There are plenty of familiar names on the undefeated Dover girls' swimming and diving team. Names that have graced the upper echelon of the YAIAA for a couple of years.

However, the Eagles have a secondary group of girls ready to establish themselves, and that -- combined with the experience and leadership of the others -- makes Dover one formidable team.

South Western coach Bill Sterner knew how good the Eagles were before Thursday's YAIAA crossover meet and wasn't surprised by Dover's 128-57 victory vs. his Mustangs.

"Oh no (surprise). They have been good the last two years," Sterner said. "My girls, they are kind of locked into the events they are swimming because it's the best we can go against someone else."

The Mustangs managed a solid afternoon in the boys' meet, taking home a 118-65 win.

As expected, Aniella Janosky (200 and 100 freestyles) and Nicole Smith (200 individual medley, 100 backstroke) won two girls' individual events. Both were also part of the winning 200 and 400 free relay teams.

Rachael Spaulding also was on both free relays, plus nabbed the 100 butterfly and Morgan Stambaugh was in midseason form on the diving board for the Eagles, scoring 238.10 points for the win.

But as has been the case all season, Mia Becker, Morgan Staub and Shea Beierschmitt also played a huge parts in a resounding Dover performance. Becker placed first in the 50 free (26.93) and was second behind the sophomore Staub, who won the 500 free.


Becker was on the 200 free relay and was a part of the Eagles' 200 medley relay -- along with Summer Dacheux, Bree Link and Beierschmitt -- that opened the meet by swimming a 2:01.43.

"What has really helped our program is the competition," Dover coach Rich Janosky said after his team improved to 5-0. "You take a nap, somebody else will be taking your place, and when you want to be on one of those relays that make the YAIAA or district meet, you have to (perform).

"Our second-level swimmers this year have performed much better than the past several years, and that is a real compliment. That old cliché, competition breeds success."

Sophomore Alison Sell earned the lone win for the South Western (2-2) girls with her time of 1:14.97 in the 100 breaststroke.

Led by two individual wins from Jordan Grim (500 free, 100 breast) and Nathan Mart (200 free, 100 fly) the Mustang boys kept pace with Dover's girls.

In fact, after the Kieran Koehler won the 50 free, just ahead of teammate Joe Maxwell, both respective meets had the same score, 42-20.

An early 1-2 finish put South Western in control. Jacob Green won the 200 IM in 2:16.26, finishing a mere .32 in front of fellow Mustang senior Tyler Good, giving the boys a 32-14 lead.

Andrew Nickol's 100 free rounded out the winners for South Western, which improved to 4-0.

"They did a nice job. We are pretty solid 10 guys, and I found events they could compete in," Sterner said. "Tonight I gave a bunch of them an event they don't get to swim during the year. I like to have my kids swim every event during their high school career when possible."

Jake Riddle of Dover (1-4) scored 142.30 points to win the boys' diving competition, only .15 ahead of South Western's Andrew Feeser.

Eagles freshman Casey Marshall went 1:00.01 to win the 100 back and was on the 400 free relay that came in first, teaming with Scott Becker, Hunter Link and Jacob Sterner, who happens to be Bill Sterner's grandson.
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Girls' results
   200 medley relay -- 1. Do (Summer Dacheaux, Bree Link, Shea Beierschmitt, Mia Becker), 2:01.43; 2. SW; 3. Do. 200 free -- 1. Aniella Janosky, Do, 2:02.39; 2. Shea Beierschmitt, Do; 3. Katie Rhone, SW. 200 IM -- 1. Nicole Smith, Do, 2:21.60; 2. Alison Sell, SW; 3. Morgan Staub, Do. 50 free -- 1. Mia Becker, Do, 26.93; 2. Summer Dacheux, Do; 3. Briannah Rohrbaugh, SW. Diving -- 1. Morgan Stambaugh, Do, 238.10; 2. Taylor Bahoric, Do; 3. Gabrielle Heilman, SW. 100 fly -- 1. Rachel Spaulding, Do, 1:03.94; 2. Summer Dacheux, Do; 3. Emma Maas, SW. 100 free -- 1. Aniella Janosky, Do, 55.99; 2. Briannah Rohrbaugh, SW; 3. Bree Link, DO. 500 free -- 1. Morgan Staub, Do, 5:51.69; 2. Mia Becker, Do; 3. Katie Rhone, DW. 200 free relay -- 1. Do (Rachel Spaulding, Mia Becker, Nicole Smith, Aniella Janosky), 1:44.42; 2. SW; 3. Do. 100 back -- 1. Nicole Smith, Do, 1:04.20; 2. Rachel Spaulding, Do; 3. Noelle Robinson, SW. 100 breast -- 1. Alison Sell, SW, 1:14.97; 2. Bree Link, Do; 3. Allie Aspey, Do. 400 free relay -- 1. Do (Rachel Spaulding, Summer Dacheux, Nicole Smith, Aniella Janosky), 3:48.48; 2. Do; 3. SW.
Boys' results
   200 medley relay -- 1. SW (Jordan Grim, Kieran Koehler, Michael Ballou, Dan Maxwell), 1:50.67; 2. Do; 3. SW. 200 free -- 1. Nathan Mart, SW, 1:56.53; 2. Casey Marshall, Do; 3. Sean MacDonald, SW; 200 IM -- 1. Jacob Green, SW, 2:16.26; 2. Tyler Good, SW; 3. Hunter Link, Do.; 50 free -- 1. Kieran Koehler, SW, 24.71; 2. Joe Maxwell, SW; 3. Jacob Sterner, Do.; Diving -- 1. Jake Riddle, Do, 142.30; 2. Andrew Feeser, SW; 3. Maurys Webster, Do.; 100 fly -- 1. Nathan Mart, SW, 1:00.94; 2. Hunter Link, Do; 3. Michael Ballou, SW; 100 free -- 1. Andrew Nickol, SW, 55.96; 2. Dan Maxwell, DW; 3. Jacob Sterner, Do.; 500 free -- 1. Jordan Grim, SW, 5:23.94; Kieran Koehler, SW; 3. Aaron Shy, SW; 200 free relay -- 1. SW (Nathan Mart, Tyler Good, Andrew Nickol, Dan Maxwell), 1:39.60; 2. SW; 3. Do.; 100 back -- 1. Casey Marshall, Do, 1:00.01; 2. Sean MacDonald, SW; 3. Jacob Green, SW; 100 breast -- 1. Jordan Grim, SW, 1:06.04; 2. Curtis Harman, Do; 3. Tyler Good, SW; 400 free relay -- 1. Do (Scott Becker, Hunter Link, Jacob Sterner, Casey Marshall), 3:53.03; 2. SW; 3. SW.