice addition to the league and bring a lot more competition to the league."

Gettysburg fans also seemed receptive to the possible move.

"I think the York County league is a competitive league," said Toby Bortner, whose sophomore son is a member of the Warriors basketball team. "I'm just hoping that Gettysburg can end up in a division that's appropriate for our talent level. "

Jaymie Thomas has a son who is a junior on the Warriors hoops team. Her daughter Brianna graduated from Gettysburg last season after a standout basketball career.

"I love the Mid-Penn league, it's very competitive. However, from hearing locals talk about the Blue Mountain League and the hometown rivalries, it's neat to have that kind of local community there to support the kids," Thomas said.


As rumors swirl about what YAIAA division the Warriors might fall into, Dover parents said they'd welcome Gettysburg into what's currently Division II.

"It would add a different flavor to the league, a different competitor," said Ilene Breneman, whose son Derek is a freshman basketball player at Dover. "It brings another Adams County team into the league, which is always good."

Travel is another major point to the possible league switch.

Bortner estimated that the average travel time to a current Mid-Penn Colonial game is between 45 to 60 minutes, so the Warriors are used to long road trips.

"It's an easy travel though," Bortner said of getting to opponents' games in the Mid-Penn Colonial. "I think that's going to be the biggest difference, you're going to battle through York traffic to get to a game at 6."

But the YAIAA already includes 22 teams across two counties, so teams have become accustomed to road trips.

"We go to Kennard-Dale and Fairfield now," Craig Breneman said. "Maybe fan wise, we wouldn't get as many students (to the games)."

Bortner, who also has three young daughters, wasn't sure why it took Gettysburg three attempts to vote to leave the Mid-Penn league.

"I think we were kind of hung on the prestige of the Mid-Penn," Bortner said. "Our enrollment was up. But, now were not as big as we used to be. Our enrollment keeps decreasing. The Mid-Penn was the better league at the time, but I don't know if that's true anymore."

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