Central York sophomore Jay Stone was voted co-athlete of the year in the YAIAA’s Division A for boys’ track and field.
Central York sophomore Jay Stone was voted co-athlete of the year in the YAIAA's Division A for boys' track and field. (DAILY RECORD / SUNDAY NEWS -- FILE)
Central York's Jay Stone, the YAIAA Division A Co-Athlete of the Year, had quite a sophomore season. After earning four gold medals at the YAIAA championships, the sprinter/hurdler claimed two more gold medals at districts in both hurdle races. He also medaled at states.

Besides being a stellar athlete, Stone, who also plays football for Central, has quite a sense of humor, as his responses to the following questions will attest. Here's a Q&A with the standout athlete:

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What is your favorite memory from your sophomore season?

There's been a lot going on this year. Probably the best came at the Pan-Ram Invitational at Central Dauphin. Our 4x100 team broke that meet record up there, and we were all excited about that. That was definitely one of the best moments. Winning districts was pretty nice, too, but winning that as a team was the best.

Who are the goofiest guys on your team?

Other than me, because I'm probably the goofiest, I'd have to say all the guys on our relay team. We can be serious, but we can also have a lot of fun. They are Marquis Fells, and Sam and Angelo Koimene.


What three people, dead or alive, would you have dinner with and why?

Halle Berry, because she's my favorite female athlete; Usain Bolt (pretty self-explanatory); and ... I don't know? Who would you take?

Name one place you'd love to go during your lifetime.

I'd really like to go Jamaica. You always hear about how nice it is down there. The tropical places are really nice, and that's also where Usain Bolt is from. It just seems like a pretty fun place. When we go to the Penn Relays, all the people from Jamaica seem like a lot of fun.

If you couldn't play your sport, what sport would you play?

I've always wanted to be a basketball player.

What sport are you the absolute worst at?

Competitively, I'm not a good swimmer. I can swim, but if I was in a boat in the ocean and it tipped, I would need a life jacket, that's for sure.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

I would like to go to a meet this summer and compete, but I don't think that will happen because of football. So I guess the thing I am looking forward to the most is going to my family's lake house in Morgantown, W.Va. It's right near WVU.

What was your favorite thing to do at elementary school recess?

We would try to play football, but they would always take the football away because we tackled each other. I used to be a pretty good kicker in kickball. And every now and then, everyone wanted to know who was the fastest kid on the playground, so I did a lot of running.

Do you have a part-time job?

I don't at the moment. I am kind of interested in getting one, because having a little extra money would be nice.

Do you speak a second language?

I am working on German right now because you need two years of a language to go to college. I would not say I am fluent by any means, but I know a few words.

What's the best piece of advice or tip that you ever got from your varsity head coach?

(Coach Chris Detwiler) always is focused on trying to be calm and relaxed, but at the same time you have to be explosive. You can't have tension in your body. Fast is relaxed, and relaxed is fast. That's what he always says. That would be the quote.