It was the number, 100, that brought an awkward silence over the telephone.

Finally, Biglerville High junior Carlee Brumgard said, "Yeah, that's very doable." She then added, "I guess that puts a lot of pressure on Jenna (Glass) to get me that doubles win."

Specifically, Brumgard, the All-Area Girls' Tennis Player for the third consecutive year, needs 26 victories in singles and doubles in her senior season to accumulate 100 in her stellar career.

In the 2012 season, Brumgard and her doubles partners amassed 28 victories. Along the way, Brumgard produced a Hanover-area best 16 singles wins while also teaming with Glass for 10 in doubles.

Brumgard also took second places in both the YAIAA Class AA singles and doubles championships before she and Glass notched fourth in the District 3 Class AA tournament.

Impressive achievements? Yes, but Brumgard admits the results could have been even better without the presence of York Catholic's Anna Spoden.

The Fighting Irish senior was responsible for all three singles setbacks suffered by Brumgard -- one in the regular season, the YAIAA Class AA Championship final and the seocnd round of the District 3 Class AA tournament.

"There was a lot of pressure on me," Brumgard said, "Last year, everyone was like, 'Next year, Anna's graduating. You can win everything in your senior year.'" I went, 'No, I want to beat her this year.'"


That didn't happen, and Brumgard admitted Spoden's aura was an overpowering one.

"It's difficult knowing how good she is going into it," Brumgard said of the matchups. "I think it's the mental aspect. So many go into matches thinking, 'I'm going to lose.' I don't think you can have that thought."

However, Brumgard worked hard during the last offseason to match up better with her archrival. She noted she received lessons from tennis professionals, principally to improve her serve.

"I went to a pro and he took it step by step and turned my grip," she said. "And this other guy I saw said I was going way too fast in my motion. I was foot-faulting too many times."

That serve became the focus of her season, but she added she tried to add more variety to her game as well.

"On the court, I tried to change things up more than I usually do," Brumgard said, noting she adopted a slice to her repertoire.

"I give a lot of credit to my slice," she said, "People said I used it too much, but I said it got me through my tough matches."

That included her doubles competitions. She and Glass, a sophomore, are poised to return next season in their bid to improve their postseason finishes. In fact, Brumgard hopes to get Glass some of the professional instruction she has received.

"We really didn't know each other before tennis," Brumgard said of Glass. "She's very dedicated as well as I am. She'll run with me after school and do what needs to be done."

Brumgard is hoping that translates into fun in her senior season. Though competitive as ever, she is looking forward to her final campaign in the only sport she competes at Biglerville.

"I'm trying to become more consistent in my play and making a lot more different shots, more different angles," she said, wary of up-and-coming players who will challenge her in 2013.

After all, she was once one of those promising players, one who posted a few upsets of her own as a freshman. In those days, she didn't know the techniques which are pushing her career forward now.

What she does know now is that she loves a game which could lead to a potential collegiate career.

"I last played one week ago and I already miss it," she said.; 717-637-3736, extension 144. Twitter: @ChuckCurley.