Hanover High senior Derek Wolford had one week to prepare for the rematch.

He lost 3-2 to Boiling Springs' Logan Murphy in the District 3 Class AA Championships last week, and drew Murphy once again in the 195-pound championship match of the PIAA Class AA Southeast Region Tournamnet on Saturday at Wilson High School in West Lawn.

"We worked all week on creating angles," Wolford (34-1) said. "I watched a couple of films on him and saw he was leaving his feet out where he was not supposed to be. I felt very confident on my shots."

The rematch was eerily reminiscent of last week's bout, which ended Wolford's perfect season.

Murphy secured one escape point last week to break a 2-2 tie midway through the third period. Wolford did the same Saturday, but was penalized a point for stalling with five seconds left in regulation to force overtime.

"There was a sense, '(Darn), this (stinks),'" Wolford said. "You just got to shrug it off and come harder in overtime. I feel like I'm in great shape and can go six rounds. I feel like I can go forever. I knew coming into overtime you don't lose in overtime."

He didn't. Wolford pinned Murphy with just five seconds left in the first overtime period.

Other than Wolford, eight Hanover area wrestlers advanced to the state tournament: Fairfield's Clay Kocsis, Biglerville's Laike Gardner and Trevor Stover, Hanover's Ian Brown and Bermudian Springs' Brad Farley, Austin Jackson, Tristan Sponseller and Brock Linebaugh.


Brown (126), Kocsis (152), Sponseller (170) and Stover (285) each lost his championship bout. Linebaugh came in fourth in the 195-pound weight class, as did Jackson at 132.

A senior, Farley (40-1) took his first loss of the year in the 120-pound championship, a 5-3 loss to Bethlehem Catholic's Zeke Moisey. Their match in the PIAA Class AA Team Tournament -- which Farley won 11-8 -- was Farley's closest match of the year.

"I don't think I wrestled very well at all," he said. "I wrestled terrible."

The loss leaves him four wins of 150 in his career.

Gardner joined Wolford as the only other Hanover area wrestler to win a region title. He beat Bethlehem Catholic's Randy Cruz with a 4-2 decision in overtime in the 132-pound championship bout.

Gardner took a 3-2 lead in the first overtime period after Cruz was penalized one point because he started before the referee blew his whistle while Cruz was on top. He then allowed Gardner to get up -- the fourth point -- in an attempt to gain a two-point takedown.

"You got to wrestle focused," Gardner said. "You got to be on your game, be ready to do what you got to do. If you don't do that, the only person you can blame is yourself."

The crowd cheered for him as if the bout were being held in Biglerville and not hours east.

"I think it's a cumulative thing," Biglerville coach Bob Gano said. "People are anti-Bethlehem Catholic for multiple reasons, but they also like to watch Laike Gardner wrestle. He's a joy to watch."

Added Gardner: "You want to root against the guys doing good, trying to tear people down. Really, kudos to them. They do good things during the year. They have good kids."

Bethlehem Catholic won the team title with 202 points. Boiling Springs came in second with 119 and Tri Valley was third at 118.5. Bermudian Springs placed fifth with 73, edging Biglerville, which tied for sixth with 57, and Hanover, which came in eighth with 45.5.

Fairfield was the only other area team to score. The Green Knights came in 22nd place with 24 points.

Saturday's crown was Gardner's second regional title, this one at the expense of Cruz, a future teammate at Lehigh University this fall. Gardner, however, was more focused on the state tournament, which starts at 9 a.m. Thursday at Giant Center in Hershey.

"Next week's a little better," he said. "More important to me."

