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HERSHEY -- The white and blue of West York was few and far between Friday night at Hersheypark Stadium.

That doesn't mean the Bulldog fanbase didn't turn out. They were there -- screaming and yelling; Riding the highs and the lows of touchdowns and turnovers. Who says you have to wear school colors to show school pride?

It became a color wheel of fandemonium in the 21-10 loss to Bishop McDevitt in the District 3, Class AAA championship game. Both teams were undefeated before Friday's game.

The West York student section was a swath of red, decked out in holiday spirit, with most students wearing Santa hats. One even wore the whole Santa ensemble, beard and all.

Juniors Tori Gohn and Kasey Miner glistened in Christmas lights, powered by batteries in their pockets, wrapped around their holiday sweaters and reindeer pajama pants.

"We are just getting ready for the holidays. We all love Christmas and we all want to get pumped up with our team, show school spirit and just go out and show some Christmas spirit," junior ringleader Brady Lucas said, as he stood in his red, full-body spandex decorated to look like a Santa suit.

Lucas is part of a group of students that helps to pick out themes for every football game, and plan on continuing it into the basketball season.

"I just love going crazy, whatever I can wear that looks cool and allows me to stick out in front of everyone else," Lucas said when asked about his love of spandex.

Other colors could be spotted throughout the stadium, too.

 West York’s Kaelin Hunter gets emotional during the huddle after losing 21-10 to Bishop McDevitt in the District 3 Class AAA championship game
West York's Kaelin Hunter gets emotional during the huddle after losing 21-10 to Bishop McDevitt in the District 3 Class AAA championship game Friday at Hersheypark Stadium. (DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN)

The orange of hunters, pulling out their gear to brave the below 40 degree temperatures, glowed throughout the crowd. And the lime green of Tom Duffy's shirt could easily be spotted in the middle of the stands.

It matched the West York team's lime green socks standing out against the all-white uniforms. The Bulldogs have worn the socks most of the season in honor of Duffy's 2-year-old son, Joey, who needs a bone marrow transplant.

"I thought it was going got be a one week thing and then they were going to be done with it, now they've continued it through the playoffs," Duffy said. "Just knowing there are so many people here and people are asking 'what are the socks for?' And people are telling the story. It's really spreading the awareness of bone marrow donation and what's going on with my son. That was really the goal: was to really spread the awareness and show support. And the community has done that."

Duffy is a West York transplant, who grew up in Maryland and lives in the Central York School District. He didn't start attending West York games until 2007, when he realized head coach Ron Miller was his neighbor.

Now he can't get enough. At halftime, Duffy walked down to stand above the West York locker room entrance as the players returned to the field.

"They support me, so I'm here all the time," Duffy said. "They are going to be in all the papers and going to be on all the news; they are going to be everywhere and to break from their traditional colors and wear these bright lime green socks that just don't go with anything. It's remarkable that they just continue to do."

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