Ian Brown doesn't mean to be cocky -- just confident.

He is one of four wrestlers remaining in the difficult 126-pound winners' bracket in the District 3 Class AA Tournament, which concludes Saturday at Hersheypark Arena in Hershey.

"You have to look at the bracket and say, 'I've got this on this kid. I'm better in this position. I can beat him,'" said Brown, a sophomore at Hanover. "It's not a mindset of I'm cocky. It's a mindset of I can do it. It's a mindset of you have to look at it and say I don't care that this kid has won states three times. I can beat him."

While none of his competitors has won three state championships, his hyperbole is well taken. His bracket featured four other wrestlers ranked in the top 17 by PA Wrestling Rankings.

Arty Walsh is No. 4 in the state and won a 2009 state championship, while Oley Valley's Robert Ritschard and Biglerville's Trevor Hernandez entered the tournament with a combined 60-7 record. Boiling Springs freshman Kyle Shoop, who came in 34-7 and ranked 13th, is in the consolation bracket.

Brown will face Ritschard when Class AA wrestling resumes at 9 a.m., and Hernandez will face Walsh in what should be an excellent final four. The top five from the bracket will advance to the PIAA Class AA Southeast Region Tournament next week.

"It's one of those years where everybody's the same weight," Biglerville coach Bob Gano said. "We're pretty good, too. He's got to give Arty the best he can, hopefully early. You gotta make him earn it.


"I told him I believed in him, that he's as good. He could medal at the state tournament, but maybe four of the best eight kids are right here. We got to do it now."

Hernandez eliminated Shoop from the winners' bracket with a pin 2 minutes, 30 seconds into their quarterfinal bout.

"I've been taking it match by match, so far," Hernandez said. "I knew Shoop was going to be tough again. I was relieved there. I'm ready for Arty. I knew it was going to be tough the entire postseason."

How tough the postseason could be this early would've been tough to imagine. The 126-pound bracket now has seven wrestlers of the 12 with at least 29 wins. It also was one of six brackets entering the tournament -- alongside 138, 152, 160, 170 and 285 -- with no wrestlers with a losing record.

"There's some good kids in there, which is good," Hanover coach Dave Cataldo said. "I think Ian will be up to the challenge. I don't think it rattles him a whole lot. We'll try to find some chinks in the armors for those kids and see what we can do to beat them."

Gano believed this early challenge is a positive.

"You get (to states) and you're not tested and you get beat early," he said. "Two-and-out, a lot of times."

Bermudian Springs and Biglerville are well represented in the winners' brackets.

Brad Farley (120), Austin Jackson (132), Noah Blasone (152), Tyler Fitzkee (160), Tristan Sponseller (170), and Brock Linebaugh (195) each advanced for the Eagles, and Dan May (113), Laike Gardner (132), Jasper Hankey (138), Joe Hurda (182) and Trevor Stover (285) did so for the Canners.

Hanover has three wrestlers still with an opportunity for a district title: Brown, Tyler Shafer (138) and Derek Wolford (195). Fairfield's Clay Kocsis (152) and Littlestown's Alec Warner (170) round out the wrestlers from Hanover area teams in the winners' bracket.

Eastern York's Buck Kauffman will wrestle Calvin Barrick in the 220-pound semifinal for an opportunity to compete for the district title.

