EAST MARLBOROUGH -- Avon Grove's McKenna Keegan ran so fast that she was out of breath.

It wasn't because Keegan was tired after her race, but from celebration after what she just accomplished.

Keegan dominated the 400 meter race at the Unionville Invitational Saturday as the sophomore posted a meet record time of 56.14, nearly three seconds ahead of West Chester Henderson's Haley Maturani.

"It was a really tough race, but getting (the record time) felt really good,' Keegan said. "I was proud of myself for being able to accomplish that. Once I heard my teammates, coaches and parents at the 200 meter mark, that gave me the extra push. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without them.'

Keegan shattered the previous meet record held by Villa Maria's Emily Cable, who ran a 56.88 in 2009.

The 400 was not the only event that Keegan blew away the field. She also took first in the 200 meter final with a time of 25.10, five tenths of a second better than Perkiomen Valley's Cheyenne Churchville (25.64).

Even more impressive about Keegan's time was the fact she does not use a starting block in a race.

"I don't start down, but prefer to stand up,' Keegan said. "Think I had a pretty good start.'Unionville dominates 4x100: Brian Cortese, Jared Fortunato, Elan Nash and Francis Peabody never want to lose a race, but this one happed to be of extra significance.

Being the Unionville Invitational, the meet their school proudly hosts.


"This is always one of my favorite meets,' Peabody said. "You have the home track and know most of the people in the stands cheering. It's just one of those meets you just like.'

"We just want to give back to the crowd,' Fortunato said. "We're hosting this thing and want to electricity everyone and do well.'

The four accomplished that, winning the 4x100 with a time 43.28 and almost a second ahead of Twin Valley (44.24).

Fortunato got off to a great start, which set the tone once Nash received the baton. With the wind at his back, he had that extra boost to pull away.

"It was definitely an added advantage on the backstretch,' Nash said. "I know that Brian and Francis can get it done, so was trying to put them in the best position.'

"I felt good on the curve and just tried to minimize the time on that part on the track,' Cortese said. "Elan and Francis are so fast on the straightaway. It was smooth sailing and we just had a lot of confidence trying to do the best we can.'

Other Unionville winners on the day included the boys 4x400 relay team (Cortese, Peabosy, Nash and Daniel Powers), Elizabeth Edwards in the girls 3200, Anna Juul in the girls 800 and the girls 4x400 relay (Juul, Cami Rickenbach, Mary Beth Tandarich and Taylor Thames).Downingtown West duo paces high jump: Francesca Coyne and Stacey Wolverton push each other in every event, no matter if it's during practice or a meet.

The results are paying off for the dynamic Downingtown West duo.

Coyne took first place in the high jump while Wolverton placed second. Each finished with a jump of 5-3.

Coyne and Wolverton set a personal record with their jumps.

"I can finally see all the practice and hard work start to pay off,' Coyne said. "I wouldn't be anywhere without Stacy. It's worth it celebrating this with her after how hard she pushes me. It's amazing.'

"It's great to finish 1-2,' Wolverton said. "It felt great representing the school. Like Francesca said, I wouldn't be anywhere without her.'

That 5-3 jump catapulted both Coyne and Wolverton into the PIAA championship meet next month.Solid day for Whitfield: Coatesville's Jay Whitfield was just a spectator to the show in the high jump, starring Malvern Prep's Andy Pancoast.

Pancoast obliterated the field, shattering the meet record (6-7) with a jump of 6-10 with plenty of jumps to spare.

Regardless of Pancoast's performance, Whitfield didn't want to give up on earning a medal for himself.

"I wasn't worried about Andy's jump, because I'm not capable of doing that,' Whitfield said. "I was just focused on my jump and what I could do.'

That strategy worked for Whitfield, who jumped 6-4 to finish third in the event.

Whitfield capped his day with a third in the triple jump, with his best at 41-3.25.

"I feel like I can still do better in triple,' Whitfield said. "I'm just hoping to improve and qualify for states, but felt good in both events.'

Whitfield was part of a strong Coatesville contingent at Unionville. The Red Raiders produced three winners: Jolesha Boulware in girls 100 hurdles, the girls 4x800 relay team and Daniel Williams in 300 hurdles.

