Greencastle-Antrim Blue Devils

Coach: Eric Shaner, second year.

Last year: 13-9, lost 5-1 to Northern in the District 3 Class AAA semifinals.

Starters lost: Cody Ezolt (P.O First Team, now playing at Shippensburg U.); Denton Ensminger (P.O. First Team, now playing football at VMI); Chad Miller (P.O. Honorable Mention); Devin Schaeffer; Drew DeShong.

Returning starters: Denver Cordell (sr., CF, P.O. Second Team, .362, 2 HRs, 15 RBIs, 2.55 ERA); Ryan Ricci (so., P, P.O. Second Team, 2.33 ERA, 7-1, 1 save); Hunter Szaflarski (jr., SS, .204, 8 RBIs); Cam Chilcote (jr., OF, .200, 5 RBIs); Holden Baker (jr., 3B, .133); Josh Young (jr., P, 2-2, 3.50 ERA, 2 saves); Adam Moore (jr., C, .209, 7 RBIs).

Other top players: Danny Stepler (jr.

Double threat: In addition to being a good hitter, Shippensburg s Marshal Witmer compiled a 4-4 record with 64 strikeouts in 462/3 innings for the
Double threat: In addition to being a good hitter, Shippensburg s Marshal Witmer compiled a 4-4 record with 64 strikeouts in 462/3 innings for the Greyhounds last season. (Public Opinion file photo/Markell DeLoatch)
, OF); Denton Cordell (sr., OF/3B); Jake Crist (so., 1B); Ashtin Byers (so., DH/C); Justin Hovey (so., 2B); Luke Myers (jr., 2B); Corey Meyers (sr., OF/UTIL); Tyler Szaflarski (sr., P).

Outlook: Shaner said, "I think that we're in a lot of the same places as we were last year. We have some experience mixed with the younger talent. I think last year our offense was a major strength. This year we have the potential for a good offense, but pitching and defense will be our major strengths."

Notes: After starting the season 1-2, the Blue Devils went on a 6-game winning streak G-A defeated Manheim Central 10-4 in the District 3 Class AAA play-in game and beat West Perry 9-2 in the first round Last year's seniors combined to bat .


332 with 12 home runs and 67 RBIs. Denton Cordell last played as a sophomore This is Tyler Szaflarski's first year playing high school baseball.

Opener: Monday, at Littlestown, 4.

Shippensburg Greyhounds

Coach: Dan Watkins, seventh year, 63-51 (.553).

Last year: 11-9 (7-5 Mid Penn Colonial); lost 1-0 to Lampeter-Strasburg in the first round of the District 3 Class AAA Tournament.

Starters lost: Austin Marzullo (P.O. Honorable Mention); Anthony Jacoby, Hunter Kyner (P.O. Second Team).

Returning starters: Marshal Witmer (sr., P/INF, P.O. First Team, .349, 14 runs, 3 HR, 12 RBIs, 4-4, 64 Ks); Derek Herb (sr., INF/OF, .308, 14 runs, 5 triples, 12 RBIs); Jeremy Musser (sr., CF, .291, 14 runs, 7 RBIs); Brady Coy (sr., OF/P, .242, 14 runs, 15 RBIs); Shane Witmer (sr., 1B, .231, 4 runs, 7 RBIs); Ethan Gephart (jr., IF, .286, 6 runs, 4 RBIs); Andrew Koser (jr., P/INF, .259, 9 runs, 1 RBI); Brady Barnhart (jr., C, .250, 2 runs, 5 RBIs).

Other top players: Sean Alexander (sr., OF/P); Wyatt Mowery (sr., 2B); Travis Ott (jr., P); Justin Pyne (jr., INF/OF); Justin Timko (jr., OF).

Outlook: Watkins said, "We are a year older and looking forward to winning baseball games. The players are working hard and we like what we see early from our pitchers. I am looking for some returning players to have big years for us. We have a nice senior class and I would like to see them go out in a positive way."

Notes: The Hounds defeated Donegal 5-3 in a district tournament play-in game Marshal Witmer will play for Shippensburg University next year Jeremy Musser will also play in college, but he is still undecided.

Opener: Friday, at Chambersburg, 4:30.

James Buchanan Rockets

Coach: Scott Folmar, fourth season, 19-39 (.328).

Last year: 6-13 (3-9 Mid Penn Colonial Division).

Starters lost: Dylan Rhodes, Aaron Sipes, Britt Utermoehln, Zack Abbott, Jonathan Glass (did not come out); Tyler Forshey (did not come out).