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Championship Bracket
First Round
   106 -- Josh Giorgio, SV, bye; Derek Garber, UDA, tech. fall Brady Mentzer, Big, 15-0 (5:29); Dalton Becker, BeS, dec. Ryan Fretz, OV, 12-2; Korbin Myers, BoS, bye; Alec Torres, Wy, bye; Giuliano Graziosi, Han, dec. Hunter Faith, JB, 12-6; Matthew Darok, AC, dec. David Pipa, BMD, 6-4; Devon Bentley, Trin, bye. 
   113 -- Ryan Diehl, Trin, bye; Coy Campbell, UDA, dec. Kody Kreiser, NL, 5-4; Terrence White, BMD, pinned Alexander Watson, Han, 2:40; Tanner Pyles, AC, bye; Dan May, Big, bye; Austin Sheibley, Sus, dec. John Lobeck, LC, 8-7; Ted Marines, BeS, pinned Christopher Zechman, Tul, :51; Joseph Byers, BoS, bye.
   120 -- Austin Tucker, JB, bye; Caeleb Blatt, Tul, pinned Jordan Matthews, Lt, 1:39; Devon Hoffman, UDA, dec. Jaquan, Gordon, Wy, 5-3; Brad Farley, BeS, bye; Grant Bond, BoS, bye; Dan Schmeck, BH, major dec. Cameron Scalio, F, 11-3; John Daum, Sus, dec. Colton McKinney, Big, 12-5; Joey Fick, OV, bye.
   126 -- Arty Walsh, SV, bye; Zach Huss, New, dec. Derek Zercher, Col, 10-3; Trevor Hernandez, Big, pinned Angel Canela, Wy, :27; Shoop, BoS, bye; Robert Ritschard, OV, bye; Briton Shelton, BeS, dec. Bryan Varra, MH, 10-7; Jeffrey Inman, AC, pinned Shane Liddick, Hal, 3:22; Ian Brown, Han, bye.
   132 -- Shawn Phillips, OV, bye; Kyle Deimler, New, pinned Alec Hooper, Col, :25; Austin Jackson, BeS, pinned Caleb Naylor, Wy, :38; Mark Lentz, BoS, bye; T.J. Renninger, AC, bye; Toby Barnhart, EY, pinned Ethan Stiles, UDA, 3:14. Kyle Wanner, PV, pinned Alex Gallaher, CH, 3:28. Laike Gardner, Big, bye.
   138 -- Tyler Shafer, Han, bye; Cody Kelley, OV, pinned David Miller, UDA, 3:23; Jordon Halter, Col, dec. Trevor Meyers, JB, 10-4; Drew Jackson, PV, bye; Jasper Hankey, Big, bye; Mason Smith, Wy, dec. Tyler Kauffman, BoS, 4-2; Donald Minnier, EY, tech. fall Evan Daub, NL, 17-2 (4:27); Sharron Townsend, MH, bye.
   145 -- Robbie Moretz, Hal, bye; Dustin Grubbs, Big, pinned Colby Geisinger, SV, 3:07; Cory Rank, Wy, major dec. Meyers, JB, 11-3; Colton Dull, BeS, bye; John Vaughn, BoS, bye; Josh Elliot, Col, pinned Travis Readinger, Tul, :46; Chris Eisenhart, New, won by injury default over Mitchell Laratonda, EY, no time reported.
   152 -- Clay Kocsis, F, bye; J.P. Leitzel, UDA, dec. Sandro Sanchez, Wy, 4-2; Nate Warner, Col, dec. Quinn Frassetta, CH, 6-2; Pete Renda, BH, bye; Tyler Lieberum, Big, bye; Stephen Loiseau, LC, pinned Andrew Mellott, BoS, 1:58; Noah Blasone, BeS, pinned Nick Roop, PV, 4:50; Casey Glunt, JB, bye.
   160 -- Adam Mackie, BH, bye; Dillon Mackley, EY, dec. Charles Stitt, MH, 9-3; Josh Asper, Big, pinned Chris Eaton, Wy, :59; T.J. Nickle, BoS, bye; Mitchell Ball, PV, bye; Nick Mort, F, dec. Ian Clay, New, 3-1; Adam Law, LC, major dec. Joe Clipp, JB, 19-8; Tyler Fitzkee, BeS, bye.
   170 -- Tristan Sponseller, BeS, bye; Iaiah Taltoan, LC, tech. fall Trey Campbell, UDA, 16-1 (3:10); Jay Bennett, Sus, pinned Joseph Post, DC, 2:40; Ryan Daub, NL, bye; Alec Warner, Lt, bye; Joey Waack, SV, dec. Kyle Taylor, BoS, 7-5; Zack Martin, Han, dec. Harris Nowotarski, Tul, 3-1 UTB; Steve Murray, CH, bye.