Unionville Invitational

Boys Results110 hurdles: 1. Akeim Thomas, Upper Darby, 15.16; 2. Liam Dooley, Neshaminy, 15.65; 3. Anthony Pompetti, St. Mark's, 16.23. 100: 1. Nigel Hill, Twin Valley, 2. Mike Romanelli, W.C. Rustin, 11.45; 3. Mekki Clemons, Perkiomen Valley, 11.46. 3200: 1. Matt Willig, Great Valley, 9:35.95; 2. Alex Knapp, W.C. Henderson, 9:41.67; 3. Billy McDevitt, Malvern Prep, 9:46.36. 200: 1. Zach Schmelz, St. Mark's, 21.84; 2. Francis Peabody, Unionville, 22.34; 3. Brian Cortese, Unionville, 22,61. 4x800 relay: 1. West Chester Henderson, 8:04.12; 2. Upper Darby, 8:32.81; 3. Great Valley, 8:37.59. 1600: 1. Ben Boswell, Tatnall, 4:19.57; 2. Dave Garton, Perkiomen Valley, 4:20.11; 3. Eric Diestelow, W.C. East, 4:22.82. 400: 1. Steve Thompson, W.C. Henderson, 50.67; 2. Nate Howard, Avon Grove, 51.35; 3. Morgan Ellis, Deleware County Christian, 51.80. 4x100 relay: 1. Unionville, 43.28; 2. Twin Valley, 44.24; 3. Perkiomen Valley, 44.25. 300 hurdles: 1. Daniel Williams, Coatesville, 40.54; 2. Josh McLemore, Downingtown West, 41.07; 3. Max Colby, Kennett, 41.14. 800: 1. Jack Hagood, Tatnall, 1:56.09; 2. Brendan Steck, Malvern Prep, 1:58.88; 3. Josh Smith, Avon Grove, 1:59.83. 4x400 relay: 1. Unionville, 3:27.02; 2. St. Mark's, 3:30.08; 3. Avon Grove, 3:33.03. High Jump: 1. Andy Pancoast, 6-10; 2. Jonathan Burns, Slasianum, 6-4; 3. Jay Whitfield, Coatesville, 6-4. Long Jump: 1. Joe Kasuska, Downingtown West, 21-7; 2. Terran Mardis, Tatnall, 20-10.25; 3. David Goins, Delaware County Christian, 20-7.25. Triple Jump: 1. Terran Mardis, Tatnall, 43-6; 2. Jason Iyobhebhe, Sun Valley, 41-9.5; 3. Jay Whitfield, Coatesville, 41-3.25. Discus: 1. Nick Robinson, Tatnall, 151-2; 2. Garrett Muroski, Coatesville, 145-0; 3. Sam Berkman, Salasianum, 133-7. Javelin: 1. Tyler Kane, Perkiomen Valley, 140-7; 2. Mike Tipton, Avon Grove, 134-1; 3. Eric Morton, Christopher Dock, 134-0. Shot Put: 1. Markquise Normund, St. Mark's, 50-4; 2. Sam Berkman, Salesianum, 48-3; 3. Garrett Muroski, Coatesville, 47-6. Pole Vault: 1. Evan Scott, Christopher Dock, 13-0; 2. Matt Dever, W.C. Rustin, 13-0; 3. Wes Gurnee, Unionville, 11-6.

Girls Results100 hurdles: 1. Jolesha Boulware, Coatesville, 15.72; 2. Moriah Fitzgerald, Avon Grove, 16.00; 3. Joanne Mason, Upper Darby, 16.67. 100: 1. Valerie McLaughlin, Ridley, 12.79; 2. Valarie Jones, Coatesville, 12.86; 3. Cheyenne Churchville, Perkiomen Valley, 13.04. 3200: 1. Elizabeth Edwards, Unionville, 11:25.95; 2. Kieran Hanrahan, Tatnall, 11:26.19; 3. Maddie Bixler, W.C. Henderson, 11:32.80. 200: 1. McKenna Keggan, Avon Grove, 25.10; 2. Cheyenne Churchville, Perkiomen Valley, 25.64; 3. Valarie Jones, 25.65. 4x800 relay: 1. Coatesville, 9:55.66; 2. West Chester Rustin, 10:04.88; 3. Kennett, 10:11.27. 1600: 1. Taylor Kitchen, W.C. Henderson, 5:13.90; 2. Colleen Carney, Archmere Academy, 5:15.13; 3. Emma Planck, Downingtown West, 5:15.23. 400: 1. McKenna Keegan, Avon Grove, 56.14; 2. Haley Maturani, W.C. Henderson, 59.05; 3. Rachele Pendrak, Perkiomen Valley, 59.47. 4x100 relay: 1. Ridley, 49.60; 2. Coatesville, 50.25; 3. Perkiomen Valley, 50.27. 300 hurdles: 1. Brittany Shields, Ridley, 46.47; 2. Jolesha Boulware, Coatesville, 46.94; 3. Michelle Tornbach, Downingtown West, 48.12. 800: 1. Anna Juul, Unionville, 2:20.83; 2. Cami Rickenbach, Unionville, 2:21.50; 3. Skyler Berardi, Garnet Valley, 2:21.78. 4x400 relay: 1. Unionville, 4:07.72; 2. Perkiomen Valley, 4:10.10; 3. Coatesville, 4:10.26. High Jump: 1. Francesca Coyne, Downingtown West, 5-3; 2. Stacey Wolverton, Downingtown West, 5-3; 3. Aasante Love, Coatesville, 5-2; Long Jump: 1. Jen Maurer, Perkiomen Valley, 16-8; 2. Amani Williams, Sun Valley, 16-2; 3. Quinn McNeill, Wilmington Friends, 15-10. Triple Jump: 1. Jen Maurer, Perkiomen Valley, 34-11.5; 2. Jordan Sobolesky, Padua Academy, 32-2.5; 3. Bridgette Tullier, Padua Academy, 32-2.5. Javelin: 1. Kayla McClure, Twin Valley, 110-6; 2. Macey Tanseco, Perkiomen Valley, 106-9; 3. Samantha Pancoast, Unionville, 99-6. Discus: 1. Ashley Muschiati, Padua Academy, 120-0; 2. Macey Tanseco, Perkiomen Valley, 113-11; 3. Victoria Dennis, W.C. Henderson, 104-3. Shot Put: 1. Ashley Muschiati, Padua Academy, 43-4; 2. Macey Tanseco, Perkiomen Valley, 39-4; 3. Nina Gambacorta, Garnet Valley, 38-4. Pole Vault: 1. Moriah Fitzgerald, Avon Grove, 11-6; 2. Sara Finfrock, Kennett, 10-6; 3. Jenny Hineman, Unionville, 10-0.