Dakota Heath
Dakota Heath

Lacrosse goalies around central Pennsylvania can breathe a little easier now that Dakota Heath has finally graduated from Susquehannock.

"He was so smooth that it was a pleasure coaching him," said Warriors coach Russ LeBlanc. "He did some amazing things at practice only his coaches and teammates got to see.

"He had a great knack around the goal for always putting the ball in the net. We'd say, 'How'd he do that? How'd he find an angle past the goalie?' But he found a way to score whichever way he could."

The Warriors' sniper piled up 264 goals during his four-year reign as one of the area's most dangerous scorers.

Defenses had a hard time slowing Heath down, but the 2009 Daily Record/Sunday News boys' lacrosse player of the year recently took some time on the sidelines to field questions about his game, his childhood and his unknown talents off the field.

* * *

If you were in charge of picking a new mascot for your school, what would you pick?

I'd pick a bear. There aren't very many schools with bear nicknames, and bears are pretty cool.

If your sport wasn't offered at your school, what other spring sport would you play?

None of them. It's lacrosse or nothing at all.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Super strength. That would help me be much better at so many of the things I need to do.

What's your favorite ice cream topping?

I don't have one. I'm not into hot toppings on my ice cream.

What are three items you'd take on a deserted island?

My cell phone, a Bible and some suntan lotion.

Did you have a nickname growing up? How did you get it?

I was Koty, which is shorter than Dakota. My parents called me that.

Which show would you compete on: American Idol or Dancing with the Stars?

Definitely Dancing with the Stars. I'm not a great dancer, but I'm definitely a better dancer than I am a singer.

What's your favorite music to drive around to?

Anything country, especially Kenny Chesney.

How does a little rain affect your game?

I had to adjust my stick a little more, especially if it impacted the way a ball was being thrown. I really didn't change much in the rain, except when teams tried to shove me off the ball and it was slippery. It wasn't that big a deal.

What was your favorite subject in school?

Definitely social studies.

What was your favorite drill in practice, and what drill did you dislike the most?

I liked all the shooting drills we did. I definitely disliked the conditioning because I didn't like all the running.

Who was the toughest foe you faced this season?

Manheim Township played well against me. They're always a powerhouse program in Lancaster County, and they were tough to play against.

Have you lived in York County your entire life?

I was born and raised in York County, but I'm definitely going to enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people.

What's the most interesting family vacation you every took?

It would have to be our trip to Alaska three years ago. The cruise we went on was pretty cool. That's the farthest I've ever been from home in my life.

What place would you most like to visit during your lifetime?

I'd like to go down and see Georgia. I just think it would be great to see that state.

Who do you talk to most often on your cell phone?

My friend Tommy Shelley. We went to school together but he graduated a year before me and now he goes to Penn State York.

What is one thing you remember most about first grade?

I remember learning how to read. No book in particular. Just all sorts of books.

What was your favorite thing to do at elementary school recess?

I loved playing dodge ball.

Are you a clean bedroom person or a messy bedroom person?

Definitely messy. Come in my room and you'll notice a lot of clothes on the floor. My parents are always telling me to clean it up, but there are still a lot of clothes on the floor. It's messy and I get yelled at all the time for it.

Do you have a part-time job lined up for the summer?

I'll be working this summer, but it's not finalized yet, so I don't want to talk about it.

What sport are you the absolute worst at?

Definitely soccer. I'd be awful at it. I just don't like playing it. I respect that it's a hard sport to play. And I know it takes a lot of skill, but it's just not for me.