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Championship Bracket
   106 -- Korbin Myers, BoS, dec. Colin Mashack, Tam, 2-1; Darian Cruz, BC, tech. fall Jaryd Flank, Wil, 22-4 (6:00); 113 -- Ryan Diehl, Trin, tech. fall Josh Evans, Palm, 16-1 (6:00); Joseph Byers, BoS, dec. Matt Williams, PA, 7-6; 120 -- Brad Farley, BeS, major dec. Bryan Israel, SauV, 10-0; Zeke Moisey, BC, pinned Grant Bond, BoS, 1:40; 126 -- Arty Walsh, SchV, major dec. Richie Cerebe, PMC, 19-5; Ian Brown, Han, tech. fall Zane Heller, BC, 3-0; 132 -- Laike Gardner, Big, major dec. Trenton Clifford, Pot, 8-0; Randy Cruz, BC, major dec. Austin Jackson, BeS, 17-5; 138 -- Sharron Townsend, MH, dec. Richard Cruz, BC, 6-2; Michael Racciato, PA, pinned Drew Jackson, PV, 2:45; 145 -- Ty Herzog, NL, dec. Eli Brill, PG, 6-4; Ryan Todora, BC, pinned John Vaughn, BoS, 3:28; 152 -- Pete Renda, BH, pinned Cody Grohotolski, Palm, 5:38; Clay Kocsis, Fair, dec. Stephen Loiseau, LC, 2-1. 160 -- Sam Schieb, TV, dec. Mitchell Ball, PV, 3-2; Justin Marsh, Pali, pinned TJ Nickle, BoS, 3:11. 170 -- Tristan Sponseller, Berm, dec. Evan Heffron, TV, 7-0; Elliot Riddick, BC, tech. fall over Brett Paul, NS, 4:23 (27-12). 182 -- Jose Ortiz, BC, dec. Dylan Evans, PA, 6-3; Levi Leppert, NwL, dec. Kyle Troutman, TV, 1-0. 195 -- Logan Murphy, BoS, pinned David Tirpak, NwL, 4:32; Derek Wolford, Han, dec. Ray O'Donnell, SauV, 6-5, UTB. 220 -- Luke Garner, Cat, dec. Kane Kralik, Palm, 4-1; Josh Alpha, BC, dec. Buck Kauffman, EY, 3-1, OT. 285 -- Trevor Stover, Big, pinned Jonathon Hunsberger, UD, 1:57; Malcolm White, Wyo, dec. Ben Bunce, BC, 2-1, UTB.
Consolation Bracket
Second Round
   152 -- Tyler Lieberum, Big, dec. Nate Warner, Col, 2-1; Ty Schoffstall, TV, pinned Darien Hain, Pot, 2:02. 160 -- Kyler Kutzler, PA, pinned Nick Mort, Fair, 3:37; Adam Mackie, BH, major dec. Hank Campbell, LM, 13-0. 170 -- Ryan Daub, NLeb, dec. Steve Murray, CH, 7-3; Michael Balliet, Leh, major dec. Drew Dearden, Spr, 13-2. 182 -- Alex Cooley, EY, dec. Jon Ross, PV, 4-2; Rashaad Lighty, Pot, pinned Chris Warden, NHS, 4:01. 195 -- Brock Linebaugh, Berm, dec. Brock Snyder, UD, 7-5; Camden Stoops, EY, dec. Marshall Hendricks, NHS, 7-4. 220 -- Gus Bostdorf, CH, dec. Calvin Barrick, BoS, 1-0; Joey Kaufman, Hal, pinned Josh Slody, Pot, :25. 285 -- Omri Johnson, MH, dec. Jacob Schlinkman, Cat, 7-1; Kirby Mutton, PA, pinned David Moman, Spr, 2:31.
   106 -- Mashack, Tam, major dec. Josh Giorgio, SchV, 13-1; Caleb Bordner, TV, pinned Flank, Wil, 4:57; 113 -- Evans, Palm, dec. White, BishM, 2-0; Williams, PA, major dec. John Lobeck, LV, 16-4; 120 -- Israel, SauV, pinned Fick, OV, 4:06; Sam Oberlander, Palm, dec. Bond, BoS, 6-4; 126 -- Hunter Harner, TV, dec. pinned Cerebe, PMC, 2:20; Heller, BC, dec. Kyle Shoop, BoS, 7-6; 132 -- Mark Lentz, BoS, dec. Clifford, Pot, 6-3; Austin Jackson, BeS, pinned Shawn Phillips, OV, 1:22; 138 -- Cruz, BC, dec. Donald Minnier, EY, 6-2; Drew Jackson, PV, dec. Blake Bowman, TV, 4-3; 145 -- Brill, PG, dec. Chris Schmid, PV, 7-0; Robbie Moretz, Hal, major dec. John Vaughn, BoS, 11-1; 152 -- Grohotolski, Palm, dec. Lieberum, Big, 2-1; Schoffstall, TV, pinned Loiseau, LC, 1:19. 