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Beau Gantz's wife supports his decision to become the new boys basketball coach of the Chambersburg Trojans.

But there is one thing she could do without.

"I'll wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning, and it wakes her up, too, and I'll say, 'I just had a great idea.' She gets upset, but that's just the life of a coach," Gantz said.

Gantz just can't stop thinking about the season to come.

Since he was hired on May 23, Gantz has tried to get himself up to speed on the Chambersburg program and do what he can to familiarize himself with the players and give them a chance to get to know him.

"It was too late to get into a summer league," Gantz said, "and we couldn't round up enough kids to get into a tournament in Frederick because of vacations and kids playing baseball and football. So we've had to rely on ourselves right now."

Gantz is holding open gym sessions each Tuesday and Thursday at the CASHS Field House from 5 to 6:30 for any boys in high school and junior high who are interested in attending.

"The kids seem very enthusiastic," he said. "I've had a lot of kids calling me to find out what they can do."

Gantz met earlier this week with the booster club and three parents of players, and he was encouraged with what he heard.

When Shawn Shreffler was not rehired for the position, there was a storm of controversy, and one of things talked about was that some of the returning players might not play basketball this season.

"When it came down, everybody heard about some kids who said they wouldn't play," Gantz said.


"I admire that in them. Shawn obviously had a great relationship with the kids and they were hurt by the decision.

"But what I found out from the parents this week is that those kids probably will play."

Gantz has been working on putting together a staff - he has one of the two paid assistant coach positions filled and is close on the second one.

Jay Hall, who played under Gantz at Harrisburg, has been hired for one spot.

"He's excited," Gantz said. "He's been itching to get back into coaching. The other position I'm about ready to fill with somebody from the area."

Gantz also came to town shortly after being hired and met with many of the volunteers who have helped Shreffler through the years.

He said he has been pleased with his reception.

"People I've met have been very kind," Gantz said. "I've met with a lot of people at the high school, including the new principal (Buddy Chapel), and everybody has been very nice."

Now he just needs to figure out how to have all his ideas for the program pop up during his waking hours.


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