Lauren Magalski
Lauren Magalski
Lauren Magalski is glad defense is getting some recognition.

And the Spring Grove senior libero knows a thing or two about defense. Magalski was a defensive force for the Rockets, amassing 459 digs as she controlled the back row.

We caught up with the Division I Player of the Year recently about her season, her tastes in music and her future in volleyball.

* * *

What was the highlight of the season for you personally, or what are you going to remember most?

Our last game against Cardinal O'Hara. It wasn't anything individual, but it was our best game as a team. We all contributed and we still lost, but we knew that we went out playing our hardest. It was sad for our seniors, but it was fun.

Those unfamiliar with volleyball would have a hard time deciphering what a 'libero' does. How would you describe your position?

My coaches describe it, and I guess I would describe it as the best defensive player and they control the back row. And basically they can go in and out for whoever they need to in the back row without having to substitute.


I can go in for all six of the rotations instead of only three.

What does it mean to you to win Player of the Year as a defensive player?

I'm really excited actually. At first I didn't believe, but then I thought finally, defense was getting recognition. It was one of goals going into the season, but I wasn't sure if it was realistic or not.

It's a really big accomplishment.

Which team was the toughest to defend this year?

I don't really think there was one that stood out. I think I play better when we play harder teams. We played Bishop Shanahan earlier in the season and that was one of the best games of my life. I think it's easier to dig up harder hitters than it is easier hitters. I don't know why.

Where do you think you've made the most improvement in your game over the years to get to this level? And what has helped you most along the way in getting there?

My confidence and my leadership.

Going into the season my coach told me she wanted me to be one of the leaders and captain the back row. I knew that my teammates had enough trust in me to take care of that, and that was a big help.

Working with my club team last year really changed my outlook on volleyball I guess. It got me more confident and showed me I can play better.

You're in your swimming and diving season now, as a spring board diver. Which makes you more nervous, a big volleyball match or attempting a difficult dive during a big meet?

I think diving gets me more nervous. I really don't get that nervous, I think it's more about exciting the people. Because a lot of people are like "How'd do you do that? You go one way and then you go the other way." Volleyball, I just like impressing people, because if you get something a 6-foot-10 girl hit, it's impressive.

What will you miss most about high school volleyball?

I think just how close our team was. This one was different from the all other teams I had been on. It was also nice to have a lot of the kids come out and support us as well.

Are you planning on playing volleyball in college?


Where are you considering?

I don't have one specific choice that I know I'm going to. But right now I'd say one of my top choices is Clarion because I've been going to camp there and have talked to the coach and stuff.

I was hoping to wait until this club season started and came along and try to get more offers there. Because last year, more coaches wanted to watch me, but it was toward the end of the season and I didn't get a chance to show them.

Aside from sports, what other hobbies or interests do you have?

(Laughing) I don't know, I don't have a life outside of sports.

I really don't, because I go from swim practice to club volleyball practice and then have more volleyball on the weekends.

Name something about Lauren Magalski that people are surprised to learn.

I would say I'm shy. My friends wouldn't really see it like that, but at first I can I say I'm not my normal self.

Describe your taste in music.

I don't really have a specific taste, I can listen to whatever. I'll listen to a hardcore rap song one second and then country the next.

Name something you have that you couldn't imagine being without.

My phone and my car.

Food: Olive Garden bread sticks.
Dream Car: Camaro SS, I don't know. I saw it the other day and thought it was pretty.
Vacation Destination: Australia because I'm going there this summer.
Web site: I don't really get on the computer that much, I don't have the time. Just to check my e-mails from college coaches about sports.
Movie or Television Show: Family Guy or maybe Pink Panther, the newer ones.