2012 Fall All-Star, Division I Golf, Brandon Greenplate, Dallastown, boys’ golfer of the yearsubmitted
2012 Fall All-Star, Division I Golf, Brandon Greenplate, Dallastown, boys' golfer of the year submitted

A junior and three-time All-Star, Dallastown's Brandon Greenplate was the only golfer in YAIAA Division I play to break 80 in all seven league tournaments. He also led the division with a 76.0 average in league play.

After finishing tied for 15th at the District 3 event, Greenplate closed his season with a tie for 16th place at the PIAA tournament.

Those achievements earned him this year's distinction as Daily Record/Sunday News Division I Boys' Golfer of the Year, as voted on by league coaches.

Greenplate recently took the time to answer a few questions about his season, recent rules changes in golf and what he would do with unlimited funds.

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What was the highlight of the season for you?

Definitely the second round of districts, on the back nine I shot 33 to make (the cut for the PIAA East Regional tournament) on the numbers since I played poorly the first day. I was pretty pleased about that. And then to play at regionals and states was a great feeling.

How would you say your game has improved over the last year?

I play a lot of national tournaments, and I really enjoyed playing for Dallastown and representing the school and the county at all those events. I learned to just hang in there until the end, and that came in handy on the back nine at districts. Mentally, I couldn't lose focus or I wouldn't not have been able to play that well on that back nine.


What are your goals for your senior season?

I would love to again make states and place in the top 5. I'm playing a lot of golf this winter, flying around, going down south to practice, to keep my game sharp. I have high expectations for next year, my senior year, I'd like to go out with a bang.

Have you started to think about college options?

I have. I've searched a few of the more southeast schools, some Division I and Division II schools. Nothing really stands out yet, I'm doing a few visits soon and meeting with some coaches. Probably within the spring I'll have a good idea.

So, golf is something you definitely are looking to continue with at the next level?

Yeah, absolutely.

Will that factor in your major potentially, or are you thinking about studying something else?

I'm planning on studying small-business operations and entrepreneurship. So I'm going to stay a little bit away from golf. I just really enjoy the game and don't really see a future there right now, unless something sparks really good during my college years.

What are your thoughts on the new rule banning the anchoring of clubs (mainly putters) to the body?

I actually really agree with it. I mean, when you have those anchors against your body, it's not really cheating per the rules, but I think it gives people an unfair advantage. The traditional butter is bent over no anchor, I feel like that style gives everyone a fair chance.

You see the (PGA) Tour guys more and more progressing towards the anchored putter, must mean there's something there. There's got to be something easier about it, or else you wouldn't see professional golfers changing their ways.

If you could change one rule in the game of golf, what would it be?

I would probably say, it's a good question, the fact that you can't use a broken putter. It only happened to me once, out of anger. I had to use a driver the rest of the way to putt.

What is your favorite club in your bag? And why?

I have this old school Titleist 909 19-degree 3-hyrbid, I have a VooDoo shaft on it, and every time, I hit that thing long out of the rough. It's such a reliable club, definitely my favorite in the bag and I'm not planning on changing it anytime soon.

What golf ball do you play? Any particular reason?

I play the Titleist ProV1x. Ball feels really good, you can hit it soft and it also goes a long way. Titleist is just an icon.

Which course in York County is your favorite to play? Why?

Probably Country Club of York, it's a great little layout, especially in the fall. I like it because it's always challenging and it brings on new difficulties. It helps me push myself and it's a great walk in the evening.

If you could play golf with any three people, dead or alive, who would your dream foursome be?

Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus.

What does the ideal off day for you include?

Probably hanging out with friends and golfing with some buddies.

I saw from our email exchanges prior, you have an iPhone. What is your favorite app?

I would definitely say, Twitter.

Do you have a favorite follow on Twitter? One particular feed you like more than the others?

Golf Pigeon (@golfpigeon, the profile states: "We're just a website dedicated to feeding the obsession of golf. Obsessed? We are too.")

And Donald trump (@realDonaldTrump). I like how he bashes Obama on there.

If money weren't a problem, you had unlimited funds. what would be the first thing you'd buy?

How about some Titleist 913s.
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