160 -- Ball, PV, dec. Kutzler, PA, 4-2; Mackie, BH, pinned Nickle, BoS, :45. 170 -- Heffron, TV, dec. Daub, NLeb, 5-4; Balliet, Leh, dec. Paul, NS, 9-4. 182 -- Evans, PA, dec. Cooley, EY, 5-3; Troutman, TV, dec. Lighty, Pot, 6-2. 195 -- Linebaugh, Berm, dec. Tirpak, NwL, 6-0; O'Donnell, SauV, pinned Stoops, EY, 2:12. 220 -- Kralik, Palm, dec. Bostdorf, CH, 7-1; J.Kaufman, Hal, dec. B.Kauffman, EY, 9-3. 285 -- Johnson, MH, pinned Hunsberger, UD, :47; Mutton, PA, pinned Bunce, BC, 1:58.
Fifth-Place Matches
   Note: The winner advances to PIAA Championships.
   106 -- Flank, Wil, dec. Giorgio, SchV, 11-5; 113 -- White, BishM, major dec. Lobeck, LC, 15-2; 120 -- Fick, OV, dec. Bond, BoS, 6-5; 126 -- Cerebe, PMC, dec. Shoop, BoS, 7-2; 132 -- Clifford, Pot, dec. Phillips, OV, 5-0; 138 -- Bowman, TV, dec. Minnier, EY, 6-1; 145 -- Vaughn, BoS, dec. Schmid, PV, 10-5; 152 -- Loiseau, LC, dec. Lieberum, Big, 1-0. 160 -- Nickle, BoS, pinned Kutzler, PA, 2:28. 170 -- Daub, NLeb, major dec. Paul, NS, 10-1. 182 -- Cooley, EY, dec. Lighty, Pot, 9-2. 195 -- Tirpak, NwL, pinned Stoops, EY, 1:55. 220 -- Bostdorf, CH, dec. B.Kauffman, EY, 1-0. 285 -- Bunce, BC, pinned Hunsberger, UD, 1:34.
Third-Place Matches
   Note: Both wrestlers advance to PIAA Championships.
   106 -- Mashack, Tam, major dec. Bordner, TV, 8-0; 113 -- Williams, PA, dec. Evans, Palm, 5-1; 120 -- Israel, SauV, dec. Oberlander, Palm, 2-0; 126 -- Harner, TV, won by injury default over Heller, BC, no time reported; 132 -- Lentz, BoS, pinned Jackson, BeS, 3:19; 138 -- Cruz, BC, dec. Jackson, PV, 2-1; 145 -- Moretz, Ha, dec. Brill, PG, 2-1; 152 -- Schoffstall, TV, pinned Grohotolski, Palm, 2:10. 160 -- Mackie, BH, dec. Ball, PV, 5-3. 170 -- Balliet, Leh, dec. Heffron, TV, 6-3. 182 -- Evans, PA, dec. Troutman, TV, 8-3. 195 -- O'Donnell, SauV, pinned Linebaugh, Berm, 1:53. 220 -- Kralik, Palm, dec. J.Kaufman, Hal, 3-2. 285 -- Mutton, PA, dec. Johnson, MH, 6-3.
Championship Finals
   Note: Both wrestlers advance to PIAA Championships.
   106 -- Cruz, BC, pinned Myers, BoS, 3:08; 113 -- Ryan Diehl, Tri, pinned Joseph Byers, BoS, 1:40; 120 -- Moisey, BC, dec. Farley, BeS, 5-3; 126 -- Walsh, SchV, dec. Brown, Han, 3-2; 132 -- Gardner, Big, dec. Cruz, BC, 4-2 OT; 138 -- Racciato, PA, pinned Townsend, MH, 0:26; 145 -- Todora, BC, dec. Herzog, NL, 4-3; 152 -- Renda, BH, pinned Kocsis, Fair, 3:45. 160 -- Schieb, TV, dec. Marsh, Pali, 6-5. 170 -- Riddick, BC, major dec. Sponseller, Berm, 16-7. 182 -- Veppert, NwL, dec. Ortiz, BC, 1-0. 195 -- Wolford, Han, pinned Murphy, BoS, 6:55, OT. 220 -- Garner, Cat, dec. Alpha, BC, 5-4, TB. 285 -- White, Wyo, pinned Stover, Big, 2:25.