Returning starters: Will Resh (sr., 1B/DH, .333, 5 HR, 18 RBIs); Sam Wingert (sr., OF/P, .250, 12 RBIs, 9 runs, 2-2, 10.01 ERA); Austin Metzler (jr., 3B, .314, 5 RBIs); Isaac Sipes (jr., OF, .256, 4 RBIs, 9 runs); Josiah Utermoehln (so., INF/P, .196, 7 RBIs, 8 runs, 3 2B).

Other top players: ; Blake Poffenberger (sr., OF); John Sollenberger (sr., C); Jake Muller (jr., INF/P); Sean Collings (jr., OF).

Outlook: Folmar said, "We have some very good senior leadership. We have about five seniors, who are solid players and good leaders. We've also got some young talent along with some juniors and sophomores that, if they continue to develop, will be important parts to our success throughout the year."

Notes: JB opened last season with a 6-game losing streak before winning 6 of its final 9 to close the year Resh was among the area leaders in home runs The Rockets used 5 pitchers last season and only Rhodes (6.53) had an ERA lower than 10.00 Sollenberger last played for the Rockets during his freshman year.

Opener: Friday, home vs. Boonsboro, 4:15.

Waynesboro Indians

Coach: Greg Chandler, 25th year, 369-152 (.704).

Last year: 8-11 (6-6 Mid Penn Colonial Division).

Starters lost: Cody Bumbaugh, Matt Gembe, Jesse Francis, Grant Bailey, Zach Gabrielson.

Returning starters: Brett Rosenberry (sr., C, .235, 4 HR, 9 RBIs); Ethan Klink (sr., OF, .286, 1 HR); Dylan Bryan (jr., P/1B, 3-2, 1.30 ERA); Ben Weber (jr., 1B, .340, 8 RBIs); Brandon Yurek (jr., OF, .414, 7 RBIs); Alex Cline (so., 3B/P, .382, 4 2B); Matt Wade (sr., OF, 1-5, 8.45 ERA); John Barr (so., P/SS, 1-1, 8.40 ERA); Cole Warrenfeltz (jr., SS, .267, 15 RBIs).

Other top players: Derrick McClure (sr., OF); Duane Pamibau (sr., OF); James Bennett (jr., OF); Justin Freeman (jr., OF); Brandon Carbaugh (jr., OF); Sam Masters (jr., C); Seth Hoffman (so., 2B/P); Tim Ingram (so., C).

Outlook: Chandler said, "We were young last year. We're still young - predominantly sophomores and juinors - but we grew up a lot in the past year. We've done some soul searching over the course of the year and hopefully that will help us out. We've got a good, committed group. They're really putting in the time."

Notes: The Waynesboro Post 15 American Legion team, which featured members of the high school team, went 21-1-1 before losing to Ephrata at the Region 4 Tournament Warrenfeltz was tied for seventh in the area with 6 doubles and tied for fifth with 2 triples.

Opener: Saturday, at CD East, noon.

Fannett-Metal Tigers

Coach: Paul Coffman, 14th year, 141-123 (.534).

Last year: 13-6 (10-5 Sideling Hill League); lost to Meyersdale in the first round of the District 5 Class A Tournament.

Starters lost: Alex Harry (P.O. First Team), Luke McMullen (P.O. Honorable Mention), Logan Junkin (P.O. HM), Calvin Cline, Josh O'Donnell, Ethan Kreigline, Zac Hall.

Returning starters: Logan Funk (sr., SS/RHP, P.O. Second Team, .383, 21 RBIs); Austin Davis (sr., OF/LHP, P.O. Honorable Mention, .433); Blake Yocum (sr., DH, .351, 11 RBIs); Ryan Snyder (jr., P; OF, .190).

Other top players: Josh Walls (jr., INF/P); Tanner Hill (jr., INF), Sam Turner (so., RHP/INF); Travis Minium (so., INF/RHP); Dylan Bradley (jr., OF) Ransom Hile (so., OF); Mason Wenger (so., OF); Wyatt Flood (soph, 1B); Dakota Rowles (so., OF).

Outlook: Coffman said, "It's unfortunate that the baseball program has been placed in this situation (low numbers), but we don't have any control over it. We're working to improve our skill set and our fundamentals with the hopes of being competitive this season."

Notes: The Tigers have only 13 players on their roster after numerous players decided to not come out for the team Ryan Snyder is expected to miss most, if not all, of the season with a broken finger F-M had winning streaks of 3, 6 and 4 games last season.