   182 -- Josh Naylor, Wy, bye; Matt Huggins, New, pinned Josh Vaughn, Lt, 1:54; Alex Cooley, EY, major dec. Jonathan Tindall, SV, 15-5; Todd Mullen, Sus, bye; Jon Ross, PV, bye; Jake Slonaker, BeS, dec. Teddy Ramsey, CH, 7-4; Cody Madtes, Kut, pinned Jermaine McQueen, MH, 5:51; Joe Hurda, Big, bye.
   195 -- Derek Wolford, Han, bye; Spencer Gallitz, MH, pinned Ian Stewart, NL, 4:33; Brock Snyder, UDA, dec. Zachary Harris, F, 10-4; Chris Langston, BH, bye; Brock Linebaugh, BeS, bye; Colin Schaeffer, New, pinned Devin Lapp, Tul, 5:20; Camden Stoops, EY, pinned Keith Beiler, PV, :41; Logan Murphy, BoS, bye.
   220 -- Ben Wertz, Wy, bye; Gus Bostdorf, CH, pinned Jose Arriola, BeS, 1:29; Ryan Vaughn, Lt, pinned Anthony Deyo, NL, :25; Joey Kaufman, Hal, bye; Colin Conrad, BH, bye; Calvin Barrick, BoS, pinned Jacob Miller, F, 1:44; Dante Giorgio, SV, pinned Kevin Frey, New, 2:48; Buck Kauffman, EY, bye.
   285 -- Omri Johnson, MH, bye; Tony Aguliar, Han, dec. Jordan Crouse, 6-3; Tyler Wentzel, BoS, pinned Evan Schnader, LC, :53; Trevor Stover, Big, bye; Jonathon Hunsberger, UDA, bye; Jon Jimenez, BeS, dec. Trevor Crupi, SV, 6-5; Brent Starner, Sus, pinned Kasey Snell, EY, :22; Malcolm White, Wy, bye.
Second Round
   106 -- Giorgio, SV, dec. Garber, UDA, 2-0; Myers, BoS, dec. Becker, BeS, 4-0; Torres, Wy, pinned Graziosi, Han, 1:02; Bentley, Trin, tech. fall Darok, AC, 17-0 (3:44).
   113 -- Diehl, Trin, pinned Campbell, UDA, :30; White, BMD, dec. Pyles, AC, 6-4; May, Big, dec. Sheibley, Sus, 8-2; Byers, BoS, dec. Marines, BeS, 8-4.
   120 -- Tucker, JB, pinned Blatt, Tul, :37; Farley, BeS, pinned Hoffman, UDA, :57; Bond, BoS, tech. fall Schmeck, BH, 15-0 (2:33); Fick, OV, pinned Daum, Sus, :27.
   126 -- Walsh, SV, tech. fall Huss, New, 16-0 (1:59); Hernandez, Big, pinned Shoop, BoS, 2:30; Ritschard, OV, major dec. Shelton, BeS, 11-2; Brown, Han, dec. Inman, AC, 5-0.
   132 -- Phillips, OV, pinned Deimler, New, :25; Jackson, BeS, pinned Lentz, BoS, :52; Renninger, AC, pinned Barnhart, EY, 3:05; Gardner, Big, pinned Wanner, PV, 1:07.
   138 -- Shafer, Han, pinned Kelley, OV, 4:53; Jackson, PV, dec. Halter, Col, 5-4; Hankey, Big, dec. Smith, Wy, 6-0; Townsend, MH, dec. Minnier, EY, 10-8.
   145 -- Moretz, Hal, tech. fall Grubbs, Big, 18-3 (5:34); Rank, Wy, dec. Dull, BeS, 6-3; Vaughn, BoS, major dec. Elliot, Col, 10-0; Eisenhart, New, pinned Schmid, PV, 1:07.
   152 -- Kocsis, F, pinned Leitzel, UDA, :38; Renda, BH, tech. fall Warner, Col, 16-1 (5:02); Loiseau, LC, dec. Lieberum, Big, 2-1; Blasone, BeS, dec. Glunt, JB, 5-3.
   160 -- Mackie, BH, pinned Mackley, EY, 1:29; Nickle, BoS, pinned Asper, Big, 4:33; Ball, PV, pinned Mort, F, 3:59; Fitzkee, BeS, pinned Law, LC, :25.
   170 -- Sponseller, BeS, dec. 7-0; Daub, NL, tech. fall Bennett, Sus, 20-5 (4:33); Warner, Lt, dec. Waack, SV, 6-4; Murray, CH, dec. Martin, Han, 7-4.
   182 -- Naylor, Wy, pinned Huggins, New, 2:48; Mullen, Sus, dec. Cooley, EY, 10-3; Ross, PV, dec. Slonaker, BeS, 1-0; Hurda, Big, pinned Madtes, Kut, :45.
   195 -- Wolford, Han, tech. fall Gallitz, MH, 17-0 (3:07); Langston, BH, dec. Snyder, UDA, 6-4; Linebaugh, BeS, dec. Schaeffer, New, 10-3; Murphy, BoS, pinned Stoops, EY, 2:47.