Opener: Friday, at McConnellsburg, 4:30.

McConnellsburg Spartans

Coach: Tim Fowler, third year, 20-22 (.476).

Last year: 12-10 (9-7 Sideling Hill League); lost 11-6 to Salisbury in the first round of the District 5 Class A Tournament.

Starters lost: Seth Seville.

Returning starters: Jesse Swope (jr., 2B, P.O. Second Team .394, 16 RBIs, 6 2B); Evan Appleby (sr., SS, P.O. Honorable Mention, .364, 19 RBIs, 2 HR); Caleb Christy (sr., OF, P.O. HM, .375, 20 RBIs); Levi Crouse (sr., P/1B, P.O. HM, .393, 11 RBIs); Darren McQuade (sr., OF, .308, 9 RBIs, 1 HR); Dalton Garlock (so., 3B, .321, 13 RBIs).

Other top players: Salem Mellott (jr., OF); Bo Wilson (so., INF); Ethan Mellott (so., P).

Outlook: Fowler said, "I'm very optimistic that I have a good group of kids, a good core of kids that will play together as a team. I am confident in that. We have some pitchers who need to prove themselves and step up. As far as the infield is concerned, we're going to have a very good defensive team. We should hit the ball. We lost some senior pitching from last year, so we need somebody to step up and pitch."

Notes: Appleby ranked in the area's top 10 in average (.392), RBIs (19) and wins (6) The Spartans have 7 sophomores on their roster McConnellsburg defeated Shade 5-3 in a District 5 play-in game.

Opener: Friday, home vs. Fannett-Metal, 4:30.

Forbes Road Cardinals

Coach: Randy Gelvin, 26th year, 207-243-1 (.459).

Last year: 8-11 (5-11 Sideling Hill League).

Starters lost: Donovan Bricker, Dustin Sheffield, Dakota DeShong, Brandon Blair, Cody Cline.

Returning starters: Tristan Gelvin (so., SS/P, .315, 11 RBIs); Ryan Hann (sr., OF, .189); Kyle Schoen (so., C/P, .289, 19 RBIs, 2 HR); Brett Burger (sr., 1B/P, .211); Casey Wade (jr., C/P/INF, .224, 4.34 ERA).

Other top players: Hunter Horton (so., 1B/P); Doug Everts (so., INF); Dylan Black (sr., UTIL/P); Caleb McGowen (so., OF); Trenton Romig (so., OF); Brock Broadwater (fr., INF); J.J. Martz (fr., OF).

Outlook: Gelvin said, "We're a little shy on pitching this year. We're just kind of hoping that the pitchers we have can do well. We're hoping to be competitive and see what happens."

Notes: Casey Wade will start Friday's season opener Tristan Gelvin, Brett Burger, Dylan Black and Hunter Horton will also receive starting duties at different points this season Only 12 kids came out for the team.

Opener: Friday, at Shalom Christian, 4.

Southern Fulton Indians

Coach: Dustin Fischer, first year.

Last year: 10-10 (7-9 Sideling Hill League); lost 12-2 to Tussey Mountain in the first round of the District 5 Class A Tournament.

Starters lost: Ryan Harper (P.O. Second Team); Zach Morton (P.O. Honorable Mention); and J.C. Munson (P.O. HM).

Returning starters: Seth Hall (sr., P/SS, P.O. HM, 5-1, 1.95 ERA, 2.60); Levi Mellott (sr., CF, .379, 3 3B); Jake Fitz (sr., LF, .286, 1 HR); Zane Baker (jr, RF, .218); Tristan Douglass (so., 3B, .268, 8 RBIs); Brayden Litton (jr., P/2B, .231).

Other top players: Connor Litton (fr., P/SS/C); Jordan Clingerman (so., P/1B); Casey Elbin (so., C/P/2B).

Outlook: Fischer said, "We have very high expectations for this year's team. The majority of our team comes from the basketball team, so they know how to win and know what needs to be done. With the senior leadership and talent of Hall and Mellott and the young talent of Tristan Douglass and Connor Litton, we have a great combination that should make some noise in the Sideling Hill League and District 5."

Notes: The team returns 9 letterwinners Connor Litton is a versatile freshman, who Fischer says "can play anywhere," but will spend most of his time on the mound and in the infield Tristan Douglass will bat third and Levi Mellott will be given cleanup duties.

Opener: Friday, at Chestnut Ridge, 4:30.

Cumberland Valley Christian Blazers

Coach: Keith Propst, third year, 11-14 (.440).

Last year: 4-8 (1-4 Mason-Dixon Christian Conference).

Starters lost: George Maldonado, Frankie Jordor, Shawn Layton.

Returning starters: Tanner Propst (sr., SS/P, P.O. Honorable Mention, .310, 4-6, 87 Ks); A.J. Dawson (sr., SS/P, P.O. HM, .545, 18 RBIs); Chris Owens (sr., 1B/P, .389); Seth Heckman (so., C, .257); Derek Murr (jr., 2B/OF, .185).

Other top players: Aaron McBeth (fr., 2B); Brady Snyder (jr., 3B); Conner Chapman (fr., OF); Nathan Kearns (sr., CF); Harper Lee (jr., OF); Tanner Binkley (so., OF); Ben Kim (jr., OF); Tommy McClelland (jr., OF); Dakota Maldonado (jr., OF/C); Jacob Shank (jr., OF/1B).

Outlook: Keith Propst said, "We have our whole pitching staff coming back, so I won't be worried about pitching this year. We've got some new guys who are playing well and some who need to pick their games up a bit. We've gotten some good practices in outside and that's been helpful. We're working hard and improving. We have good senior leadership and we're looking for a good season."

Notes: Tanner Propst, A.J. Dawson and Chris Owens make up the Blazers' starting rotation Brady Snyder could receive some innings on the mound, too Propst led all area pitchers in strikeouts last year with 82 Dawson had 24 hits in 44 at-bats.

Opener: March 29, home vs. Shalom Christian, 4:30.

Shalom Christian


Coach: Shawn Musick, second year.

Last year: 2-11.

Starters lost: Mitch Horst.

Returning starters: Aaron Witman (sr., P/C); Anthony Watkins (sr., OF); Alex Crilley (jr., SS); Brandon Negley (jr., OF); Ryan Salzmann (so., INF); Alan Gift (soph, INF).

Other top players: Daniel Watkins (fr., OF); Hunter Martin (fr., INF); Jon Sweetser (fr., OF); Andrew D'Allura (so., OF); James Hollinger (jr., OF); Caleb Price (so., INF); Zach Sleichter (fr., INF).

Outlook: Musick said, "We're better prepared for the season. Last year we had a whole bunch of guys who hadn't played before. This year we have more experience. We're still working on our roster, trying to figure out which guys will play where."

Notes: Aaron Witman will start the season opener Alex Crilley and Hunter Martin will also serve as starting pitchers this year.

Opener: Friday, home vs. Forbes Road, 4.

Mercersburg Acad.

Blue Storm

Coach: Karl Reisner, 22nd season, 278-125-2 (.688). Last year: 16-5 (4-1 Mid-Atlantic Prep League); won MAPL championship, 10-0 over Peddie; lost to 5-4 to Hill School in the Pa. Independent Tournament.

Starters lost: Christian Binford (P.O. First Team, now playing in the Kansas City Royals organization); Matt Timoney (P.O. First Team, now playing at Harvard); Sam Rodgers (P.O. Honorable Mention, now playing football at Syracuse); Will Levangie (now playing baseball at Bates); Tucker Sandercock (now playing baseball and soccer at Binghamton).

Returning starters: Lorenzo Vasquez (jr., CF, P.O. First Team, .405, 13 SB); Matt MacMahon (sr., 3B/P, P.O. Honorable Mention, .273, 14 RBIs, 1-0, 2.80 ERA); John Olszewski (sr., SS); Brad Wastler (so., RF/C, .341); Mike Collins (so., P, 2-1, 1.19 ERA); Joe Sanchez (so., INF, .111); Chris Thomas (so., P).

Other top players: George Molner (pg., P/1B/OF); Patrick Lien (sr., C); David Glass (jr., 2B); Trustin Riley (so., LF); Ted Fitzmaurice (sr., OF/P); Ryan Mahaffey (sr., DH).

Outlook: Reisner said, "We're gonna be a pretty good team defensively. We don't have the aces on the mound that we had last year. We do have decent pitching, but not exceptional pitching. Because of the new bats, we're not going to hit like we did last year."

Notes: Vasquez was the area leader in runs (27), hits (30) and doubles (9) Mercersburg opened last season 9-1 Reisner called George Molner the ace of the pitching staff Mike Collins is the staff's No. 2 starter and a Mercersburg native.