   220 -- Bostdorf, CH, dec. Wertz, Wy, 3-1; Kaufman, Hal, pinned Vaughn, Lt, 1:26; Barrick, BoS, pinned Conrad, BH, 5:02; Kauffman, EY, pinned Giorgio, SV, 3:10.
   285 -- Johnson, MH, dec. Aguilar, Han, 4-3 TB; Stover, Big, pinned Wentzel, BoS, 1:00; Hunsberger, UDA, pinned Jimenez, BeS, 2:23; White, Wy, pinned Sterner, Sus, 5:35.
Consolation Bracket
First Round
   106 -- Mentzer, BeS, dec. Darok, AC, 6-4; Graziosi, Han, dec. Fretz, OV, 7-2; Becker, BeS, dec. Faith, 4-0; Garber, UDA, dec. Pipa, BMD, 5-2.
   113 -- Marines, BeS, pinned Kreiser, NL, 1:40; Sheibley, Sus, major dec. Watson, Han, 11-2; Lobeck, LC, dec. Pyles, AC, 11-9; Campbell, UDA, tech. fall Zechman, Tul, 15-0 (2:50).
   120 -- Daum, Sus, dec. Matthews, Lt, 7-1; Gordon, Sus, dec. Schmeck, BH, 7-3; Scalio, F, major dec. Hoffman, UDA, 13-4; Blatt, Tul, pinned McKinney, Big, 1:28.
   126 -- Inman, AC, major dec. Zercher, Col, 15-6; Shelton, BeS, dec. Canela, Wy, 4-1; Shoop, BoS, dec. Varra, MH, 3-0; Huss, New, pinned Liddick, Hal, :36.
   132 -- Wanner, PV, pinned Hooper, Col, 15-0 (3:44); Naylor, Wy, tech. fall Barnhart, EY, 17-9; Lentz, BoS, tech. fall Stiles, UDA, 15-0 (3:44); Gallaher, CH, major dec. Deimler, New, 12-3.
   138 -- Minnier, EY, major dec. Miller, UDA, 14-4; Smith, Wy, dec. Meyers, JB, 2-1; Halter, Col, pinned Kauffman, BoS, 2:42; Kelley, OV, major dec. Daub, 12-0.
   145 -- Schmid, PV, tech. fall Geisinger, 15-0 (3:06); Meyers, JB, major dec. Elliot, Col, 15-7; Dull, BeS, pinned Readinger, Tul, 1:56; Laratonda, EY, dec. Grubbs, Big, 4-3.
   152 -- Glunt, JB, dec. Sanchez, Wy, 7-2; Lieberum, Big, pinned Frassetta, CH, 1:26; Warner, Col, dec. Mellott, BoS, 4-3; Roop, PV, dec. Leitzel, UDA, 2-0 SV.
   160 -- Law, LC, dec. Stitt, MH, 11-6; Mort, F, dec. Eaton, Wy, 6-1; Asper, Big, dec. Clay, New, 5-3 SV; Mackley, EY, major dec. Clipp, JB, 9-1.
   170 -- Martin, Han, dec. Campbell, UDA, 8-1; Waack, SV, pinned Post, DC, 1:30; Bennett, Sus, dec. Taylor, BoS, 3-0; Taltoan, LC, major dec. Nowotarski, Tul, 17-4.
   182 -- Madtes, Kut, pinned Vaughn, Lt, 1:52; Slonaker, BeS, dec. Tindall, SV, 7-0; Cooley, EY, pinned Ramsey, CH, :18; Huggins, New, dec. McQueen, MH, 11-8.
   195 -- Stoops, EY, pinned Stewart, NL, :37; Schaeffer, New, dec. Harris, F, 4-0; Snyder, UDA, pinned Lapp, Tul, :19; Gallitz, MH, pinned Beiler, PV, 2:17.
   220 -- Giorgio, SV, dec. Arriola, BeS, 8-2; Conrad, BH, major dec. Deyo, NL, 9-1; Vaughn, Lt, major dec. Miller, F, 13-2; Wertz, Wy, dec. Frey, New, 4-2.
   285 -- Crouse, PV, pinned Sterner, Sus, 4:48; Schnader, LC, pinned Jimenez, 4:50; Crupi, SV, Wentzel, BoS, 5-3; Snell, EY, dec. Aguilar, Han, 6-3.
   Key -- Annville-Cleona (AC), Bermudian Springs (BeS), Biglerville (Big), Bishop McDevitt (BMD), Brandywine Heights (BH), Boiling Springs (BoS), Camp Hill (CH), Columbia (Col), Delone Catholic (DC), Eastern York (EY), Fairfield (F), Halifax (Hal), Hanover, (Han), James Buchanan (JB), Kutztown (Kut), Lancaster Catholic (LC), Littlestown (Lt), Milton Hershey (MH), Newport (New), Northern Lebanon (NL), Oley Valley (OV), Pequea Valley (PV), Schuylkill Valley (SV), Susquenita (Sus), Trinity (Trin), Tulpehocken (Tul), Upper Dauphin Area (UDA), Wyomissing (Wy).